This press release is in response to a post on your site 4/9/2014 regarding Black Pyramid Recording artiste Star & her current physical state. The photo which Star posted on her Facebook page was for family, friends and well wishers to see that Star is in good spirits & still going strong through this difficult time. These traits are consistent to Star’s character as Star is a beautiful, fearless young woman who never lets a roadblock stop her or derail her from her lifes journey. Star has shared her life via social media in the past & will continue to do so going forward. Star will address her condition publicly at a later time when she is comfortable enough to do so. In the mean time we ask for all persons to keep Star in your prayers, we feel it is our duty as a community to bless her with positive reenforcement every step of the way as she travels on her road to recovery.


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  1. …..mi honestly believe say more time yuh haffi delete some a di comments enuh……..cause some ppl whe post pon ya character is vicious and vindictive because a so dem grow…….from di day dem born dem mumma hate dem…..dem bredda, cousin, uncle, fadda rape/molest dem, di bwoy dem dung di lane run battery pon dem and dem life just hard and wicked….yuh can tell who dem is….dem a di fuss one see a woman pic and start talk bout a man, or how a woman front look too fat and is a buddy she have……or how dat deh pum pum no look normal, and how every odder woman except demself is a homeless katch a ppl yard suck hood whoring slut whe apparently every man since adam done f**k etc etc……….when mi see dem kinda comments mi usually just keep it movin but di one whe did post wid dis girl was brutal to say di least…..

  2. Met I really like this girl, and when I first saw the story It was very depressing b/c she is someone that I admire also. It’s sad what ever it is that happen to her but I would still like to know so I will be patiently waiting to hear what it is/was. I will keep her in my prayers. Wish her and her family the best, we love you star and hope you get well soon.

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