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  1. I concur, she is indeed spiritually unwell. Her battle to fight, I honestly couldn’t care less. All the money and fame in the world and still miserable. NO peace no tranquility of soul.

    Every time she cuss someone she speaks about their sexual history or make up something around that. This is coming from a woman who has been around the block as many times as the ice-cream truck and is known to proposition women for sexual favours. Ridamndiculous!

  2. Yuh see how her foot dem black like she a dig coal. One thing I know, you will never catch me supporting this hood rat. Everybody she’s around the friendship goes sour. Dont you see that you have a problem? 7 times rise and 7 times fall…. you have so much followers on your page, and different people from different backgrounds and that’s what you come on social media to say about another woman? I’d rather fuck a dozen men than to be known for sucking pussy and swallowing the juice. You calling the woman “fucky fucky” and “night nurse” means nothing, you is a nasty despicable poor excuse for a human. How the hell can you sing song about empowering women, when all you do is tear people down? Spice you are a sick individual! It seems you are suffering from multiple personality disorder. Yuh just fi get box inah yuh mouth again. It’s not anybody’s fault that you hate being darkskined and you hate yourself so much that you went to do your body and it doesn’t look good. And honestly you look like when car hit a deer and it swell up inah sun( rigormortis). I have nothing nice to say about you, and you are going to fuck with the right person one of these days.

    1. Talk truth….! She fi move har timberland looking body and guh buy a new attitude. Fi a big gyal woman she disgusting bad.

    2. What does her foot being black have to do with anything? I’m not a fan of how Spice conducts herself but the comment referring to the NATURAL color of her foot is unnecessary.

    3. Funny you should say that because I was trying to figure out if she’s mental health because she is a real ticky ticky boom boom. Seriously though, we know mental illness is stigmatized within our community so she very well could have some mental health problems. I’m strongly leaning more towards demonic possession though in all seriousness.

  3. Spice sounds stupid. As I stated before on another post she is her own demon. Spice you trouble Angel and mek everybody know what went on behind closed doors and try fi style her inna di spotlight. Spice not everyone that you do a collaboration with is your friend, it’s called business and a work relationship. Stop frighten fi friends.
    You vex with Angel over something her stylist said and expected her to reach out to you. Angel don’t carry no mouth fi di gal so she can’t call you and explain, justify, or apologize for her actions. You and your dancer drug Angel into the online mixup. Out of your own mouth you said Angel only commented and said dun the argument. That was her way of trying to defuse the argument but your dunce self couldn’t see that. You took the comment for more than it was worth. So the same person you say nothing a gwan for you mek something a gwan for. Look how she a remix Lady Saw song and remind you of who’s the real Queen of Dancehall….

  4. These witches like to use God name inna dem fuckery. God don’t like ugly yuh need a decent bathe suh yuh dutty heart can be cleanse. That’s why yuh look suh because you a real evil.

  5. Gyal no good smaddy long time! She no nice, badmind her own “friends” dem and selfish. A di man she use to verbally abuse

  6. Happy New Year to everyone.
    Why when we’re cursing, we love to tell people about how black they are?
    Aren’t we all black people?
    Then we wonder why people bleach and do surgery.
    It’s because of us black people, always criticising and making our people feeling less than.

  7. @Real, nuh dhu mi and pimento dat! Lol, Mi nuh like bite into it, but it packs a powerful punch and is a multipurpose ingredient!…..Mi try hard fi gi it it’s props and harder nuh fi call dah bitch deh name! Lmfaooooo, Hey, bitch, yuh better guh change yuh name enuh! Call yuhself “Toxic” or “Poison” or some other shit; yeah, even “shit”! Ah waahn thump whoever gi yuh dah name deh inna dem nose and mek it chump blood! Damn despicable piece of shit! But unnu listen, wi nuh si or hear di half ah it, cawzen sehhhhhhh……dutty Kippo’s (don’t like him: he and his entire family used my friend and did her so badly) baby’s momma, Chin, added her 10cents, and she was very much right, every step of the way! Grab unnu mug, popcorn, meal, drink or snack of choice, it’s gonna get ugly!

    1. A who kippo use?? A chin ya talk? and met can you please tell mi how mi see JMG lauging emojis weh mi see everyone a use please?

  8. I think spice secretly dying over the baby father. Deep down she hurting that Nicholas don’t come back. I don’t care for she or angel really is what she said abt nuffy concerns me. You want Queen title this is not Queen behavior spice. You release a big song and all the madness you did after just stifle the message.

  9. @Anonymous 7:48pm, I can’t get enough of your comment!!!!! I read it over and over and over, as did I thumb it up! @Anonymous 8:51pm, The dame goes for you. As a matter of fact, all the Anons came out spitting hard facts; I tried liking everyone’s comment as much as I could.

