This girl name Tamika live a Bronx she and her friend them sell p**y from ny to la back to Vegas . Somebody mek page a dun dem pon Instagram she and this short girl name Kay. A regular she tami guh pon Craigslist and seek pay to play wid white man me friend she a ad she put up bout looking for discreet encounter with upscale guy. She sashi, Mona , Jody an Kay fly out regular a la go escort and the people dem find out . But a sell a ny straight to Jamaica , I remember a post last year wid she a sashi a Jamaica and sashi do up breast.Me nah knock anybody hustle but them need fi stop gwann like them shit mek party and stop hype pon people . She come pon her nuff time wid di selling p**y a Jamaica she and sashi and how sashi f**k tommy lee and him pay fi har breast job a ja . She same one get beat up by nico babymother shiq for sleeping wid him and a give him threesome . Har file nasty and long go down she need fi check har self and stop hype and gwann because she carry back clothes fi true the whole a dem a undercover seller but the people them a find them out . Me hear bready a say she a Kay a run him down a look him because them see him wid money but him find out seh dem sell a la and buss the secret . Buckman a f**k tami a la right now she dem a come out a hotel .All she take about is designer this designer that and how she exclusive but she fail fi tell Instagram say she not working an still a live in mommy house and a drive mommy at not hers she front for ig all day like people don’t the real her she borrow $5000 from har mother and use it buy fendi bag and shoes fi run put it pon ig they all in competition with each other and in reality them don’t have dry shit dem need fi stop lie pon Instagram . And before people runnin and say me badmind I’m not just speaking facts on these sluts that think them classy prim n proper but are on there hands and knees begging please smh . . . Facts mi seh straight no storytelling for these sluts .







0 thoughts on “SOMEONE’S MAN HOOD TELL…………

  1. Met anuh lie the sender a tell
    Tamika hype u Fck & don’t have shit!
    Pare foolish brand that no one wants to wear!
    Comin like she go a Neimans more time n get the cheapest
    Brand dem have! It was she Jody Brianna Marisa at one point back n forth a LA
    a sell now Brianna breed Marisa breed so dem big n fat n park up now
    She did a drive Benz I doh know Weh It deh now
    All she do a walk n tek ppl man n get beaten from dem woman
    Who dem nuh Fck a Bronx nuh born yet! Dem keep on a sing pon dem
    Go school ! Like you don’t own a bachelors go have several seats! She put up
    Associates in applied science & one next bullshit degree like Tamika please sit down bitch

  2. Mi seh it is very sad when a woman concerns herself with another woman’s personal business which has absolutely nothing to do with her nor does it concern her…real set ah puusssy watch gal dem be. Sender, if the girl doe concern none atall wid you and your business maybe you aught to consider doing the same and show her the same amount of attention…NONE!! :ngakak

  3. And if yuh man ah tek up wid di likes of them, then your problem is with him and not them because if it’s not these chicks he’s running around with it’ll be some other chicks so just get rid of that zero and get wid a new man…simple!

  4. Nah sender not hurt just a air out the facts

    But maybe a buck man woman send it in lawd him couldn’t wait 1 month good a forrin fi him name nuh call up & Tamika u n hippie kimmy a never fren??? So how u fckin her baby daddy??? Lmdao this suss sweet velly bad !!

    U know mi see hippie Kimmy put up say nobody cah show off pon her wid what she already had she been dere dun dat then she start cuss seh smaddy have one jacket lmfao ann mi say a muss buckman she a chat but see here now ..


  5. Yes mi dear COURTNEY BUCKMANFLEXX lmfao
    Him fly in a NYC & then fly out guh LA!
    Dem man deh reach a farrin eno met lmfaoooooooo
    Everyday pon IG him upload picture & delete them 1 week later
    Like say ppl cah screenshot! Lol mi hear seh all ice him a grine off !

  6. Met seriously ..

    Why u say that she sick ?? Because mi weak yuh too rude
    She & Anniek sick fi a dead over this dirt bag

  7. Mi still nuh understan weh dis haffi do with Sender.. weather its facts or not…. Yuh boring senda come again… Tami & Co. being whores and selling front stale bad bad bad bad!!!

