1. Spice, 50 Cent will classy you nicely. Better you stay neutral before you end your big “crossover” into U.S. mainstream before it even starts.

  2. Spice need to stop they will kill her.also they will set her up to fight.and when that happened they lock her up get her charge ,them she loss her work permit and Visa.spice you a come yah.not born yah ,when you go to rome do what the Romans do.leave Nikki buiness alone she a Trinni and U.S citizen ,dont you see how she put on her song Foxy born they both Trinni are you such a fool spice .you are not badder than these two bitches spice .dont you see how she treated safari she is no good

    1. No frigging day that a go gwan.

      Spice a function like a clown, but no remy can’t bax dung Spice. No day no time! Me nah wish no yankee gal fi best Spice.

      Spice need not to be arguing with remy who fah star a dim.

  3. 50 cent couldn’t have said it better. Spice too nuff she fi know when fi calm this is real life not that fake love and hip hop bullshxxt.

  4. Spice better know…hip hop f**ks w/ Remy! NO WAY they will allow spice to come and dis Remy. Plus like 50 say…Rem a shooter…and her hands are nice. Hip hop consider both Nikki and Foxy as Americans w/ Trinidadian lineage. Spice you’re consider dancehall, them will bury yuh! Lowe that!

    A lot of the hip hop artists them will not get into the 4 women (Nikki, Foxy vs Remy, Lil Kim) beef bcos these are all respectable women in the business. How dare she!

  5. This is why Remy was in jail in the first place….and she will never walk that path again over stupidness, lv you Remy, but fist fight you can’t win spice.

  6. You ppl needs to do more research, Remy is mouthy, and loud, trigger happy back then at least, she is no bad girl, fist to fist spice will bury Remy…..and I admire both of them….

  7. I have never seen Spice fight, but Spice is a little midget, a must Remy ankles she would hold on pon and bite mek Remy drop a ground

    :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  8. Spice has become a little ole shit house now… get up a fight pon TV and a go round a try start beef .. not a good look.

  9. Remy is a the real deal hood goon. Most Jamaican women only have a loud mouth. I am Jamaican who grew up in the South Bronx..and let me tell you. Is the Yankee them that I had to rough it out with growing up and I learned to fight from them…the Jamaican girls them almost always get beat up..only jump they jump in groups. Remy will burry Spice her hands is legendary.. FACTS

  10. Remy is a hoodrat who shoot her own friend ova fukkery..Cant stand that irrelevant cow..Spice need fi loww di yankee dem argument…Dem is the most disloyal and divided group..Cant stand dem..

  11. Spice really need to walk away from this nothing good can come of this, she wanted to branch out and gain more popularity this is not the way to go, they will bury her in the hip hop world, nobody really didn’t know who the hell spice was until Love and Hip Hop, she a try be a part of click that will not embrace her , who she really see Nick hang out with? Before she go link Dj Khaled are Russian and left this weh no belong to har, One diss track and fi har cross over career done! Spice de in a dancehall too long fi Doveymagum, hoodcelebrity & Stefflondon a do circles round har if a neva love and hip hop who really a follow har?

  12. Spice move was definitely shady but @Vera lies you tell mama. Yankee love jump people, everybody they cousin…lol. They would never shoot the heady with no Jamaican. Remy shoot that girl purposely because she probably couldn’t beat her. I honestly hope Remy not preeing dat idiot move Spice mek, she really need to focus on repairing her image, not allowing anyone to draw her out. I would really love for these woman to come together and create a movement but we all know this industry is not about that life. They always have to pitch black artist against each other to create a hype to sell records…as if their talents can’t speak for itself.

  13. Spice just setting herself up for failure, majority of the Love and Hip Hop cast are regarded as jokes musically. No one really take them serious, except Cardi and K Michelle. Nicki Minaj is never going to collab with a Love and Hip Hop chick, lets just get that clear. Spice best to suck up to Rihanna but that wouldn’t work because it would require Spice to lose a little weight, so she doesn’t look like a stuffed turkey, and take regular baths with nuff scrubbing. In other words Riri nuh par wid dirty looking chicks.

  14. Spice is being super messy and it can do her career no good. She is a big disappointment, moving like a novice in the business. I really wish she has had an opportunity to really self access her role in Love and Hip-hop and realize that this was a wrong move for her.

  15. Ppl keep saying Spice will beat Remy. How?? Uno ever see she fight yet? Or just judging from her loudness, attitude and demeanor? Empty barrel mek di most noise. Let’s wait and see. Mi naw pick a side till dem bump it out fist to fist. I’m a slowly devolping a low tolerance for Spice. Watched her jumped up again tonight …..just to fight Brittany and it has nothing to do with her. Smh

  16. @Met..now Remy is not about that life anymore. She has grown up and I would hope that she learned her lesson. Biggest misconception about her is that she shot her friend over that money…..She didnt even know her. That chick was hanging around as a groupie with people who knew Remy. Fact check that. I am a real hip hop head…rap came from Jamicans and our culture never got the respect and credit from the Yankies them..Rem got skills..I like skills.I am not into celebs like a groupie..grew up around enough of them. Mi nuh frighten.

  17. Somebody come up and saying that yankee grow them rough, let me tell you this Jamaican are dangerous set of ppl.. if you check the history of Jamaican then you’ll know your f**king roots.. we a bad ppl.. huh chatting inna dat

  18. MAMACITA I was going through the thread and I was going through my memory bank as well for some past events where Spice laid hands on someone, the memory bank say me have to deposit before me can withdraw cause no savings no deh-deh. There is absolutely NO proof that Spice eva beat nobody yet (except with har mouth) so I don’t know weh this “bad gyal” sup’m come from.

  19. Glad seh Mamacita seh wha she seh because as Jamaicans, we love vouch for our own even when it nuh make sense. Spice being a loud mouth harlot has nothing to do with her hand games. My money is on Remy, all is fair in love and war. If shots fi fire, then so be it. If blade fi draw and blood fi spill, let it go down however. You cannot tell people how to fight, a fight is a fight SMH

  20. Spice not taller than 5’4″ wid some likkle t rex alligator arms. Bout beat. Macka Diamond alone she can beat.

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