    @Nat100, I get what you’re saying, your point is valid, however, at this point, calling this particular demon black; does not only speak to the complexion of her skin, it describes her from inside out; heart, mind, body, soul, character, attitude and actions! Shi black and ugly BAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDD!!!!! Have you ever seen someone who was black with such a difference, that it’s repulsive; well, that’s her! She’s by no means, in terms of shade, anywhere close to the blackest/darkest person I’ve ever seen, but she’s damn near the ugliest, most black hearted person I know and she gets blacker/darker with every move she makes, every breath she takes, every word she utters! She is sickening! Only God, Himself can help that entity! I’mma come clean; I know her triggers and envies, and because she so often misleadingly and conveniently pushes this “colourism” agenda, using it to her advantage, coupled with her constant reprehensible/vituperative, unprincipled deportment, I deliberately do it. In all honesty, I didn’t have a problem with this curse, but separate from the public’s grouse, she screwed over one of my nearest and dearest (family); so until she changes everything about her and make amends with my loved one, mi naw stop! Sorry, not sorry!

  10. I want to be fair. Spice as per your argument, Naro’s mother deserved to be dragged into your mess because Naro ‘dissed; you. Now Angel stayed out your mess and you decided that she should be dragged. I hate to call down demon/devil or any other negative title on anyone, but Spice your behaviour tantamount to that being of negative influence.

    I again might be going out on a limb, but I think you have doubts about your female parts. Otherwise why the obsession with another lady’s vagina. Its not like there is a vagina tax, and these ladies owe taxes or they rented their respective vagina and returned it over used and dirty. You curse Bella about her vagina, you curse Nikki Z about her vagina and here you are again cursing Angel about her vagina.

    Let the ladies use their vaginas in peace. They are not the reason yours suddy and nuh stop foam up. As much as all the ladies you spoke about fucky-fucky dem fucky record neva stoop low to a Nuffy…If a fuck yu a use fi cuss nuh baddy, stop. I am sure yu neva breed fi di first man yu tek (better yet, the children you have are not for the first man yu tek..Cause dash wey belly call pan yu name).

  11. Staygood, yu guh good school. I cudda shake off your hands. All this outta Spice is to get back her baby daddy. It bun har how him not even a look inna her direction. Nicholas a di real OG, fi him tan wid smaddy like Spice suh long. Him deserve a national award (reward). Spice is dealing with the spirit of rejection. She was rejected so much, than even when she is given love, she cannot see it, she is still combative every chance she gets.

    Goodie, not everyone will like you, you have to understand that first and foremost. Secondly not everyone hates you either. The bible says, to whom much is given, much is required. Its just that we expect better from you. How about you take three days away from Social Media, and go on a fast. If you do not know how to fast and pray, call up any church or Met for my contact info. I am willing to fast and pray with you (and for you).

  12. Nicholas a mad Spice. A Nicholas a turn har into a mental patient. Worse she did always insecure say Nicholas nuh want har, then when him lef and don’t return it just confirm her fears that he never wanted her. That’s why she so bitter and unhappy because all now she can’t believe say Nicholas don’t come back to her. Spice don’t want no other man but Nicholas that’s why she turn carpet muncher.

  13. Blessed Met. Most eye-opening post of 2019. Not a Spice fan but she has a right to speak her mind.

    Shows how many niggas still live in a slave mentality.

    Lot of the people are brainwashed into the thinking that black = ugly. Dumb ghetto fcks.

    I tell a lot of people this, 95% of Jamaican’s here and abroad are idiots – slave mentality.

    Wishing all the bleaching posse some good SKIN CANCER and a quick death for 2019/2020!

    #FireBunBleaching #FireBunAllfaggots

    1. EXACTLY!! Why she cant speak how she feel, but whoring D’Angel can. They will be back to dragging Angel soon about everything wah Spice jus seh, dem jus a pick up fi har cuz dem nuh like Spice.

