Cabbie stabbed by colleague following dispute over parking space
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A taxi driver who reportedly stabbed a colleague in his groin during a dispute over a parking space was last week remanded when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court, after his bail application was postponed.

The dispute between the accused, Jevon Johnson, and the complainant reportedly started after the accused asked the complainant to move his car from off a street in downtown Kingston.

Jevon Johnson’s bail application was however delayed until October 31, in order for the police to verify his address.

The 30-year-old Kingston resident, who is charged with wounding with intent, is admitting that he stabbed the complainant but claimed it was in self-defence.

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According to the police report on August 18, about 5:00 pm, the complainant was sitting inside his car on Sutton Street when Johnson approached him and stabbed him in his groin.

Johnson reportedly dropped the knife and ran off while the complainant was taken to the Kingston Public Hospital where he was admitted for treatment.

However, the allegations were disputed by Johnson’s lawyer Jonathan Williams who told Parish Judge Simone Wolfe Reece that the incident did not occur quite like that.

According to the attorney, prior to the knife attack, the complainant and his client had an argument after his client asked the complainant to move his car, which was parked at the intersection of Duke Street and Sutton Street.

During the argument he said the complainant threatened his client and left. Following that, a carload of men came by and beat his client with a metal pipe, while the complainant watched from a nearby service station, Williams continued.

Williams said his client escaped the men and, while running down the street, grabbed the “weapon of self-defence, away from a man who was selling pineapples.

Further to that, the attorney said his client made his way on East Queen Street when the complainant used his car to block him, came out of his car, and approached him with a weapon.

It was at that point, Williams said, that his client pulled the knife that he had and stabbed the complainant.

The judge, in commenting on the lawyer’s argument, questioned who was the owner of the street.

“You ago tell me to move my car off Government road,” she said.

Following Williams’ application she told the police to verify Johnson’s address and remanded him until October 31.


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