My disclaimer is this: Almost all Jamaican artistes are ungrateful. They are from backgrounds that have certain mindsets that do not allow them to rise above what they have struggled not to become.

For those who are from Portmore, those in their thirties to be precise, you will know Mc Nuffy. ..Nuffy started on a plaza in Portmore where anyone who knows him and his beginning will tell you there were about five or six crates that he stacked and had his little turn table thing on it selecting and entertaining people. Because of his style more and more people turned out to come see the antics……….and sometimes he used to dress up….Nuffy is right when he said he should have reached further in his MC career…………….His mistake was that he turned out new artistes….

Nuffy would MC Portmore events with about six or seven artistes every week..All of them new , all of them whom he wanted to bring in the business. For any person trying to break in a new artiste , it has to be about love and a respect for what that person is bringing to the industry because there is no monetary gain for that person at all. New artistes have no hit songs and are not paid. Nuffy tried to make Portmore, Kingston’s entertainment capital because he was Portmore’s man of the moment.

For those who listened to his live, he came off as confusing because he could not put his situations together and some of what he said previously in a past interview came off as untrue.

Nuffy helped Spice, this is true for people who knew the plaza and for those who know the business.

When Spice began, as Nuffy said she sang and could not DJ…..He told her to……….Spice did not know what to write as a DJ and Nuffy helped her with that. In fact it used to be said that all Spice could do was to do over other DJ’s songs..This was due to the fact that she lacked experience in writing but she could perform. She has learned and has grown so she is now able to write.

Now , if I being the woman I am, say Spice didnt work for what she wanted..It would not be well……….She has worked hard and had the support of many people around her. God does not give us dreams if we are incapable of making them happen . The hard work is in motion of paying off…And has paid off in many aspects.

One of the personality traits that has followed me as a woman is that I cannot seem to forgive. It is hard for me, but this year Ive learned that the emotions that stay with the inability to forgive is almost as bad as the act that leads one to be unable to forgive in the first place. When you dont forgive, the memory remains fresh and it does nothing but eat at your soul.

After a while, there are so many things that we hold onto that at some point we are unable to breathe..We must let go to grow, to have peace, to shine, to live, to love, to laugh and to cry. If we are unable to forgive a certain person, we must letgo of that which is causing us to re-live the hurt and trust that the universe sees it all and will repay in every single way…. Spice this is what I wish for you and myself for 2019.

Now back to Nuffy.

Sting was the show that showcased all new artistes in fact, if you were an artiste and did not do Sting you would not make it in the Jamaican music industry. The funny thing is that, apart from the fact that Liang sucked at paying the artistes, to make it you had to be on Sting and Jamaicans looked forward to the show that starred MC Nuffy . He was the one who put on all the new artistes and saw to it that they were put on in order. Nuffy +Sting …….has a nail in the foundation of Jamaica’s music industry.

The thing with Sting was that , even though the show made careers…All of the artistes who relied on Sting’s energy looked down on Sting as soon as their careers made it to the top. Sting was no longer good enough Mc Nuffy was thrown out with Sting’s bath water.

This is what Nuffy wanted to say but didnt know how to say it. He helped many and all he needed from them was support not money. Nuffy needed to be put on just as Sting needed to be put on and supported. The music lives in the people and although it pays better outside of the country Jamaica is its foundation and without the foundation being solid……….The music will remain shaky…

Spice, Nuffy was your foundation and he is where it began for you. From what he has said, he feels like he has never been appreciated enough by you. You cannot discredit foundation no matter what . As Shabba would say show some appreci-love. You are successful now, but your foundation is crying against you …It will not be well ………..

Yes Nuffy has said some things and put Lisa Hyper on but you know within yourself that if you had shown appreciation to this man he would have never turned against you and you know exactly why Lisa did a song against you and it was not because you were her rival! It was because of things you said!

Psycho Tanbad did so much for you and when he did not come to your party look at what you did? You forgot every single thing he did for you for free! How many more of the nails in your foundation will you want to cry against you? And yes it is impossible to have everyone’s back but don’t throw stones . You may win the battle but lose the war.

Nuffy, the person who brought you out, helped you over your stage fright……..helped you to write some of the music…….yes Nuffy same one mek yuh used to jump on people song………ah him teach u that… Its the same Nuffy you called a pedophile and a drug mule…………something that could cause endless problems for him……because he said he slept with you and that you like females?

Why even fight that fight and it did nothing to you, nothing to your career and it did not stop food from coming to your table? But ………your words could put Nuffy in a hell-hole of problems….its not fair.

