I had gotten information that his son had killed himself last week but couldnt get confirmation. Condolences to the family

13 thoughts on “SQUEEZE SON PASSES

  1. Squeeze is such an upbeat, proud person and dad, i just can’t imagine what he is going through, what could have been happening in this young mans life that he couldn’t seek help from his dad.

  2. Bwoy Anon 10:55 not sure if your comment was appropriate or perhaps it’s just insensitive but ah well it’s freedom of speech. This is sad and unnatural for a child to die before his parents, my condolences to Squeeze and family.

  3. Humble n humility over all things , one ting in life is sure n dats death , it comes to the rich n the poor , meek n the wild , so let ous spend quality time wit our children r child try n teach dem knowledge , wisdom n understanding, so wen time like dis come, u can grief wit out guilt , knowing u did ur duty to ur child, less matireal n more spiritual, biblical relationship , more time talking n less mall n car shopping hope the angels find a place for u n forgive u for wat u did .

  4. Demons took him over but they were too caught up on “life” and luxury, all vanity to realize and believe in the one true God Jesus Christ. See anytime u see them meditating and claiming they are “enlightened” they are on a self destructive path…to hell.

    1. u sound quite ignorant.. you do realize that praying can also be considered meditation, In fact most people pray in hopes of something or requesting something while meditation is just inviting peace within one’s self. Educate yourself before you comment. Heaven and hell is a construct which can be created within self.. Even Jesus tell u dat. Can bet you same one have one bag a demon a ride yuh soul into oblivion.

      1. But the first thing came to my mind when I saw the comment was who was the greatest meditator of all if not Jesus. Nuh him seh 40 days and 40 nights to fi him ting. And was he not murdered because he gave the perception of being more enlightened than the high priests of the age. Meditation and fasting was ordained by Jesus, now modern medicine is proving health benefits to meditation and fasting. Jesus seh the kingdom of God is within you, so if someone says that they are enlightened then they could be speaking the truth cause all enlightenment is in the kingdom and it is within cording to what the teacher says. Also Jesus is not God, Jesus is a manifestation of the God energy, like every single one of us are. The Christ consciousness is available to everyone.

  5. So sad, I really hope it is not sacrificial. A lot of these parents just to move ahead in life sacrifice their own kids. Trust me, I have seen a lot of sacrifices within the business n corporate community. I tell u power, fame and richness for some is all they think about and will sell their soul, kill their own just for those things. Well parents need to be more closer to their kids and stop run dung money n fame . The time squeeze did a rent Ferrari a my just to put on a rich lifestyle him would a use those money to take little trips n spend time with his kids. 90% of rjr females dj back in the days dey wid squeeze. Men uno stop chase women, power n fame n spend time with uno kids.

  6. I was wondering what happened to squeeze because I don’t see him anymore on the immigration lawyer show?My condolences to the family.

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