Hmid, On Ur excited post from di 1st Of January on @CandyGucci an har baby fadda a-team That impregnate the side gyal @mzgucci2u, I’m a family memba of candy, shi was mad wen she found out the gyal pregnant, but shi get ova it an Shi sey Shi nah lef him fi that, mistake happened yah, she just give him a ultimatum dat “ that him better mek di side gyal marsha get rid of the baby and cut har of completely and him affi marry har before 2019 ends, which the idiot bwoy agree to, but mi know dem cant get married dis year cause him still married to @pulse_carter Nicki , but he cheated on Nicki with candy, then married Nicki and have a baby with candy now he cheat on candy and get marsha pregnant, sounds like a-team is a cheater cheater. Hmm hmm karma at work. Mix up cum to bump–


  1. I swear some people love diseases, mixup, and spiritual soul ties. I hate to read stories like this and wonder why there’s problems in our communities.

  2. From the looks of the pictures he looks like he was a better man when he was with the wife. But looks like the wife was not a hype girl in the lime and him probably got bored with her and had to follow hype. Look how scruffy he looks in the pic with Candy compared to his wife. Wife sign the divorce papers and be freed from the crosses completely.

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