      1. Not one person said Spice not to say anything however u must be fair. Angel did not publicly trouble spice not even in private..A Spice dancer start it/ angel stylist tek it up….spice wid her own mouth seh angel seh done so what was her reason for calling out Angel.. trouble mekking? Angel is on no pedestal but neither is spice. I guess thats why some people different from some because no matter how u feel about a person justice is justice. What did angel do to spice that made her feel she had to speak her mind in public? Good God man

        1. What angel told spice was what me and nuff other people would do………..mi wudda waa cuss rebel n maybe in private mi wudda a seh u know spice mus know but for the sake of peace mi wudda seh done and keep mi eye open for the next occasion. Angel is a man tekka the world knows that but in this case the woman did not a thing to spice fi spice guh talk bout nothing neva did a gwaan fi har…Spice should under no circumstances say anything like that cause nothing neva did a gwaan fi har for many years…….angel have her bad and spice does to but in all fairness u cannot take someone right from them..Why spice neva call angel?? Why draw it into the public…is public speaking to only way to speak your mind??????? U know how many times mi si people send mi how ppl a seh pinkwall this and pinkwall that and the old me would have made a post in response but not one a dem gave me this site………so they can talk n mi nah go use my time fi address none a dem because it nah go do nothing fi mi..I seen people I helped talking and I never one day come on and say oh mi did do this……..Time a master and all when we dead time exists

  14. Go preach to Spice about slave mentality. She was BLEACHING. The truth is she truly have an issue with her image and only she one know why. When she’s ready and decide to really let go and talk what’s been affecting her soul for so long then and only then she will find true happiness and maybe then ppl can sympathize or relate.

  15. @johnnybegood, Don’t forget to count your toxic, outspoken friend, in your “good SKIN CANCER and a quick death 2019/2020” wishes, after all, she DID try offa di bleaching, too enuh; henceforth, her inwardly and outwardly black, ugly, dirty, bad coloured appearance, IS NOT ONLY attributable to the fact that she practiced walking barefooted and never used to like bathe or bathe properly, for quite some time, but because she, like those you wish cancer and death upon, did tek awn di rubbinz at one point!

  16. As I stated above, I have nothing nice to say about her. And I will not take back what I said about her foot being black. Look at her face and look at her feet, her makeup is a different shade from her body and that’s all the time! She was bleaching in the past, she hates herself! Spice has some inner problems she needs to take care of. And this seems to me to be bigger than this current issue with her and angel. NOTICE* everybody that she was once friends with they fall out. Whether it be her fault or the other person’s fault she is the one thats always going on social media disrespecting people. You can take a person out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of a person. She’s the prime example of that. She created controversy not that long ago talking about dark skinned and women empowerment and now, look what she does…how can one take her serious? she is in the spotlight and she doesn’t have to answer to everything. People are watching and best believe her stinking attitude could be one of the reasons why she has trouble crossing over musically. And like all the others these set of dancers she now uses will leave, and then she will be on social media airing out their dirty laundry and talking about who’s pussy stink from who doesn’t brush their teeth, and the same thing she’s going to do to pampute and her other so-call friends. She is a person who I would not want to be in the company of. She’s disgusting, distasteful and has a nasty disposition about her. The truth is the truth and thats no offense!

  17. So because a gyal a whore she fi tun verbal beating stick too? Fuck Dem and all who a defend ole seasoning.

    That tuff bitch no more rabid dan a next gyal. Me a no fan a Angel , but me a defend wrong bang. Unpatriotic tuff turbit fi go run out pon I95 and lo who nah badda har.

    1. All shibby I jus hear seh di only ting angel name ever call ina a man ting, mi neva know seh whore is a discredit to character…its not….your attitude is what speaks on your character

      1. I disagree, I think whoring behaviour can highly blemish ones character, and please believe me when I say that I am not being judgmental.

        I’ll admit that I have been down a few paths in my younger days, and I still feel a way today when I think back to that character.

        Your behaviour IS your character, I do not think the two can be viewed independently.

        Maybe, I’ve misunderstood where you’re coming from, and apologies if that is the case.

        1. Being promiscuous can show how unwell someone is but it doesnt determine if the person is untrustworthy , a liar or a thief…your attitude while doing so can speak but the act of having multiple bed partners doesnt speak too much on who a person is.

  18. Hhmmm…..! If clearly and repeatedly stating that black does not equal ugly or dirty, however, pinpointing/highlighting and maintaining truthfulness/honesty in an idiosyncratic situation, equates those partaking in said pinpointing/highlighting to “dumb ghetto fks”, then oh, how I wonder what’s the equivalent of someone who wishes “GOOD SKIN CANCER and quick death” on others????? Lmfaoooo, mi wouldn’t even wish dat pon di black, ugly, dirty, discoloured, 40 days and 40 nights inna di wilderness; bathe needing bitch! Although shi eeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil, nuh bloodclaat, enuh!!!!!……Yuh MAAAAADDDDD!!!!!…..After mi nuh…..!……Mek mi shut up, because mi nuh know weh dah VELLY, VELLY SPECIAL KIND ah supmn deh equivalent tuh, so…..Lmfaooooooooo