I will say to you, the same thing Im going to say to Buju..Spice, to whom much is given, much is expected. If its not given in words, give it in kind . From it ina the universe seh the helper of your destiny was not appreciated …………..the universe will recompense them ….

A Nuffy same one put you on to Lady Saw, that same Nuffy there…Remember Saw wanted Nuffy pan her show dem fi Mc…and she put him on……… You realized Saw’s influence and worked your way in……..And she put you on many of her shows…………..Saw and Nuffy fall out..You and Saw remained friends for years until that E.R interview when she big up O and said that nobody cannot walk in her shoes..Saw seh sorry and the war still gwaan…………. Forgive nuh….it nah go kill yuh..

You are constantly on the defensive because you think that people are going to betray you and because of this you have lost many people who meant well..Forgive and let the chips fall………..Forgive Spice and let whatever God you worship defend you………Forgive Spice, it is what the universe is waiting on to fully bless you.

And to Nuffy, yuh can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. There is no way you can expect to get Spice’s attention by going on the negative so stop the sleep with stories and be a grown man about getting credit for what you did.


  1. I love this. I want to see Spice grow for 2019. Continue to work hard but forgot and let go. You will find yourself at peace and whatever people say about you will not affect you as much. For 2019 release another album called Queen and use Tanya Stephens write some good song. Let this album be about loving yourself and promote beauty in all women. Advocate for the ghetto girls to stop bleach and love themselves. Spice you will win! Go into the dancehall archive and use and reference for this album. #let’sseeSpicewin

  2. My comment on this article will only address the disclaimer portion of it. I love my Jamaican reggae/dancehall artistes. But just like rap music, most of the acts are from the lower economic rung, socially. Yes, their struggles are what makes the music relatable to their audience, however without proper management and educational upgrading, their meditation will not allow them to rise above a certain mindset.
    I hold no brief for Spice, in fact I think she is very beautiful, especially when she smiles or laughs. Its hard however to reconcile that with some of the things that she tends to say from time to time and that can detract from any outward beauty she may possess.

  3. Spice is a big timer now or did y’all forget already. She don’t need the Jamaican ppl backing anymore. Spice find your way back to your real friends “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”.

  4. we know a good % a Jamaican men are pedophiles and a good % of the people don’t care unless a fi dem pickney a get rape. why spice cant seh nuffy a pedophile? suppose a she him rape when she underage? if a she, didn’t he admit to fucking her?, so it’s ok for him to talk about sleeping with a underage girl but she wrong to call him a pedophile?

    1. If nuffy a pedophile what was she herself doing with him? If he was a drug dealer y she did a grungz wid him? For the benefit right? Stop talk foolishness bout its ok for him to say him sleep wid underage girl…bring that proof and if it cant bring ..u spice and the rest shut up

  5. You can’t mix Tanya Stevens and spice together, water and oil can’t mix.. and if Tanya ever mix wid spice she ago lose points..Tanya is for grown ups and spice is for the batter ears gyal dem…

  6. Yow that forgiveness bit hit me so frigging hard. *Group hug*. I am sorry for the sometimes unkind comments I make. There is this female who did me wrong. I thought I was being plain and honest and told her off (to her face). The lady cried. I was like fucka, si how it feel. I will categorically say, that I have never started beef with anyone but my mouth is super fresh, like rose water. If someone did even the slightest thing to me, I would cuss dem out and have dem up. Even if mi cuss dem an dem bwal, that was not enough, I have dem up an nuh chat to dem. Forgiveness is the word for me for 2019.

    1. Last month to be exact…along with my regular PMS..some feelings hit me like a ton of bricks..I couldnt move out of my bed…….I started praying because every thing and every one that offended me kept going over and over in my head and I told myself that I couldnt go through this same thing another year..I wrote who I had to write and I had to tell both of my parents that Im going to do better because they know I do not forgive and this was mainly because ………..Ive always thought that my parents are two of the softest most kindest people I know…………and decided to be almost the opposite of that all my life..But I now see why we have to forgive..the peace is like no other believe me :kiss

  7. @MET, I swear ur message was indirectly meant for me. Forgiveness is my biggest struggle and suffrage..My son’s father has done the most unforgivable shit towards me and I intensely despise this man. How can I forgive him? I dont know if its possible but it’s so exhausting to carry around these feelings. I want to let it go but hard..

    1. Pray pray pray and let ask God to help u let it go. It hard but sometimes it takes so much out of u di best thing a fi free up yourself…and it doesnt mean u have to be friends….its your process

  8. I know the forgiveness goes for me. I’m also working hard on doing that because I think that takes a lot of energy from me. I dont know why I cant let go and forgive..

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