1. Di man hate Paula long time and the world know that is she alone live in this fake world it’s only one person and Paula deh and that’s Paula she will all sell out her kids for that man ah long time she ah betray people so now I don’t feel when but ah sorry is the tings dem weh him talk bout r unu fi know …….

  2. The girl live in a one room with her two kids so way she find time to fuck Andrew.a want Paula beat her ass.a post man that no belongs to her bout happy birthday to me. Who does that it’s not a the man a send happy to her.

  3. Paula Don’t get too mad at this dumb girl .
    My girl what did you win?you really think Andrew
    going do right by you Andrew you just following the old fool them
    In dancehall you dancehall men love tooo much likes
    go look work and go home some these asshole is married men
    the list long Posh Posh go home Demus go home Dappa please
    you toooo old Andrew i Don’t lose a good woman over likes wait on sales and clearance to afford the things them Andrew if moving on do with class remember the good Ms Paula has done for you and remember your child don’t follow the dutty dancehall man them don’t mek the people laugh at Paula grow up Andrew you father you have job do the right thing Fel Fel you nice looking girl if a man want you let come to you

    1. Tell Paula! She need to put his ass out. This boy have woman all over Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx. Paula! Andrew is ungrateful and have no respect for you. We have seen him with woman driving around in your vehicle. Nicole and Steph Grand yours ain’t innocent either.

  4. No man is fucking perfect a long time Andrew a fuck pan Paula anuh jus now diss do not suprise me
    Now unu a call Steph name unu gweh man and Lowe di gyal name outta diss
    Anybody who know steph know seh she NEVA yet swear fi noooo Man suh why unu think she aguh swear fi har baby fadda Kmt..
    Idc about Nicole she because she a old woman she fi go sit her stinking ass down
    She Mek fi r baby fadda look like old man & him jus inna him 20s
    Him ave all right fi fuck pan she because she stress out the poor likkle boy

  5. Tell Paula fi beat shameka because a she the man love Andrew run weh felfel fi shameka & felfel a cry to him friend dem everyday lol…. shameka win mi naaaaaa lie

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