  19. Met, I agree with you soooooooooo much on your last two comments! Just like Chin said, no one around that girl, is brave enough to tell her when she’s wrong, which cannot be any good for her or anyone, for that matter! I love my mother inexplicably and we are blessed to have such an amazing bond and friendship (not until I became an adult. That’s MY BESTFRIEND, the only woman I trust), however, we bump heads from time to time, because I REFUSE to tell her she’s right, when she’s wrong and I am as blunt as they come, and all shi dhu is hang up her phone and nuh chat to mi fi couple hours or a day (though I know it kills her, because AH MY STALKER DAT!!!!! Yeah, 25 calls per day and hours of talk time, per talk! And doahn mek she call me and don’t here my voice, and shi better not have your number; for then, she becomes your stalker! Lmfaoooo, shi call di entire Tri State, all precincts and hospitals and book a flight if needs be! I kid you not), all throughout texting mi “dutty ooman, mi naw look pon you!” And shi dash puuuuure wud pon mi and DUNNNNN MI LIKE A GUN MI, FI FUN MI, wid mi brothers, sister, niece, dad, stepdad and her friends, Lmmfaooooo, because she’s a REEEEEAAAAAL SCORCHER! Lmaoooo, and that’s that….Comes what may, I split justice AT ALL COSTS!!!!! You have to be able to separate your love/hate/like/dislike and put aside all relations/ties and be able to split justice, at some damn point! That girl doesn’t make it easy for her to be liked; it’s waaaaaaay beyond the surface where my feelings for her is concerned, and I can safely and honestly say it fly past hate and reach ah bout fourteen, and as I’ve stated before it involves family, but you don’t know much I long for the smallest mirror of opportunity to defend her, because wrong is wrong and right is right, but that repellent wretch, refuses to ever see the bigger picture, separate herself from the perpetual drama and hoodlum, market gyal mentality, that it’s deeply unfathomable! I still pray for her and all concerning her, sometimes I pray for her and fall asleep without praying for myself, because God and God only, can help her! She’s riding for a fall of a magnitude ten (10) times more powerful than that of Humpty Dumpty, and the sad part about it is, if and when that time comes, she’ll take *NOOOOO (0)* responsibility for any of it; it will ALLLLL BE because of everyone, but her! Something HAS TO GIVE!!!!! Good God, man!

  20. @Anonymous 7:47pm, @Anonymous, 9:44pm, @Phantom Phoenix 9:56pm and @Met 10:48pm, come yah mek ah hug unnuband shake off unnu hand! :kiss :recsel :shakehand2 :thanks2 :sungkem :alay :peluk :toast :cendol :thumbup :2thumbup

    1. Not cause u nuh like a person u tek dem right from dem..Angel did nothingggggggggggggg not a damn thing and I like how she seh she nah back from her n she should never.

  21. ANON @ 8:15 am ….smh what should they do ? refer to the unnatural colour of her face….all of these people continue to let spice fool them….PEOPLE , she been bleaching for years now and folks nuh realize that ? Bout black hypocrisy….just look back at one point she was trying to be fair, probably never have the discipline or something to keep up and stop…very good …its that sometimes the face whiter than other times…yes her natural color is her feet – not her white out face….when you see people carry on like this ( always so angry ) plus point fingers and curse others its because she LONELY ON THE INSIDE…de 3 muppets as company

  22. I notice a lot of people saying Spice is a hypocrite because the black hypocrisy song contradicts her bleaching past/present, but has anyone ever considered that the song is referring to all the issues that made her feel the need to bleach. It really does seem as she is crying out in that song.

  23. Spice hate herself. She wishes she could come out of her body and enter someone else. Spice go and seek help.

  24. It’s hard to be empathetic towards spice, veryyy hard…. she only has strength for certain people. Notice how quick she run guh apologize to Tokyo, and talk things over. Why couldn’t she have done that with everybody she had a falling out with? She has a pattern…. and she nah change cause inah fi her head, she reach weh she a go. Life has a funny way of humbling people.

  25. @Anonymous, 8:38pm, I agree with you a million percent! You know her VERY WELL!!!!! That bitch sure has a pattern and the ONLY REASON she apologized to Tokyo is: 1) She’s on an international platform. 2) She’s know the world and America DOESN’T PLAY when it comes to fat shaming, among other things. 3) She CANNOT AFFORD that on her hands, because soon and very soon, she’ll be moving to the states and is kissing all the ass she can to get acceptance from the people and culture. 4) She views Tokyo as no threat. 5) Tokyo is not Jamaican or part of the Reggae/Dancehall Industry, hence not a rival.

    @Met, yuh bugga yuh! Ah dat yuh fi get! Ah your likkle beat’n dat! Yuh KNOW di bitch was wrong and cyaahn tame, suh mi nuh know WHY yuh run guh be unfair and tek har side????? Sweet mi fi yuh, issi! :ngakak

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