Newcomer Don Andre, who recently stepped into the limelight thanks to his popular track Tom Cruise and the accompanying dance move, has snapped back at deejay Spice for comments she made during her performance on stage at Reggae Sumfest on Friday.

In a statement, Don Andre called out the artiste — whose given name is Grace Hamilton — noting his displeasure with what he calls insults hurled at him from the stage.

“Spice needs to leave me alone and work on getting an up-to-date number one song like Tom Cruise. Her last number one song was two years ago. Right now, she’s working desperately in the streets for a song to hit like Tom Cruise… Spice needs to find back her gear, she’s running out of steam,” the statement read in part.

“Anywhere there is success, there is always a hater trying to stop it. Tom Cruise is in high rotation in several countries and the most popular dancehall move right now,” it continued.

During her performance, Spice did a parody of the popular song in which she made fun of the dance moves hinting of its effeminate nature.


  1. Spice is a bigger artist than him and make way more money than him, no one knows him I like how she done him

  2. Don Andre u shouldnt do no needle eye song, u too nuff !! As a female Spice bad him up, yah talk bout hater. She sang straight facts !! U pants too gad damn tight bro. Anyway it was funny, Spice shell it.

  3. Spice need fi move her ugly stay bad self. There is room for everyone. She gi too much trouble wid her badmind self. Me like tom cruise and is a dance move. Bogle was a man also and nuff man sing song off him so to the fool up top bout him a sing song off a man stfu

  4. Can know the Spice lovers! She go there to perform so perform. Nobody nah trouble nobody, so why she haffi fass wid him. Go do your performance and go bout you business. Fi har name always a call up fi trouble people, etc. She need fi careful cause a nuh everybody tek kindly to dem suptn deh!

    1. If she didn’t trouble the Don, you wouldn’t be talking about her. So, mission accomplished, since she remains relevant just by picking on another artist. Look like a smart move on her path. Free publicity……………

      1. Unfortunately f**y has to be acknowledged. Fi a big woman she must low out certain things and focus on her music. And then people wonder why her ratings not as up there as Lady Saw, because Spice forever inna conflict. At this point we know her more fi inna argument with people than har song dem!

  5. If you know anything about music you would know that some of the best music is made when two artist are in fued , and another thing he is a nobody spice and some dirty dancer goes was at war and him as a man got involve he’s a fish end of story

  6. Yes spice lover over here and soooo everyone had a right to an opinion . He’s not in spice league the girl making money kmt bout tom cruise who does that lol man a Dj bout a next man

  7. Anybody know him??? Is straight facts she laid out there. Him have to leave him country big England to get a forward at little Jamaica. FOH Spice is worldwide

  8. Grace is sooo graceless smh.Unno see that a she always a frigg with ppl though…Every damn time is ALWAYS she 1st then she bawl victim!

    Yall ever hear Lady Saw a walk a chobble ppl?yet Spice want lay claims to Queen title n she is so unbecoming n undeserving!Carry n retire with ur title Lady Saw cuz not one a them nowhere near worthy kmft.

  9. You gal spice u too nuff mind you can’t come back a England enuh.if you want England ppl support you leave Di man alone . While driving my kids them know tom cruise song and not one a ur dutty song them no know because mi nuh like you song them.okkkk

  10. You gal spice u too nuff mind you can’t come back a England enuh.if you want England ppl support you leave Di man alone . While driving my kids them know tom cruise song and not one a ur dutty song them no know because mi nuh like you song them.okkkk

  11. @Yaadie, tonk u.. A suh Grace give problems all di while..Lubb start fukkery and den cry how pple mess wid har…She too nuff @times..cha..

  12. I went in search of the song/dance, Tom Cruise and find the music very stupid and juvenile. I’m amazed at the type of music that people find entertaining these days. Dance hall music these days for hootrats.

  13. Spice is a trouble maker
    Like why not just do our music and low a next person she need to stop wid her rainbow bloodclaath hair she fi gweh man

  14. Why someone didn’t remind Spice this is not Sting where you can go & throw words & fight with other artistes. Last year she made a mockery of herself by going on her head & Lady Saw told her this is not Sting. Sumfest used to be a show where children & decent people used to attend. She’s there criticising the man about bleaching,tight trousers etc. She try to bleach but it didn’t work. Why not sing about the fake breast and arse you walking around with pretending you were created that way. Spice if you are going to create problem take a good look at yourself first.