  8. i dont give a f**k about dem gyal yah…a di mumma whe have $5G’s laying around fi lend out mi woulda concern wid……cause mi no need her money….but di fact she dont need none of mine makes her sexy as raas…………..dwrcl

  9. Hippie kimmy should a move on long time cuz the way how him deal with har like shit….Buckman move like a fish everything him wear a man buy him it plane ticket a man buy him it and mi know that fi sure never see a bwoy love likes so… And what happened to the babymother mi hear seh him have weh live a Brooklyn but a long time ice a f**k Buckman and all give her cousin fi married him….hippie kimmy please move on and stop mad over Buckman cuz him don’t want yuh the only thing him love a him son…..

  10. To the bitch r the Battyman weh sen dis eeen unu must go argue with sam Isaac & sons !! Unu no c say happiness no walk fi unu path way & depression embrace unu? Keep mi cousin name outta unuh pit toilet mouth

  11. Question a how sashi go f**k tommy lee, y sashi n Mona stop be fren, Kay a old whore she need fi get (Edited). Jody u is a next one falla ppl don’t have a mind of yuh own. Tami u is a mixup n love hype but wht surprise me how u n sashi stop par fr wha day r unno malice. Sashi stop go out a wha. Me want know suh somebody come answer me deh

    1. Yooooooo mi not even did realize… Ah weh Sashi deh fi tru???

      Tami nuh ramp fi find new parring peeps lol

    2. sashi aka sushane hypeness dun, her babyfather…the source of her hypeness gone a jail…SO NO MORE FLOSSING FI SHE

  12. Mi nah lie whoever did this y’all bitches don’t have anything better fi do..buck man bready after dem nuh dry shit in a dem batty ..mi know fi a fact seh Kay and Jody. Nuh sell pussy

    1. Don’t swear fi ppl… DO NOT DOES IT!!!!! Cyah mi know FI AH FACT seh Kay sell likkle pussy now and then………… DO NOT DWEET!!!!! STOP RIGHT DESO!!!

  13. Buckman man deh a farring from February come ny and gone L.A. gone live with Bagwhite. Kim a mad cause she feel say when buckman come a farring him did ago look pon har but if man nuh want u from him deh a Jamaica him damn sure not gonna want u now. A coulda she all send it in fi true cause she bitter and can’t hold the man now wid har teefing clothes dem , him have nuff gal can teefing clothes fi him now. Kim just need fi give up now THE MAN DON’T WANTS YOU. Kim of u was my family mi disown u long time u too fool fool and him dont care fi your feelings. Pickney nor clothes nah hold man my girl

  14. A bag white a mind buckman him couldn’t wait fi come a foreign @ met Dwl kimmie isn’t well fi true

  15. Mi know fi a fact seh tamika nah f**k batty man buck man wid him shit up cocky ..and as for Jody and Kay mi know fi a fact seh dem gal deh nuh self pussy and dem nuh f**k waste dancehall and dutty Bronx man UNO come off a mi bloodclat Fren dem name nasty bitch don’t hide behind pink wall dutty ..u don’t have nothing better fi do than bloodclat stalk dun the gal page and a screenshot ..UNO suck out UNO MUMMA

    1. Sorry fi tell yuh seh KAY IS A WHORE!!!!!! MI KNOW ATLEAST 2 MAN WEH F**K HAR FI AH LIKKLE $100….


        1. Well di 1 man did gi har $100 but mi naw go talk fi di rest ah dem… but yes… $100 Met!

          Mi naw talk weh mi nuh know either

  16. Gal come tun me upside down and suck out mi pussy .stop watch people and dem life style gwan go try get one y’all bitches don’t for shit better to do than live pon bloodclat pink wall go suck out yuh half dead mumma

  17. Buckman anuh nobody fi Kim suh unu behave some women get caught up & do foolish shit don’t act like annik is any better she’s not! She’s just as sick n stupid as Kim
    If unu ago dun one done ALLL !! Cuz she mine him
    To & give him tings n him back n forth so him diss Kim wid she asuh him diss Annie k to!
    Annie gwan like she nuh mind him but she does & she ha pikny Him wutless like wa whole a dem SICK

  18. BBC aka Bronx buddy cooler yuh need fi follow kay an sell sum pussy and stop f**k fi free …. Cause yuh soun very hurt . If yuh did av $100 yuh Wud feel way betta but short man ( hungry) a lick dung yuh dutty bloodclawt an yuh ignorant fi mi pretty family dem

