1. Stinging baby Mi rass . only if she knows that her little boy is busy running around chasing young girl in his age group. Shame on Paula dean.

  2. Poor this old lady if she only knew bout she gone breed Andrew stinga only with her because she can give free clothes shelter and a car to drive around With other females

  3. @ anony that’s not Paula dean, that’s prolly a new chick. Paula dean prolly was home sitting in her rocking chair.

  4. Unuh nuh have nuffin fi do but mek up story bout people life…go suck unuh mother ago find sumthing better fi do….big up to paula and mi cuzzin Andrew. ….unuh living a happy life keep the haters out cuz dem always ago have shit fi seh…unuh envy the gal she can catch young man and and unuh cant …..wrinkle buddy nah do shit fi nuh body….suh unuh keep lying to unuh f**king self…..

  5. @ dydy …..happy??????…not a happy y’all bitches just be lying. Y’all be the same ones to chat Paula dean. Only because she can give y’all stolen merchandise!

  6. Dydy I guess you are one of the cousins that Paula dean move into her little cramp apt too right? Andrew is a mess he creeps all might in the clubs with different girls and always a beg dem fi ho home wid dem. him is a cheater and ginal not ready to be tied down by Paula he says. Him sey man a stinger. Paula look like a boy and andrew want a girl. lol

  7. @ shame on dem…you are not lying he is stalking on of my friend as we speak right now. He pop a lot of shit about this virile looking woman. Even the other day stinga altino get arrested for beating up his girlfriend. These stinger guys are just looking for woman to give them food clothes and shelter, while they go out at night clubbing and chasing younger girls. Andrew tell my friend that he’s with Paula dean by default. My friend even drove up and down in her car. I’m tired of seeing him and woman at the mall spending Paula dean credit. Paula dean Andrew even brag about having girls in Jamaica whom he still keep in contact with. Paul your home is about to turn up sided down because somebody else is pregnant.

  8. Lmaooo no sah dah person yah knw too much bout the stingas dem..a pic is a bloodclaatttt pic Atleast dem nah hide & do dem tings NICOLE we all knw a yuh dweet but u have your time Cummin wit your youngie oookkkk shitty mouth gyal.
    now u tlkin abt a next stinga ALTINO lmaooo no sah how u dweet shyt up mouth gyal u life sad u a tlk soooo much abt the STINGAS dem but bitch memba u deh wid 1 lmaooooo wooiiii u dumb mutherfuxker nuh worry u self u cnt bring dwn the STINGAS youth dem WHO GOD BLESS NO MAN CURSE,how u fi study bout dem how u tink u aguh graduate u pussy sad like bloodclatttt FUNERAL….. Ur body want rectify baddddddddd stop mine ppl man cas dah youngie deh belong to sumbody too theifing gyal

  9. All y’all bitches and niggas keep nicole name out y’all stinking mouth cause she would never do no shit like this. This is a hater trying to get nicole involve. Paula leave nicole out of this you looking company nicole is all about her kids and making money she don’t give a rats ass about no other stinger except hers. God don’t like ugly

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