1. Sam Gotti isn’t anyone special. He falls in the Daffy category. Suspect and lame. Womanizer and extremely broke. Nothing to get excited about.

  2. But is not now Sam ah sleep with Alecia; on and off fi years upon Years, from like 2009/10 #Fact they have a Kid together, that lil girl she has is Sam baby, her owna best fren Temika talk it out her owna mouth seh Ah Sam Baby
    Sam all ah sleep with Chyna the Guyanese bartender girl, Martini beat her ass fi him over Lorna’s a lil while ago KMT Sam mi loose offa yuh, Alecia Sleep with EVERBODY

  3. Always wonder if she was sleeping with 231 barber owner. The one who look like a bulldog I think her is a social worker too.

  4. Him left him pretty gyal feh dat? these men love used pussies. If the gyal dem not sleeping with every man weh say hi to them they don’t want them. Dat ugly guyanese gyal chyna to a everybody something

    Dem love freaky gyal

  5. One man hoe is a next man wife, such has one man wife is q next man each is own I won’t judge. Left the people dem business alone. Martina was way to hype she should be greatful she got her green card and got her son to new York all thanks to Sam but she too annoying and everything bother her so she got replaced. Big up Alicia lance drop yuh and Sam find yuh happy fi yuh gyal enjoy happiness

    1. Have several seats please and thank you, I’ve known Martina for years upon years, She’s never hype; the time u there bigging up Alecia Bartley yuh do direct her to the nearest paternity testing clinic so she can find out who……well confirm seh ah Sam ah her daughter father, Sorry Lance that baby ain’t yours (Not Sorry, you shoulda know Alecia was a WHORE)

      1. Girl bye with your fake ass story everybody and them mother know that little his Lance Child so fall back please and thanks.
        I ain’t friends with Alicia but I Martine from Jamaica that bitch was way over her head with Sam she too f**king annoying no man like a annoying ass bitch

        1. It’s definitely not fake, you might have a pick with Martina, and you could be right as it’s all about perception, who she may be to you is not who she is to me
          I know dutty, whoring Alicia very well, from HS days, she was a smut back then and remains a smut to this day, From the days of Dino 100 she been loose.
          Is Alicia talk it to that Iron Dolly one weh live wid her mumma inna the same one bedroon apt. and her fren come talk it when they were beefing, I maintain THAT BABY IS NOT FOR LANCE!!!! Lance if you reading this go get that lil girl DNA tested!!!! Don’t mine ah next man pickney!!!

          1. Let me tellyou this Martina used to f**k one a Sam friend then Sam tek her over married yo her breed her and swear he had a wife only to find out she still f**king the friend so he put her out. Then him start push up with Alicia who he been f**king for year. How much time he keep party in Ja and never carry a woman yet but this time around me carry Alicia because gyal good.all when she f**k 90 man pussy still good. Enjoy your happiness Alicia if the child is not for lance is for Sam who cares Sam is a good dad so either way Alicia nah loose

  6. But she sells my friend an his brother pussy tho these Jamaican party chicks b wildin bro. That’s Alicia that keeps parties in Qns. She broke my friend off in a barber shop bathroom an then invited us to a party she was keeping abt a year ago in qns.

    1. Stop tell lie pan the girl kmt everybody people talk to them a f**k low the gyal
      All when she f**k out a she Sam want right now end of story

  7. Y’all too pussy cloth bad mind, Alicia Fantasy u a star from day one and that’s why dem dutty people ya live pan u name, pay these unwanted people ya no mind. remember Shabba sing say “who say that woman can done, tell them say woman dem no come fi done” open your foot a next man welcome. gwann live your life pretty lady hold your head high off the ground from these hating ass bitches…be happy, love up the man!
    enjoy your life to the fullest…A bayyy, emoji (long out tongue)

  8. Samantha Gotti a Nuh she Dem did seh push up dildo inna yuh or is da one that Martina did beat? My ting is leave di Kids out of it because as much as I can’t sTand da nasty Gyal yah I know it is lance child but this gyal two nasty man. Always look like a prostitute an slept with half the dancehall

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