  19. Tamika please me a ask u to tell u fren n fam fi nuh run in. Mi knw if a fact sey u is a hoe u did a f**k da old white man a Connecticut n u did a f**k di ugly black man weh u sey a hustler n come from spamish town but him live a ny yah yes di one weh u did a bawl ova .Plus u did a f**k nico u was f**kin d 3 a dem at di same time daz y mi tek weh mi self caz mi nuh wah ppl sey mi n u a oneall .all ur mother is jus as bad caz she did knw ur lil brother weh under age did a sell drugs n uphold it caz she licky licky.may him soul rest in peace. Stop me kit look like a u a tek care a Lyn caz u ain’t got shit but a few pair a cheap CL n some regular brand shit kmft . u a Neva see come see. Met mi sey if tami see u a wear a few brand things n u light skin n pretty she stalk u dung fi join are clique. in a November u dash weh di belly n talk bout ain’t nobody got time fuh dat n how u wah get lit a JA. But it look like u luv beaten caz suh u sleep wid di ppl dem man dem beat yuh. Go get a job come off social network n fix up u like n reputation lil gal

  20. these two are lesbians everyone In bx knows kay sell pussy but sad thing is that she has part is that she she don’t own a bed. motel to motel $35 a night she charge.they both are on the video going around la, nasty bitches

  21. tamika is f**king jicon all they do is sit and talk about apple. kay run from state to state because she is wanted by childrens service, tamika im talking facts didn’t you tell everyone in bx that u slep in apple bed?

  22. Bitches seeem upset seh dem inna dutty Bronx and dem Inna LA bitches need to stop worry about what a next Bitch doing with there pussy because at the end of the day ah fi dem !!!!! look like Bitches wanna get put on its a sorry ass post u Bitches put up. Dont know them personally except for one however this post sound like somebody is Mad lmaooooo dwl #poorting…. Kay Tami Sash gwan live unu life u only have one Just sad that bitches want your life SMH !!

  23. Mi nuh sure if tamika did f**k j icon but she did tell mi sey him did a request her badly n him did buy her CL fi valentines day . Tami did sey she neva want j icon a she jus did gwan nyam him out. But mi wouldn’t surprise if him f**k her.tamika n shana dolledup a fren n she start f**k shana next fren man n true dat shana n di next gal stop chat. Dem little gal yah to horny dem act like dem can dun man

  24. Sashi aka sushane u betta duck cuz mi ago start buss like CLAPPAZ!! Memba a u f**k J Icon a JAMAICA…U pussy full a skeleton like grave yawd Di way yuh pussy a buss automatic rounds a it dem a demand over iraq fi help fight war. Yuh pussy & mouth nuh stop walk & swallow man like pac man. Nuh kno weh u over ya a entertain the old maggot fa nuh kno weh shi nuh transform innah fly already & guh pitch pan piece a shit & get a life already

  25. Sashi aka sushane stop hide n talk d things nasty slime ole fakeht show your panel bed!!!!!!!!!!!!! gal u still a use genie floor polish & coconut floor brush!!!! gal u house remind mi a out a many experience full a artifacts go modernize u house!!!! omg all i see is shit coming from your mouth,one bag a bull shit u talk fi a person who think they so educated an well rounded stupid hoe. A gone empty u like a gun dunda hole gal swerve BITCH

  26. Mi sey mi did know sey something no right with the one name Tami lee on ig man too much fake shit, not working, no man want dem and a hype, girl bye

  27. jicon need to stop sleeping with every dog shit in bx tamika hole is not a clean place to put. your dick smfh kay try to use my friend insurance card to get medical attention for the herpes she claims brady gave her after a 3sum in la

  28. Southy a who a your cousin Tamika r Kay n y u a do up Sashi suh. Is wht she do u r your family? if sashi bby father deh jail omg that would be very sad for her. Suh y sashi n Mona nuh tlk r y sashi n Tamika dnt talk. Unno gyal good fi f**k shit up hood bready and f***k apple baby father unno nuh fraid a disease

  29. tami is one ugly hot mess,anytime you fall out with anyone its clearly because you f**k they two have no shame travel so far to get kick out hotel lol the men out here all laughing at yall.met no one is paying anymore.these two bronx bugs is out here trying to f**k every man to extend the hotel room, one man say they came on a one way ticket trying to sell as hard as they can to try and buy a return ticket.

