Diabetic needs his male enhancers to get it up, court hears
Sunday, May 11, 2014

Diabetic needs his male enhancers to get it up, court hears

THERE was much laughter in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court last week after a 59-year-old vendor who was held with a large quantity of male enhancement pills and other sexual stimulants such as ‘Spanish Fly’ tried to explain that the pills was for his personal use as he is diabetic and needed help to perform sexually.

Donavan Payne of Dillon Avenue, Kingston 5, was held on April 18 with the drugs in his possession and on his stall in Cross Roads.

Among the sex-related items seized from Payne by the police were Viagra, Stone, Boom, Chiney Brush, Amoxil, Sealis, Black Ants, Stud 100 Desensitising Spray for men and Spanish Fly. Law enforcers were on anti-crime duties in the town when they swooped down on Payne. Some of the pills were also found at Payne’s house.

He was subsequently arrested and charged by Detective Corporal Kirk Roache with breaches of the Food and Drugs Act and the Pharmaceutical Act, to which he pleaded guilty on his appearance in court last Friday, while claiming that the drugs were not for sale and that he was using them as he was diabetic.

“Who prescribed those pills for you?” Senior Resident Magistrate (RM) Judith Pusey asked.

“Is a doctor recommend them and I went and buy them downtown,” he answered.

But Pusey then demanded that he told her the name of the doctor who had prescribed those pills for him and where he could be located.

“Is Dr Anderson up at the Diabetes Association of Jamaica,” Payne said, as persons inside the court began to chuckle.

“If a doctor prescribe these drugs for you I am sending for her because if you can use Spanish Fly for diabetes, then you and her going to share the same cell,” the magistrate threatened.

Payne then quickly told the court that the doctor had not prescribed all of them and had only told him about some of them that could help him to solve his sexual problems.

“Me and the doctor talk and doctor say if me healthy and if me exercise me can take them fi help me sexually,” he said.

Pusey then asked to have a look at the batch of pills and was surprised at the assortment of pills and items that Payne had in his possession.

“Spanish Fly”, she said in amazement.

“Chiney Brush, you know what this is”? she asked while laughing and holding up the small pack of pills.

“Tell me why you shouldn’t go to prison for this?” she asked, while stressing the harm that could result from the pills being taken by the wrong person.

“I am diabetic,” Payne maintained.

“But none of these are for diabetes,” Pusey replied.

“I use it and it work for me”, Payne said amidst laughter.

“Based on what you are saying I have no doubt about that,” Pusey retorted.

Attorney CJ Mitchell then interjected on Payne’s behalf, saying that the accused was trying to explain that he had certain shortcomings because of his diabetes, which he uses the pill to solve.

“I understand but you don’t need all of them to work. If you need all of them you are obviously beating a dead horse,” Pusey said as the court erupted into more laughter.

Notwithstanding Payne’s issue, the magistrate said that he should not have those potent substances in his possession, especially if he was selling them to children.

“I never ever seen some of these things from I born, I only hear about them in songs,” Pusey remarked.

“These are very serious pills and you come here dispensing drugs like you a factory. I am not sending you back on the roadside to sell them to innocent children,” the magistrate said before remanding Payne in custody for sentencing next Wednesday.

Pig thief thankful for pig-pen cleaning sentence

An apologetic thief who was caught stealing two pigs in the wee hours of the morning expressed gratitude for his sentence after he was ordered to serve 150 hours of community service by cleaning the pigs’ pen.

Octavio Sterling, 20, of Pembroke Hall in Kingston, was caught about 3:00 in the morning stealing the two pigs from a pen at Riverton City in Kingston. The court heard that Sterling went with an accomplice but that he ran and escaped when they were busted.

However, Sterling told the court that he was led astray by “bad influence” and was sorry for his actions.

“Your honour, I won’t be the first or the last to be influenced by bad company,” Sterling said, while adding that God had already punished him for his sins.

“I went and trouble the man’s blessing and God punish me for it,” he said.

“How God punish you?” RM Pusey asked.

“I spend two weeks in Hunt’s Bay lock-up and it come een like two months,” he said.

But Sterling told the court that he had also atoned for his sins.

“I was like a beacon of light, a me alone in there praying,” he said.

However, the magistrate told him that he had to face the consequences of his actions.

She then asked the complainant if he had to pay someone to clean his pig pen and how much pigs he had. The complainant then confirmed that he had to pay for help to clean the pen as he had 50 pigs.

Pusey then turned to Sterling and said, “You ago go dung deh go wash de pig pen.”

“No problem, I’ll be grateful,” Sterling said quickly.

“Free labour, not even a drink of water,” Pusey advised the complainant.

Jealous Rasta beats ex-lover over phone picture

A Rastafarian man who beat his ex-lover in the street and tore her clothes off after seeing a picture of her and her new companion in her cellular phone, was remanded in custody when he appeared in court last Friday.

The Kingston vendor, Kwame Levy, who was on station bail, had his bail revoked after he pleaded not guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm.

The complainant told the court that Levy attacked her on the road, beat her and tore off her clothes after he saw the photograph.

“De whole a me neck craab up,” she said.

“You heart got in the way,” Pusey interjected while directing her comment at Levy.

“Him always see me and beat me up on the road,” the woman further revealed.

The complainant told the court that she had been living with Levy for nine years but left because of the constant abuse, and that he still continued to abuse her.

“How much time him see you and attack you?” the magistrate asked her.

“Four times,” she answered.

“You don’t plan to leave her alone Kwame”? Pusey enquired.

“Since I can’t take the chance of you seeing her on the road and allowing her to walk freely, You will stay with us,” she then told him before he was remanded.

Levy will return to court on May 20 for his trial.

Man beats woman over hairdressing money

A man who reportedly kicked down his girlfriend because he was not getting a share of the money that she made from her hairdressing operations was given a chance by the judge after the unlawful wounding charge was dismissed against him.

The court heard that the complainant was at her home doing a client’s hair when the accused, Delroy Dixon, attacked her for not giving him any of the money that she was earning from the hairstyling job.

The accused then pleaded guilty to assaulting the woman but denied that he had attacked her over hairdressing money.

“I didn’t beat her up because of that,” he said. “It was because of a misunderstanding we had.”

“What misunderstanding? What name so?” the magistrate asked.

“A little misunderstanding,” he answered.

“You know that next to a box, a kick is the most disrespectful thing that you can do to a person,” RM Pusey commented.

She then asked him to convince her why he should not go to prison for attacking the complainant and he told her that because he had his children to care for.

“He can’t go to prison because he has his children to maintain yet he can kick down the mother of his children,” the magistrate added.

The complainant however begged RM Pusey to dismiss the case as it was the first time that Dixon had attacked her and that she has seen changes in him since the incident.

But Pusey said that she could not facilitate that wish and that the matter was now in her hands because he had pleaded guilty. She then instructed an officer to take him down to the holding area to give him a taste of how it feels to be locked up in custody.

However, when Dixon brought back before the court, she changed her mind and admonished and discharged the charge against him while warning him against returning to court for assaulting the complainant or any other woman.


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