1. Ppl need to stop supporting these murder songs mind u own bizness my yout
    Nuff a unuh so call shatta friend dem a fish go sing bout dat

  2. See this is the shit these media outlet promote the when these artist take it physically they are the first to criticize and talk about God.Stop support fu#!ery songs you guys contribute to the failure of society preaching videos in the morning and violent music in the evening bunch of hypocrites.

    1. mi glad how u mek mi nuh affi say di same ting that u did, saved me some time… mi like da site yah to an extent but the administrator is very bias and at times very malicious… alkaline a do some f**kery gimmicks yes but dat nuh warrant fi unu try tear dung him career, him a look a food… jus like dunce bat tommy lee did a look a food as well, mi witness this site try tear dung whole heap a people and try boost/hype a lot of others, a ur site still and u ago be arrogant and cuss and say what u feel like but i’m talking facts, some of these pretentious people on her are even gonna pick it up and try some internet thugging fi score points… the point i am making is “stop promote hating!!!”, ur site nuh need that to boost its hits, because unu done global init, jus do some good blogging man, di mixup ting a work fi u stick to dat!

      1. When you spit in the sky it falls right in your face. When u lie on someone u defile your whole body. Have a good day :travel

        1. met when u fence a rotten, do u wait until it rotten dung completely before you fix it? or u tear it dung instantly fi prevent further decay?

          TEAR DUNG dat blood-claat from it a decay, and from it a pretty up u yard, u white wash dat rass, plant flowers round it an mek it pretty up u yard even betta.

          1. Lundun if mi did fi look pan some a dem mi yeye wudda rotten like di whole a dem..If di person did lick out pan di song and alkaslime I would not say anything..I have a big problem with people who will go over and above to get where they feel they need to go..dat mean say if u will do anytingggggggggggggggg all be who u really arent fi become famous u will kill mi u will rob mi u will cut mi choat ..mi waa know who mi build and how people so bright fi waa come tell me wha fi do and mi nah beg dem one side a dem draws fi wear when mi tek off my own

          2. metty ppl a talk bout a likkle gimmicks and how him young so ppl fi understand or si wid him.

            a dem same ppl deh pickney a reek havoc pon society, cuz dem mek all kinda excuses fi bad behaviour and mek tings fester until it become a big problem. mi tell u bout cockroaches, no matta how u spray, poison, and stamp out dem rass, u can’t get rid of di pu-ssyoles.

        2. What the hell you are saying.its very simple,stop post gospel on one hand the murder songs on the other don’t care which artist,media is the outlet for artist and if y’all say no play for violent songs the artist will force to make better songs.you guys add flame to the fire and is partly responsible for the violence that stur from reggae artist and fans.there will be another katel and you idiots will support him.just to make a few pennies off advertisements.act you are godly but have no morals run anything for a few bucks.kmt

  3. A who dis ya? Him need fi go see a specialist fi him waste career wa can’t even sad start. Alkaline song dem ina hot 97 a daytime in the u.s that’s what him need fi work pan

    1. the song is written well and produced well….if u nuh like it fine but i dont know not one a alkaslime song dem so it cudda spin like a gig pan hot 97 no ratings from me

      1. Chop of your head and throw it in a garbage can.
        Nozzle through the window burst your mother head on a pillow.
        Circle yuh yard full your head a gun shot eye ball drop out.
        This is what u say is well written and produce this is what you promote the same day a artist is sentenced to life imprisonment for a similar crime.
        You are a fu 🙂 ing idiot.

  4. Shit or Shat….. Alkaline a Shit & dis man a talk bout shat!! I don’t like either, but to each their opinion! We need to give both types of music a rest.

    1. i suggest alkaline cum suck out my big stinking mumma as well, tell him join di line cuz him well in need a sum suck suck. boy crawny an fava cockroach.

        1. lolol…me we go again to cause me did do a big gulp pon de day me born.

          Dem done a suck alkaslime an a look company. Bright.

  5. Alkaslime we ago line up everybody muma n just memba fi walk wid u straw well hungry n starving malnutrition jancrow go n grow some morals mi caaaa stand unnu unnu no have no individualism all unnu do a falla go n rethink n rebrand u self n come agen bacteria kmft

    1. DWLN!!!!!!!!!!! Chuet we ago mek sure we mothers drink up some cornmeal porridge wid coconut milk and then a large bowl a stew peas…so that nigga get all him nutraments inna each sip and swipe.

    1. Is Tawkechuet…she just brings out the bad in people…lol

      Look at this great day in Jamaica’s legal system and these demons a give out batty washing invitations like a spa day invites. Nasty little demons.

      1. Hey PP no call me name inna no bangarang eno lmaoooo
        Yea but a so demons stay has u out one a next one flare up but this one called the slime we ago lime juice n bleach him out fast fast man
        PP no figet the lasco dem ooooooo

        1. Lasco too good fi him. Government Milk powda fi dat! Yu know dat mek yu reach toilet quick a clock. At de rate alkaslime a mawga dung him need quick results lololol

          1. LOLOL…dat milk powda whey neva reach gate cause we nham if off a road or de big grade pickney dem have it a slap dem one a nedda wid it….lolol. Chimmy and backdoor busy a night time…lololllllllllllllll

  6. awaits alkaline response tuh dis ….

    stir up tings from nung fi sting a suh mi seet as,two youngster at dat.

  7. Mi like de song and de melody but mi nuh like de video. De Video a send de wrong message. Dancehall & Jamaica by extension nuh need dem kyna graphic video message deh. Some a de lyrics nuh mek it eeda.

    Wi nuh want fi hear bout de stereotyping of Spanish Town gruesome killings and kill mumma. Mi tink it too violent and a promote de wrong ting tuh impressionable youths who are the ones who will be listening da song yah.

    Wi might nuh like Alkaline an weh him apromote but dis nah contribute tuh de solution. Mi a call it as mi see it. And dat is my opinion.

    1. a comments like dese mek nuff gal a loose weight nd sleep…yuh know mi luv yuh more kunta boo :peluk :peluk :kiss

      abayyyyyyyyy fi u nd rayyyyyyyyyyyyyy fi me 😀

  8. As always met bias as f**k we all know down sounds pay u u can’t a lick out pin violence then a promote it pin the other hand anybody can see that fact is alkaline is ruining dancehall however this song by specialist is even just as bad cause it promoting violence met if u a go teck a stand teck a stand don’t just teck a stand against everybody except down sounds cause they pay nd all the internet thugs weh want run in go chuck unda unu mumma cause unu a hide behind internet nd chat shit but we know some a unu so fe unu time soon come

    1. den why u nuh pay me mek mi tek your stand? Only God know my time so dont look for it…Look fi your time because it may not be the right time…

      1. Mi did eva one time tell people seh dem cannot lick out pan violence or however dem feel bout it? mi sehhhhhhhhhh akaline is nobody to support and if a million dollar him a pay mi nuh want it so if a dat a nyam unno out roll over in scalding bleach then lap it up

  9. Morning Met & Metter,

    boy Met in my opinion this song dont deserve airplay, no matter how good of a lyricist he is and how mad the beat is. I will not support no more music that speak violence, worst killing of any sort be it in the name of “ART” or not. “Buss Shot inna Mama head pon Pillow”? are we kidding ourselves? After seeing how ignorant alot of the youths are today, given their reaction to Kartel’s guilty Verdict, it is clear they are easily brainwashed by these DJs so its best to brainwash them with more positive music.

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