Met Randy ah call out Sweetfacekay say she thief everyday, don’t live anywhere & no papers because she Kay lock up Cedric which is Randy son her baby father. Randy in the first pic and Sweetfacekay with the no more Sweetfacekay.


  1. Send his woman beating ass a jail yes mek dem tun him in a bitch…. She a mother they will take up for their children, just nuh mek that deter yuh if him beat yuh and choke yuh, there is a potential the next time yuh will die..

  2. lock him up and dash weh di key, I hate mothers that facilitate their children bad behavior, I hate it even more when they try to talk about someones status, as if people fi allow others fi tek step a dem because dem no have papers….like dem no know sey police no bizniz inna immigration affair

  3. Ahhhhhhh sweetfacekay ( now that’s a stretch) but anyway u can turn this negative into a positive the fact that he sounds like he is a US citizen n is abusing u will n should allow u to seek ur documents thru the battered woman law go seek a catholic charities in ur neighborhood r near but this can really be ur bargaining chip right here.
    Oh let us know how it work out good luck

  4. Girl u did the right ting , but why wait so long ? It’s never too late for a shower of rain and it’s good u take a stand me no like man who beat woman Enuh … Dutty woman left the girl alone it look like Cedric daddy use to clattt you that’s why u want the girl fi stay and no lock him up wtf u ano woman too

  5. Kay married to one boy n can’t get paper kay him fi kill you rass him way younger dan you kay remember natty use to beat out you rass to kay can’t get no papers because kay start f**k the kid from him a 14yrs.old

  6. *Nice* you are far from it, you should of call yuhself *HATE OR STUPID* because mi nuh know wah all a dat affi duh with you bout when them a sleep together. If the girl did a sleep wid him from him that young and you or anyone else including the mother weh look like she a get food stamp all har life and proud a it neva report it to the police just like how she report the nasty boy. I don’t know this girl but if you have a problem with her please voice what your problem is with her. All you a talk memba him a nuh 14 nuh more and a funno word against fi har because unno neva report it but she still can get papers through this because she did. My GIRL WISE UP AND TURN THIS NEGATIVE INTO A POSITIVE AND GET A PIECE A PAPER IN AMERICA. YUH MIGHT MEK BETTA USE A IT THAN DEM WEH BORN WID IT ARE GET IT OTHER WISE.

  7. to the low life lady that call her self mother! what kind of mother are you? may your son grow come si man a beat you. that’s how it come a beat woman,then on top of it you a talk bout free yu son! as a mother you should of raise your son not to beat woman,the young lady is some body’s child just like your son.

  8. Kay these ppl can’t save you from going home yes you going home for the fake marriage. That is a crime .all these ppl in Bronx documents you go to they house and steal they going to know about you. You travel trom Bronx to LA to spread std nasty gal You bin homelessness from the day they smuggle you in this country and all you have to show is some party pics. The whole of Bronx know how your mouth feel .Homeless Kay you rape the woman underage son and hide the pregnancy.Un fit mother prove to children service that you live somewhere and make sure you explain to them how you as drug addict caring for a child. Randy should of lock you up when you rape her underage child but she did love your company.your name call on every man in bronx My friend want her Id from you nasty gal

  9. if that girl was even a a little related to me,a di mumma mi a go fa.any bwoy wey beat woman a coward,hey bwoy a shoulda my sister yu do that to an yu si wey god yu serve yu hear bitch,i would be out the station gate a wait fi yu punk ass,an di mumma want board cross har chess str888..

  10. Big pussy (nice) bitch you sound ignorant nuh bloodclat the time you tek a watch Kay pussy fi know who she a f**k from when .bitch clearly you don’t have a life ..

  11. Anonymous is that all you cab say why you love talk bout sending ppl back a den yard dutty seems like u have a issue with bitch instead of you coming on groupie why you don’t say it to her face

  12. She needs to stop walk and lick out batty all over Bronx.Kay has no shame everyone in Bronx knows that she obeah the boy and this is what happens when you obeah man that don’t want you, there is no love so he will always beat you. Leave the boy alone he is happy with his woman she is a decent girl. And she is also pretty with a clean heart. Kay stop sell pussy get a **k off the whole of 221 and you eat the girl pussy in the bar with everyone watching, your not a good mother , sleeping from house to house go and get a room. The men in LA say your pussy smell like it dead go to a Gyn asap.I here you trying to look my 17 year old son but bitch I will lock you up

    1. This sad yes lady ur son ah 17 weh ah f**k…an true u is a muma u can’t f**k him… him seee ah gyal weh him like and wan f**k… must u ah go f**k u suck the gyal pussy fi no seh it stink… bitch it don’t look good u come comment bet if u see kay anywhere u bc nah seh dog shit… have a good day u luddy… u shld of did wat ur muma neva did swallpw the cum

  13. To the mother charges can still be pressed on her for sleeping with your under age son this is brought her into your home because she was your friend and she was homeless she could of f**k your man but she went after your minor. Lock her up and report that ass to immigration.

