8 thoughts on “STACY GET PROMOTE

  1. Stacy Fuck like dog from longtime,the amount a man she tek pon Rory.Its a shame the things ppl do for a green card lol rory yuh life dome from the start

  2. Stacy you are a piece of shit, one big stinking piece. Where are the kids. You on social media everyday being a fuckin hypocrit,Mizzt nuh like yuh and yuh nuh like her either. Bout adults, you fuck the man she was sleeping with the night she gave you a ride to the club and then talk about she crying on voice note over the same man that fucked you and in a hotel. Go fix your life a d stop live for Facebook yuh fuckin piece a shit

  3. Hiv and std a rotten out stinking puxxy stacy that walk and sell fuck and suck like dog new man is a new victim him look like African him don’t know what him get him self into mixing up with dog shit but them say a the strip club she meet him so i guess him don’t care either God go with him this bitch is so evil still whoring and know are puxxy is not clean

  4. Walking dead stacy you not cutting know dash is a African you pick up and a trick the people them son like you is someone but him have a rude awakening when him go to the doctor you dirty stripper whore

  5. So I’ve been coming to this site for a while now. I rarely ever comment but I’m just curious to know what you all dislike this girl so much? lol

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