  16. Is NOT she trouble him fuss, she an har danca dem ave dem falling out and him tek dem up and den a do needle eye song, i guess because is Nickiesha dance she a seh she wah tek it back idk. Bet he was laughing and enjoying it, until Friday night when Spice mek him know seh him a real batty bwoi. Spice antics always annoy me but mi not taking Don Andre side on this one.

  17. And the person threatening bout England this and that, If yall love Don Andre so much why tf does he have to come to yard to get a buss?? Why unuh dont support him suh him can come a him yard. I see right thru Razor B and him, cya buss a dem yaad suh dem come a Jamaica fi a hype. As soon as dem get wah dem want dem a cut.

  18. Spice is possessed. For a big woman it seem like her mind is just consumed with hate & strife. Where does she find time to constantly have people on her mind like that? She is very very mixup & hateful. The man is new on the scene & very young to dancehall. How many overseas based dancehall acts do u see being booked for so many shows in jamaica? U hardly ever see that. Leave the young man let him find himself & grow. Why shouldnt he have sang needle eye? A never spice first sing bout needle eye. The dancer girl make up her dance & any artist who want to sing a song for the dance is free to do so! Spice u need to chill & focus on music try to change your personality for the better. You have a very heavy personality. Detox yourself my love get rid of that badmind careless gyal mentality & aura.

    1. Tru tru i agree….shi a bring feelingz frm Nickeisha dem. Shi need fi wake up now….dem gone n a it dat. Low d ppl dem..a suh shi wah live? Jus a tek set pon pple fi stripe?

  19. @F***A DEM…. Nope it was spice first who call up di man name. The man said nothing to or about her when she & nickeisha had their beef. Is spice went & write long epistle on instagram & thats when he responded saying spice was lying on him & stated where his loyalty lied. I was following up that saga as it unfolded.

    1. Thank you! Everybody forget bout tha big dutty mix up deh. (For reference unnuh can search back Pink Wall for all a dat drama).

  20. DON ANDRE must go sit down is DING DONG he had to come on stage with so that his set wouldn’t look so dead. Mek him move him bloodclaat him can’t get a buss in his home the great UK so him come Jamaica. Unuh chat anything bout SPICE bout she stay pon her shit.

  21. That Tom Cruise song is a copy of Lethal Bizzle’s song called Fester Skank. That’s why him song never buss ya a England. Bizzle a bigger artist fi him that’s why him tek him likkle copy tekking self go Ja with it… He needs to stop hype off of other ppl flow.

  22. Spice still a hold grudge from Dhq Nickeisha n Sher dem. They r they ones who endorse Tom Cruise after dem fall out wid spice they were team Don Andre. That ehy Spice come a throw shade at d man. Lady saw did cuss yuh real bad how yuh badmind an an everyday mi seet. Yuh comin like dem likkle careless gyal deh yuh nuh gwaan like a supastar a bc. Yuh not even look it!!! Tek set pon d gyal dem an lowe d man alone.

  23. Spice need to go and get a shower she always looking dirty….bad mind is really a diseaseis and she is full of it….. she can never ever be a lady saw……. if she is really a dirt box…

  24. Looooooool she still got paid for her performance while sum a unuh still hungry.Hate or love her she’s doing great.

  25. Spice head full of space.
    No style, no class.
    Before you even ask fi a collab, you try dun di bwoy career. BAd mind and ugly.

  26. Didn’t know that Don Andre did “Tom Cruise” or who he was thanks Spice! Say thanks to Spice Don Andre. And for the London girl who is talking mind we hafi ship Don Andre back to Lundun and him can’t come back ya a whoa!

  27. But don Andre born n grow in Kingston 13 . His mom died when he was young. N he got the opportunity to leave ja. Like a lot of us. He’s not the first to bleach or wear fitted pants. N I love the fact the kids love the son. My kids go wild for it. But we really cannot play a spice song around them. So at the end of the day we need all type of artists. N don Andre needle eye sing was done before spice when I checked the days on YouTube. It just got forward after Tom cruise. That’s music. Happens all the time. I must say I gravitated to Tom cruise more than any spice song n not everyone likes the ray ray n mix up

  28. Dutty bc gyal. Mi caah wait fi smaddy gi two bc bax, Yuh too rawse badmind. Tap phuck with ppl. That’s why I will never rate you as a artist or a person.

  29. Lmaoo but is not don Andrew alone spice talk bout she call alkaline name and unno see him mek nuh comment? Like come on this is dancehall get over it!!! And why would spice a carry feelings fi sher them? Unno nuh see the gal get other dancer and she and them ago all over she book like stone love with her dancer them with her all I know sher them must a cuss them self cause they would have been the one traveing all over with her and a men money Yuh see don a carry them go nuh wet?

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