Tonight was Barbie son Kizzy memorial in mount Vernon if you guys remember her house was burned down and her son and father got killed . . . The memorial nice for the kiddies all white but then me and my friends hear bare argument outside and people a scream next thing me see is daffy pon the ground a bleed a bawl out he is a guy who dress up as a girl and him and Barbie and Christine is big friends also sherece him a par wid from the other day him love par wid the hype girls because him can wear dem name brand clothes him wear them clothes and etc well I went home in a cab because police was rushing everyone away so I didn’t see who stab him up smh so sad because it was a lot of kids there . . . Anyone have the info on who Stab him up because everybody was leaving so no info certain people now





0 thoughts on “STABBING…….INFO NEEDED

  1. ‘is wah, Dem Stabb him up chu him a Battey mon?? mi think this is 2014 ? we affi accept dem even when we no0 like dem. Smh

  2. I thought that was a woman, oh wow!! But yea…dancehall people dem is no good, that’s why mi nuh get too personal wid nuffa dem…dem too hateful, bad mine, red eye and vindictive; social media is gonna be the downfall fe nuffa dem…like seriously, get a REAL life outside of dancehall and off social media…it’s not that serious smh :hoax2

  3. dancehall ppl is da worst set ah ppl fi take up n call fren them badmind u fi any little thing one set ah poisonous illiterate set me stay very farrr

  4. Maybe a dude stepped to him and found out later it was a man and felt a way and decided to take it to that level.

  5. Batty man fi dead any man that push dem penis inside someone butt is nastyness that c**ky to p***y

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