22 thoughts on “SPICE PARODY

  1. Where the hell that cuff match up with what she have on !!!spice really need fi get a stylist and a real hair stylist!! That f***g wig uhhh

  2. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak a cyah manij in yah dis maaaawning!!! Pan di floor…just get dis pan di YouTube an mi fly ova yah… I got dis ting round a back yah ____________________ HELP!!!!

  3. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Mek a come go round a daily devotions a cyah stay round yah no… :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp

  4. What a embarrassment! I blame the promoter, spice need to fire her management team, if she have one. No class, Marian hall would have dress elegant and change up music.

  5. Ukkubit mi reach!!I ain’t ever seen any one SHINE n glistening suh from mi born!!LADIES isn’t there like oily free make-up y’all can use to reduce the glistening??MY first time seeing a sweaty matted bad color wig!!

  6. On a serious note, these uptown people are hypocrites, I’ve been in a lot of their homes, they freaky bad , orgies and drugs, and teens.but act like they don’t shit. Why have dancers come out in pum pum shorts dance to her song?? But cut her set short??? It’s like hiring sizzla, but you expect him not to bun out, the undercover faggots! Seated in the uptown crowd. Bet if Rihanna was performing and gyrating! Crowd would be in a frenzy. Only blacks always tearing down each other. I was raised middle class/ private school, I can’t be around uptown peps for more than 20 min

  7. You’ve been to their homes at their orgies n them freaky bad??!Mmmmmhhh n they are hypocrites..Mmmmmhhh.notwithstanding all that u can accept the fact that spice is as disgusting af n crusty plus gct right??

  8. Time and place for everything spice and this song wasn’t. For this even honestly lol and it down matter how much store spice buy out a foreign she still look like she need a shower and she did surgery so idk why she look like a stuff turkey:(

  9. Omg I’m feeling sorry for her,they didn’t have to do that.Why did they invite her to humiliate her this way?Smh,nobody should be treated this way..Shelly Ann had on color wigs at the Olympics too.She is classless and ghetto but she didn’t deserve this

  10. Honestly what’s going on with Spice hair tho I’ve been seeing her in the styles since lately and they don’t look good at all. A message to spice fire your hair stylist your hair has been looking mess for quite some time now.

  11. You Jamaicans always calling your own black? Why is black associated with ugly or rusty? This is why dark skinned people have a complex. The issue is not her skin tone, stick to the point. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, dark skin is beautiful, doesn’t matter the shade it’s how you carry yourself.

    1. True thing you talking bout mental slavery thing. But the sad truth is Spice is black and she looked dusty in that outfit. It’s not her blackness that makes her rusty is the way she carries herself and the clothes/hair she chooses to wear. For her birthday, she looked beautiful but for this event is just a no. I’m all for preaching black is beautiful but sometimes Spice don’t look good and is just so..

  12. @yow yep Bay f**y,look like they wanted to make her know her place.Anymouss@2:40pm you are so right,that slave mentally is never going to go away tho.It use to amuse me to see a light skin black person calling a dark skinned person black when in reality they just 2 different shades of the same black.That’s why we Black people are trailing in everything, we waste too much time augoing over futility.Sad

  13. Awwww bwoy poor Spice. One thing bout Spice she bounce back quick. Im sure she will give an interview soon with her side of things. Spice yuh stubborn bad tho mi naw lie..what black or brown colour hair do you why you hate it so…come on now time fi put away the Halloween colour hair dem…

  14. organizers were wrong wrong wrong for this. What caused the most embarrassment was them cutting her performance short. If she was allowed to finish her set she would not have been humiliated. I have a lot of respect for her as an artiste. I do not know anything of her personal life but as an artiste, she is a darn good dancehall artist and this has been for some time now. I will give her her credit that is due. Absolutely nothing is classless in the artiste. …

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