  30. Tamika mi warn u n sey don’t run in n u still a run in alright mek a light it up . U menba u during the time u sey j icon did a give u money but u claim u neva f**k him? Ok this same time u tell me u fren set u up pon one money man name chris weh come from spanish town n him live a brooklyn. Yes the same man weh shana a ja fren did a f^^k. U did all beg mi call him from mi phone one time caz him neva did answer non a u call oh should I remind u he was married . U use to hype caz u did tink u hit the joke pot lol n all dis ugly old man name chris use to do a f**k u n give u empty promises. Ediot tamika I did a f**k nico the white man n chris di same time. all after shiq did beat yuh nasty rass I still did a call dung Nico phone wid yuh desperate self. Tamika buy some ambition caz u still live wide Lyn n ur room can’t even hold a good bedroom set weh not even av. tamika u can neva post a pic of a Man U claim u dey wid caz u always a f**k ppl like u will sell dem soul to the devil. U a talk bout sashi f**k tami lee a ja, but u did guh ja guh f**k raca tone daughter man. Gal like u can’t be trusted wid yuh round u own fren dem man. nico neva own u, chris neva own u, di white man neva own u, di man wey u guh ja guh f**k neva own u, n j icon neva own n all a di man dem u a f*k a LA nah own u .

    1. Ayyyye what ah way yuh dash out FACTS!!!!!! You miss lady naw tell no lie!!! Ah same suh it go fi truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… LAAAWD!!

  31. sashi a one dutty gal f**k any man wid money. she did a f**k one boy and him send out har pussy picture all over Bronx

  32. Me mumma sashi n tami unno a 1 of a kind. Nuh last Christmas unno deh a ja together unno fall out already. Sashi seems like u can’t keep fren fi long

  33. Yuh kno weh mi nuh understand…. Is how Tami madda Lyn just low up the whoring ting… yuh daughter always a fly out go LA and yuh naw stop and tek check??? Ah so yuh licky licky???

    You mek u son sell drugs and it tek him life… Yuh nuh fraid tami ah go sell pussy to di wrong man and it naaaw go nice?!?!? Wah kinda mumma is you Miss Lyn?!?!?!

    Tami do not work.. She do some internship (work program sumin) at Montifiore… well put up picture bout she deh ah work…. All of ah sudden work just done so?? Yuh quit just so?? If you have all these degrees… why haven’t you pursued your career already??? No woman with a stable job can have so much free time pon dem hands like you….

    Yuh nuh f**k fi ah cuss ppl but your life is nooo better…. although yuh have a bed… it inna yuh madda house doh?? Benz.. CL’s…. this and that name and yuh still ah kotch ah Lyn yard?!?!? Sumin nuh seem right… Hot gyal like yuh fi large up inna yuh condo or yuh house etc… ah wah?!?! Money muling nuh lucrative??

  34. Leave SHAQUILLE Mek him rest in peace!! Unuh nuh have no heart…Oh a next thing Kay pu**y GR8 that’s y man waan live inna it like crab!! BBC seems like u still no remove the sleeping police outa da entrance a u pussu no man this bloodcloth hyena she tormented bad look here sad lady go reach psalms 23

  35. Why the f**k y’all worrying about who sell pussy from who nuh sell pussy bitches y’all need to get a life ..leave her brother name out a UNO nasty mouth Mek him soul sleep

  36. tamika always f**king someone lmao like sheesh and these niggas that talk shit about her be the same one looking her lmao i cant … everyone is a hoe until someone baby father a lick crotches and batty whole lmao hello good morning shiq bitch .lmao and stop tel crysan your buisness because she stay telling your buisness

    1. Really tho ?? 2 years later people still
      Commenting on this ??? Lmao !!

      Nevertheless everything here remains the same in 2016 lmao

  37. whats crazy to me is that u have females on this site trying to diminish other females character bc they’re wearing name brand and taking trips. Wtf U guys can’t be mad if niggas f**k with them and make sure all there needs are met. Y’all should hurt.

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