***Ive posted as is yawwwl***
I’m sick and tired of these weh yuh call dem gyal deh (SCUNT) sending them pum pum through the internet. Are so desperate for cocky? Can’t find or keep a man? Leave my man ALONE! Go and peddle your black and hole front somewhere else! You want man so bad ,WELL I’m going to help you with Dat! MAN CALL HER UP.. SHE GIVING THE PUM PUM OUT! CUM TEK IT……


      1. Bwoy Metty yuh tolerant baddddd mi nah lie, cauz if a all mi, mi wld an return dem faat yah to sender, U a d right woman fi di job Metty, dis is righ up ur alley, lol, cauz God know eh eh mi cldnt manage, nopes yuh goooooddddd!!!!!

          1. cockyrhitis and cockysyndrome shi a wurk wid Met and wen dem have demyah sickness normal medicine nahn guh wuk,it nuh hab no cure.

          2. Tinan is like di picture tek last YEAR and choo she doe tek di pill lastnight di memory was velly fresh n di second personality say PINK WALLLLLLLLLL

  1. Even if the ninja gave her his number, WOMEN NEED SOME STANDARDS, SOME SELF R-E-S-P-E-C-T! In this instance cuss har, ole nassiness ah so yuh desprerate and wat the man, stap send yuh beat out hole!!!!

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