  14. Kay just dash away belly for man in LA. Brady friend. The man dem in LA got her and Tamika sucking dick on video.Kay a dirty gal is mash she a try mash up the little boy life. She walk and f**k all the restaurant pot washers in Bronx for free food .all day today she calling around looking for somewhere to stay her whole family homeless. Kay your mother live at her hha job you can’t go there to sleep and shower so don’t even front. Go and get a GED quit selling pussy then cry when the men don’t give you the correct change.Tamika walk and chat you like dog go collect some cord board to sleep on

  15. Nasty randy fi GU sit down with r crack out looking rass a shit mi waa bendun a shit INA r mouth bout immigration randy yu fi GU deport yu old time pussy!!!

  16. all these people comments about kay seems like they were once associates,why talking about the girl so badly,she was beaten by a a f**king coward come on now,what goes around comes around people god is watching,be strong kay whosoever you are,when yu nuh str88 inna merica thats how you get treated it a learning process,hol di faith and pray….

  17. Randy a talk bout r son n him don’t like her ….u fi tell the people dem when kay mada go fi are grandson n ask u why u put up kay pon instagram n u son find out him drape up u dutty rass

  18. Randy how u fi feed kay n u sell u food stamp fi go jamaica fi mine man cuz man dun pon u In America bitch member a kay suit case ,shoes ,jewelry dem n clothing u borrow fi go down if u could a borrow r pussy u would a tek it to dun hole gal

  19. Randy memba a u tell kay how fi get food stamp randy memba a u pay man $500 fi bath n evry week u go a u obeah man like a church u a go randy memba u f**k all atheist 90 man dem u f**k man woman n dog u need fi go learn fi spell bout anerica dunce gal

  20. Randy u an yuh fren dem sen in this story .. Pree dis a u tell Kay seh yuh son like her u knew from day one when everybody told u u acted like u knew nothing and was gonna delth with the issue which u never did , u kept her around there … Randy u a muma 90’s an yuh f**k 5 90’s man… Diepoo, Steven , lando, hoody , Shane and snoop. Salt pussy randy u an Blackman a family an yuh Mek him suck yuh pussy an mi cuz ketch Blackman BABYMADDA a suck yuh pussy , tell di people dem set u carry yuh son pon robbery an yuh av yuh unda age daughter live wid har man inna yuh house ( well she av age now ) an yuh chat yuh daughter seh yuh refinance yin muma house an hi her sum a di money fi keep and shi tek it mine her man cause di how much thousand dun …

  21. Nice it look like kay pretty face n good pussy a mad U go look a batty fi dive into are is it tht randy a F**k u

  22. It’s clear that the mother sent this story in they posted a pic from 15 weeks ago ( her best pic) . Lady Your son his dead wrong and he won’t know better unless you teach him better . His next stop his prison if he don’t stop

  23. Randy a bayyyyyyyyyy u son a mad over kay u better come out a baby mother n baby father tings cuz u going to shame n him ago beat u dutty bumboo

  24. Di first bedroom set randy own a Kirk Lexus buy it (oh yes dem use to f**k) an she a Kirk BABYMADDA was fren. Di second one a Kay madda trust it an shi Neva pay fi it , the third one yuh get it a rent a center , now met tell me which hot gal guh rent a center guh rent bedroom set den a hide ? A dat nuh look good !

  25. Randy all man a GP prison a Jamaica u mine randy thnks to the white woman u mada work fa n buy house so u kids dem Nuh homeless cuz u a careless muma u last son fi go skool n not even tht u get up n do cuz u out a road a sell pussy..good ting him get older n can walk go skool by himself

  26. Met I apologize for the ( too much info I wrote) it’s my first time on here and did not read ur rules but jus did and will abide by them. Again I apologize

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