Dear Met,

Quick FYI they are saying the man that wash up on waterfront Downtown Kingston‎ is suicide him committed.It is suspected he drowned yes but the whispers is alleging him sey him can’t deal with the bills piling up so him a guh chuck off a sea. Met them sey him can’t swim and is more than 2 days him missing so that’s how them come to that conclusion.

I really was checking with u if u never hear this version of the young lady utech student killed in hope pastures in an alleged robbery.Met this source is claiming to be close enuff and is alleging they know the facts and it wasn’t any robbery.The source alleges that the killer was in a relationship with the young girl to the point where he was paying her tuition and bought her the labtop. The killer proposed to her and she rejected saying she wanted to finish school.

They alleging that he went on her laptop and found evidence of her corresponding with a yute in usa to get married too.That was why them sey is him same one mek after her the time b4 when she got away cuz he ‎was trying to retrieve the laptop to show her the proof.She nor her mom took any further precautions cuz according to the source they knew it was the yute. That fateful day them sey the guy call the girl fren to inquire where she is and is she told him. That’s why them sey she traumatized suh cuz she shoulda know the yute Inna rage and not disclose her fren’s location.

Met when he caught up with them he was more than irate by then.Her last moments were based on her refusal to hand over the laptop to him so the Johncrow kill har.‎The source is thus claiming it is no robbery and that the family know.I’m wondering unless they going the jungle justice route,if a really so it go why the Fam nuh go police? In any event I hope the takeaway is for women to be acutely aware of the potential pitfalls in taking a man’s things and how it will negatively impact your independence and free will to do WHAT YOU WANT down the line.


It doesn’t just apply to buying yall bags,shoes, remi-hair and clothes.That kind of spending most men can overlook and sey Cho mek she gwaan with that!It is probably worse when they invest in making YOU better so u become more marketable and can walk out leave them just suh!

When a man with such a ego feels he is no longer needed and yall discarding him and upgrading….it is a recipe for disaster! Listen keenly to the things your man say to you Ladies there is always an inkling or clue of what he is capable of so focus on anything he says or does that come across as controlling.

11 thoughts on “STOP TEK MAN TINGS

  1. The sender is right, you have to be very clear with these men especially when they spending their hard earned money trying to make you out of something, I don’t understand why men and woman are not upfront with their intentions let the other person know what your looking for and what you want from them and give them a chance to choose and if they can’t deal with what your looking for then move on to the next person there is always someone out there willing to give you what you seek but do it the right way and not the wrong way because when a man or a woman is deceived you do not know what they are truly capable of… Look at the signs and do not stay in a relationship that is bound for ruin, run and run fast…

  2. I heard the same thing as it relates to the utech stuent, a lot of these young girls be doing it taking man money and know them nuh want the man

  3. This goes both ways. It’s all about Betrayal! Putting your trust in someone, letting your guard down (sometimes against your better judgement) & letting someone in only for them to betray you.

    It’s very hurtful, some people can deal (better) than some with this painful realization than others. In this case, murder was his solution. Men are the physically stronger sex, so that’s why we tend to warn women more but men betray women all the time too. It’s not like men heart pump blood & women hearts pump Kool-Aid! There are plenty episodes of Snapped that shows women can snap too & kill.

    Bottom line – The truth will set you free & treat others how you want to be treated.

    1. Preachhhhhhh!!!!
      I’m here just biding my time and setting for one that thinks it is going to get away……

  4. coming from the ghetto nuff girls mentality was to find a big man fi mind them. there was this girl who get a big man, him buy her furniture, send har go school etc. she go tek kawkalee. the man dem pon the corner tell the big man one day him come check har an she gone a kawkalee party the boy dem tell him is har man. the man get a cutlass and chop furniture lef and right. thank god him neva hurt har. if you don’t want the person leave dem and dem tings

  5. Some of these men especially older men also saw the signs that these women only want their money and they ignore it in the belief they can change the situation.

  6. I guess some ghetto girls looking for a come-up so even their parents encourage them to go be with who so ever have it. A girl will be with the Don or a top ranking man for the things she can get.

    Those guys have a rep to protect so when they claim you violate them(real or imagined),What these girls think is gonna happen?

  7. SPY…..suh why dem dweet? Even right here pon di wall wi seet daily whe girl a chat bout find man fi tek care a dem. Why dem feel like seh big man a fool to di boops ting. Memba seh, when dem approach from dat angle dem a guh get dem giznick f#ck out den dem a get run weh like germs. Silly.

  8. She was just a bad case… Cause young boy a kill dem woman fi different reasons an woman vise versa…all battyman an di lesbians tuh… Look deh yessiday mi watch wah video ova yah an di butch gal a beat di gal. Imagine! she coulda kill har wid a good enough blow tuh all her head eno… Mi digrest but dat nave nothing fi do wid it. If a wah big man a f**k har… pussy! go look yuh age a tight pussy dem want! plus how yuh mean? she a give somethings an him a give back sumtings. Betta Yuh say do good an good will falla cause of course di young gal did a nyam out him rass yes.. A just she neva all di way smart maybe book smart but not street smart. Mi try fi be very honest inna everything mi do an say all when ppl ago look pan mi funny and das how mi deal wid ppl is heeda yuh ago dehdeh or Yuh naw dehdeh like or doh like. But mi a come str8888888. An a dat ppl find it easier to lie Dan be real so that’s what happens.

  9. Is not just girls from ghetto either. A lot of women and men from this generation decide that them MUST get ahead & by any means necessary. Have a chick was living next door & her sugar daddy buck up on Joe Grine & she. The man turn back same time wid di bucket a chicken, lol.

    Have all one next one who is a big woman, lecturer & now principal for a Prep Sch who used to tell her female student to don’t take no man who can’t mine you. Every minute she had a new man, smh. Who put up electric gate, the next one pay mortgage

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