1. Stacy stay real badddd, she really downgrade from she leave her baby father, you see how her foot twist up, in a the boot, it a bun her bad, over all she stay real bad in a her party, the frock tan bad, the hair tan bad, the makeup stay real bad, desease hole Stacy a make yu tan so mad, you mud up bad.. Stacy bring back Dian shoes, Dian never de a the party, stacy a run down the hype and the hype a run lef ️️me no see the big stinking family wey name shantol or the other upscale..poor Stacy down scale.

  2. Laawks needed 2 sizes bigger so d claw lookin toe dem nuh heng ova. Mi did tink a red bottoms alone dem did show off shoes bottom fah??

  3. Nah lie…..she could design something better…..she being wear that hair…..its obvious that she want a bigger size…..not if it not here’s… decor….no cake…..wasn’t it her body…but I didn’t see kotton….but har party gwane tho

  4. Suh UNCLE KOTTON have all this drugs money and she a him good up side woman yuh mean to tell mi Stacy uncle couldn’t buy u a shoes u did affi borrow? Don’t believe this maybe a just the size she take man. I know she be working that Stripper pile inna him living room so her tip bag must long

  5. Nah lie…..she could design something better…..she being wear that hair…..its obvious that she want a bigger size…..not if it not here’s… decor….no cake…..wasn’t it her body…but I didn’t see kotton….but har party gwane tho

  6. @nicegirl obviously u weren’t @ the party …it was scanty n no vibes so which part of it did ah gwane…smh n yes uncle was there in the bar at times along with his sister. Stacy looked ok could hav definitely dress better laawwwddd them shoes were way to small her toes were on the ground all night….

  7. No sah this a history :ngakak :ngakak the toe the toes :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak the heel ,, back :ngakak :ngakak the shoes looks suspicious :cystg :cystg :ngakak :ngakak :mewek2 :mewek2

  8. Bomboclaat waddis…hot mess kmrt
    Hair stay bad…$10 dress smh….borrow shoes….her repeatedly bag

    Uncle side woman where, when, never,she was jus a f**k and duck
    Bitch u better find a man weh need u or go back to ur baby daddy Ooopps ur baby daddy don’t want u back
    Ur life sad to the extreme…poor thing

  9. The party never pack….And her outfit did stay badddddddd baddddd. Yes pure borrowed good she have on…the place did boring…no cake…no nice set up. I hated that look and omgggg the shoes…How hot gyal Stacy weh nuh borrow gyal tings…fi a borrow people tings??…di needle eye stop work Stacy????? . Di big fat one did deh.but she never take picture….Cuz she a breed!!!!!

  10. Murderrrrr this want everybody fi laugh, wtf is this ,Stacey u need to born ova bcuz everything crumble fi u fr u and ur baby father lef.
    U stay bad all the time at everybody party,bbq,etc but u really really stay bad at ur party and not even a lil cake or decoration no sah

    Di way ur skin ketch a fire whenever u see Uncle, how u feel like how he was there and him go up to 6/7 party a nite. DWRCL


  11. Sigh typically mess mess…..gurl u need to hide and dont come out bcuz u hav no reputation hide urself….
    Everything stay bad about u,wtf u was thinking, u always look bad but now u came out worse for ur party.

    @anonymous if uncle was there why is he hiding fr the camera..wooooiiieee..smh

  12. I am so dun lmfao , like are you serious….. poor Giuseppe more Look like ally Express to me…..

  13. Pussyclaat weh crab toe ago, weh dirty mess ago, weh borrow shoes ago, what’s dat u wear fi ur party, u always stay bad but it’s the worst a u for ur party…

    Everything wrong bout u…
    @anonymous say Uncle did in the party but in & out the bar *wooooiiiieee*

    So Uncle if u was at Stacey party y u hide bcuz u ain’t on none of the pictures
    Why hide UncleDwcl

  14. Dwlllll sumting Yuh bad nuh bloodclaat. How you fi borrow the people dem tings and come show up in a dance lol lol lol and watch how di shoe underneath rub out like it get walk out bad. Sumting u get ketch. You a try had. Jus make sure u keep the likkle party money ….don’t run go buy shoe. U jealous a tashine u jealous a apple u jealous a sherifa. Weh upscale ago…..DAT Neva in a it. Carry Dian shoe give her back….u big foot a kill off the shoe. Watch di toe dem a hang on fi dear life,…oh bitch DAT party was the worst party Eva. U outfit did pop the f**k down. Kmt

