1. Selfish pussy hole batty boy need to suck their mother. Bitch ass niggas. All around the world they’re the same pieces of dog shit.

  2. real talk Muma Jamaican man dem a fassy, a single woman raise the majority a dem and if and if a dem fi gi a woman a cut in a di queue she woulda dead. Dem hate woman under the quiet and inna dem head we have it easy becasue we can just open up and hey presto, vagina envy is real

  3. Jamaican men hate women I thought we knew this. These make entertainers contribute to the abuse women face in the industry and in life generally.

  4. Yuh mouth a distract mi, a wah kinda futuristic white squall dat pon yuh lips? mi never even know yuh still a dj……a eediat ting dem keep up still, but dat problem won’t go away until u find a hit loll

  5. That is why only 1 good stage show keep in Jamaica only. Rebel salute nothing else, uno see how all unruly fest mess up. These promoters are very very very unprofessional and these male dance hall acts most of them are illiterate and are low lives arrogant animals. 80% of dancehall acts are ghetto n dem act ghetto n think they are all bad men. In this case sun city is to be blamed n sun city is very unprofessional.

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