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  1. But ketch Shannon a report news, met story was right a lot of persons are saying Andrew never paid his dues

  2. People posting “hearsay” that they themselves can’t substantiate is not corroboration. It was just Andrew and the man in the red shirt involved in the altercation. No gunmen came and did nothing prior to that. You are just spreading the same rumor. Remember Omar 19 shots and death from your links with police connect and the wanted man Neverson, shot and killed also. hearsay or demsay same crap

    1. Yes mi remember omar 19 shots but someone got the whole heap a bullet and it was simone so it was the wrong person yes but someone got it..In this case I do not believe the security just attacked him like that nope which is my point

  3. Mek them know met bright the boy bright and a gwaan like rules dont apply to him. woolery will end up like mr x6 beating this look on how dutty fla run gone give statement how do they know the man wasn’t gun butted with woolery’s licensed firearm?

  4. It nuh matter what happen before. the moment u rush a man and try take him licensed firearm, him have every right fi shot u bloodclaat. worse it is after the alleged beat up. If the man bring gun man and gun butt u and beat u up, u call kingalarm(which he did) and den dem fi alert the police and den u make u complaint and go by the law. know how much money him coulda get if him did jus do dat. too much ppl wan be superhero inna dem time ya. better him did rush the man and try disarm him while him a gun butt him. him woulda have a better case.

  5. Met you do realize that what you posted yesterday was verbatim the voice note of Vegas right?? And then your comment was that it was the female security guard that gave you the info who is no way credible. Also if the security was there why would they stand there and see the man gun but somebody. It dont make sense. You may also dont want to say your statement was corroborated with a witness saying she “hearsay” lol

    1. If u notice I haven’t even commented as much as I would like to and in saying that I can tell u that I haven’t been online like that and was never sent Vegas’ voicenote. If I had heard it I would have uploaded it myself. If me n that person hear di same story well wi story match. Mi nuh know when me seh di security was gun butted in front of his peers so please don’t misquote me because that don’t even sound right and couldn’t happen. What I heard is that the men pulled him in the guard room where there were no cameras. But I want to ask since none a we don’t get the full story. What do u think happened? Did they just target the man ?

      1. My point to everyone is that everyone in this situation is responsible for What ever happened. The management for putting security in a bad way. The gentleman for knowing the rules n not following through, then bringing his ppl to confront the guards, the guards for not calling the police n abusing the gentleman n trying to disarm him

      2. nuh matter which way u wan spin, twist it and turn it met. from a man try take u firearm, u have every right fi shot him inna him claat. nuh matter wha transpire before. the beat up wha unnuh say happened did done n gone already, it was up to the man fi file a police report and go in front the judge. how superhero attack come inna this. if him did even fist him and try fist fight it out it woulda better fi him. but once u directly lift up a man jacket and try grab him firearm, the law say him have all right fi kill u. him fi thank god say the man show restraint, cause if a me a 5 shot mi a gi him. him wouldn’t live fi tell nuh tale. we understand everything u a say met bout whatever else, but by law, security get f**k. a open n shut self-defense case this.

          1. Mi nuh know if a my head gone or what but my point will remain the same …Mi nah tek nooooooooo side because everyone is in the wrong.. management should never give such instruction…all of this would have been avoided…I saw the short part a di video pan abka den smaddy send me vegas narration I thought it was a joke but at the same time mi did a wonder what cause the row. Anyone who feel dem life in danger a go retaliate so how could I as person even say he shouldnt have discharged the firearm…My initial post seh ”shot him jus suh” it was because I saw the short video and did a wonder whey it start…

  6. Tbh Met its not what you believe is the law no matter how you spin it the security is absolutely wrong for try to disarm the man. You using your platform to infiltrate unsubstantiated claims doesnt to these ppl are wrong

  7. As usual people going to pay more attention to what supposedly happened off-camera as opposed to what they actually saw with their own eyes. Thank god for lawyers and judges.

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