  15. Stacey a look a bus an di bus miss har lol only reason uncle was in the bar because a fi him liquor uncle kept the party Stacy don’t put out a dollar uncle was just try to invest a ting cause him love money baddd but the party no turn out as planned as for the shoe the shoe the shoe the shoe oh boy wat a mess overall she was a big mess Tina jetset couldn’t gi har a better hair style an that played out ysl girl go sit down an stop run dung hype wid yuh tough self lol face fava iron donkey Stacy down scale yuh nuh ready fi dis yet!!!! Oh an did party did empty whole night Tina a come over the bar a pree out Travis an him nah look har direction hush boo boo hush a suh it guh! Every Man U tek u fail

  16. I’m not gonna be apart of this haterization on this wanna to be hot gal!!!! uncle couldn’t fix har up? Is like she have no real friends or family this is a cry for help, Har hair need help har toes look up and was trying to escape…. I’m not going to talk about the 12 hundred 5 hundred dress….my tea getting cold☕

  17. Hahahaha mi like weh u say @kermit sista
    But y Uncle fi fix her, she’s not him woman
    Is whenever him reach her number that’s when she get call for a f**k or a suck fi him cock.
    Uncle keep the party with ur name fi mek a money….woooiiiieee
    Him in the bar fi collect what he put in and if a even 1 picture I would hav to tek with my man…sorry but ur jus a f**r bitch,he’s jus all for the money ,f** ,suck and now ur done

    Gurl ur life sad bad go bring back the person slipper Dumbass & please go do ur toes…smh

  18. Me na lie, better Stacy did go look back friend wid Apple and borrow one a her clothes, from she and Apple no friend again, she tan real bad fe true, a Apple use to show her wey fe buy and how to dress, a so she stay bad when she live a payne land, Stacy go and send for your big daughter wey yu lef a Jamaica, you don’t want nobody know say yu have a big daughter, oh gosh man, look how yu a flop yuself in a foreign, you no shame, Stacy a big f**k bait ️from she de a jam down, no class none atall, this girl is a want to be and it na work fe her, all her friends laughing at her, all the draws wey she hve on under the 10 dollar frock, stay bad,uncle don’t want Stacy, the man get free f**k and suck, so him take it, Stacy tough bad, look pon her foot back, her titty look like sling shot, she keep the party fe do over her stay bad body, but the party flop lol, stacy I want uncle wife beat out you nastyness ,you is a careless dutty gal, shit bucket dwl.

  19. Har party did flappppppp badddd
    Har hair is di same piece a old dutty wig way she nuh stop wear and tear tina yuh couldn’t gi yuh good up fren a free hair do cah dem gal day nuh buy nothing expensive instead a make she wear di funcky wig way sticky all full a perfume kmrt chuh man
    Where were di rest a di downscale barbie figet say dem nuh chat no more like that
    Tasheen career flap wid har shitty pussy and har battyman wah a f**k she
    Sheriffa still nah no clothes an searching fi har babyfada wid har herpes pussy same way
    Diane still hiding an f**king pon nick yes diane we see yuh oooooo
    Big fat stinking one she look like immigration a look fi she a hide she a hide she mash up bad
    Uncle was there but di bar neva sell di club very scanty di few lil people dem just stand round a look
    Di one piece a bag she wear everyday all night look dutty like har body and foot
    Toyoko been mash up longtime from she breed
    Di dress lean side way pon har back and batty
    Uncle correl di bar cah him a protect him money yea u say suh uncle
    Stacy order di shoes pon aliexpress neva know har size shoe come two size smaller
    Uncle say him nah buy nuh bunna gal nuh shoe
    Woah cah badda stacy yuh wah two good box oh yuh worthless suh god damm man

  20. Stacey mi need mi bloodclaat pics fr,my friend tell me the pictures up and the next morning when i went to look there is no picture.
    You mek take them down back bcuz the people them a style you all ova the internet.
    Mi neva tell u fi come out like a trash
    We need the rest a pictures

    Stacey u stay bad no bloodclaat

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