Hi met
Now this big p**y gal Tiffany aka shama aka stamma wife is the biggest hoe in north/south all she do is beg for money get f**k and duck. Don’t know who ah the biggest clown stamma or her she forever f**g out on stamma and sneaking ppl in her hostel. All she does is sit in the barber shop in south Norwood and f**k the man dem from in there.
Stamma know he just a fool for her u know how much ppl tell him she a dutty b*tch and she love f**k out but him must like it. Mi all hear sah she stinks what kinda women u dah with stamma u all have the gal drive ur car with man in there boy ur a real f**g fool better u stay with reds as she gave her own loooool



  1. Senda gwaan guh look some more man fi f@@k yuh tuh maybe a dat stamma like. Di man dem seh dem nuh waa nuh boring gal dem Neva seh dem nuh waa nuh whoring gal

  2. Stinking pussy reds u sound hurt… stop talking about yourself and mek it look like a the woman a the dog shit hoe out reds the f**k till f**k say stop now

  3. Dwllll dirty big hole reds why you send this in? Yes she suppose to get wife up because she good and stamma want up her goodness, you can’t talk bout stink because wen u pon ur head top and skin out ur big pussy ppl have to run so go sit ur cheap ass down and go learn how to look after ur gal pickney dem because you are not a good role mother Wat u are teaching ur kids is wrong go and read with them teach them the right things and next thing go and find yourself a 9-5 and stop live affa we tax please and tanks

  4. Dutty Tiffany been f***g long time she f**k stamma fam and beg nuff money for her child cause she said stamma don’t mine his child yes she does stink her mouth smell bad and she fat and ugly reds better looking them both cheap and were cheap clothes all she wear is 1 word clothes cos she can’t afford to keep up with the fashion Both them kids look like tramps so them the same as for stamma his a tramp sleep in him car Tiffany don’t live no were from north to south she sleep and leave her baby with all her grandmothers me never know how can 1 baby have some much grandmothers Tiffany walk and talk bad about stamma Fam so if stamma giving her bun she put it on her self

  5. Everybody knows dirty Tiffany wrote this she is stamma stalker she runs him dwn and everything him den Pon or on social media she has to comment or @stamma in it leave stamma to the mad gal cos since stamma left the next gal him look mash dwn

  6. I was waiting fi this come up. A true Tiffany love f**k out me see her pon me man Fone a message him and send picture of her daughter come like that’s how she get man fi true. She f**k out long long time. And love pose u on ppl car like a she buy it. Out a shape big pussy gal.

  7. At the last comment Tiffany always chatting to ppl man she walk and tell ppl how stamma other baby mum was a one night stand and she ugly wen everyone know bout her before Tiffany Tiffany all send pic in underwear to man Phn stamma walk and tell ppl she will always be a hoe she need to learn to look after her daughter instead of sing on 1 word nobody care all Steve bush tell stamma bout her and stamma choice to fall out with him over her loool bloody fool leave them there made for each other she all f*k bear man from the dance hall everybody laugh after stamma even stylo laugh cos he knows wat Tiffany about

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