Good day Met,

Dem a drag Spice pon social Media for her ignorance.She really couldn’t tek the time out of her busy schedule to get the thing right.Met on THIS occassion sake a Spice our fellow Carib ppl a give it to us Jamaicans for dissing the small islands n how we gwaan like we better than them.‎ Truth be told if it was our flag get dissed we Jamaicans woulda up Inna arms too.

How the hell as an entertainer yuh go perform a the ppl dem place and don’t even know the basics bout di place?





  1. What unno did expect?She don’t even take time to LOOK at what she wears n always jus fling on any Ole bad coloured wig pon her head,kmdt.

  2. A chu a only Jamaica recognize outta all a di island dem di next one dem nuh mek sense….. Mi know Bahamas ppl right now weh lie an tell ppl say dem a Jamaican.. caah blame spice the other island don’t matter sorry a di black green an gold…

    1. Not a valid excuse for ignorance. If you going to the place…whether for work or pleasure, you should take even a 5 minutes to learn a little about it.

  3. the pussycat dills once went to canada and shouted one rival team in the opposite arena and were booed in the middle of their performance. no one is perfect and spice could very well have done that for the controversy but in all seriousness, the average person don’ really have grenada n the back of their head so move on from this.

    1. U really can’t put it past her to do this mistake by spite.She is so desperate for attention that she would do anything controversial to make people remember her.

  4. The easiest thing to do is be polite don’t ask no heap questions and do your performance and go home, and you wouldn’t have to know what the people are all about… You performed got paid time to go home… Thank everyone for having you and that’s all no need to know nothing bout the culture, you are there to do reggae that’s it that’s all…

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