So met I really truly didn’t know that in 2014 and females still move fool when it comes on to men make it worse diss them owner friends cause of a man that a clown them out smh!!!!!!!

Anyway met this girl name Jaime she lives in canada but every body calls her no mannaz use to be a good good friend of mines until I tired to open her eyes and tell her that selector boy a Jamaica don’t want her only reason him a wife her up is because she the only one that can really help him out of the hell hole him living in……. You know say the girl cuss me out and look on me and say me jelouse of her and her man rship like wtf met if that boy was the last man on earth mi wouldn’t even want to sleep with him!!! She and the boy been together for 8yrs and the 8yrs a seven woman alone him get pregnant him engage to she and a next white girl a England one piece a show put down on Facebook over the dutty boy only thing the girl a England cut him off after that look like she a the wise one to rass anyway she use to cry and complain how much this boy only have time fi him rest a gal them n not her all she top up him phone fi call her everyday the boy sey him rather text her not even that him do if she nuh text him, him hardly text her met she been though hell and back anyway met late last year she find out bout a gal inna dancehall that him a f$&k and a own up gal all keep her bday party and when she see the pic them Jamie almost mad she cry day in n day out only to hear the gal a breed for him now smh you nuh know say the Jaime run come a Jamaica come married the boy lmaoooo met all now me can’t believe if a mad she mad r a fool she fool to rass anyway before she come Jamaica the make our friend them hack inna the boy Facebook page to trouble the girl and then make fb fake page to trouble the girl and herself trying to make it look like a the boy babymother a trouble her guess it never work cause all a what she do n still doing not working cause the boy and him crosses baby mother still together him no stop tell ppl how much him have baby pon the way and him love her smh them dutty man yah but the baby mother just as bad too cause she a put up with all the f**kry this boy a do the my so called friend two a them a help spend the money wey the gal a send come give this boy she fi member she a woman too waste gal…… But a that fi reach mannaz cause she ever a turn a blind eye to men that using her cause even a daughter father she don’t even know where him at….. A mannaz mother and father take care of that child from it born till now cause the boy never did wah own up the lil girl n run wey leave them……. Boy met this here mix up too long like me need fi write a book but next time lol some woman too fool y’all need to wise up yow stop make man take you for a clown smh worse unno woman wey deh a fari stop broke them Jamaica men bad stop treat them like a unno boy child….. But mannaz member me did tell you once that dutty boy get what him want from you he’s gonna leave you and go to him dutty baby mother or some lil waste gyal don’t forget and open your damn eyes lady your only 33yrs old and the owe the boy a stress you out you look like 46


  1. Sender, are u best friend with punctuation marks? Stay out of Jamie an har man an his adds ooman dem business, you did warn har an she did not listen. Dem sey pressure buss pipe,one of dese fine day she ago learn har lesson.

    1. Exactly Honeybee…she’s still asleep…she’ll wake up one day and realize that she has and still is wasting her life and time on this good for nothing giggalo and then decide to move on. Sometimes when we women fall in love or think we are in love, we don’t wanna hear the truth because we’re in denial, but she’ll get her rude awakening soon enough. Sender, if you’re a real friend, just let this lust affair take its course until its over and done with. Just be there for her when she needs your shoulder to cry on. That is all you can do..

  2. To the sender:

    Dear Sender, You are not this girl friend, You send her business come on the pinkwall to prove what? You is a mix up rasshole and I hope this girl find out about you, Or maybe is one of the man Baby madda send this in because she married to the man? HMMMMMMMM. LOL. Sender you sound very hurt, go get a life and come out a the girl and whoever she want to be with life.

  3. So sender is we u waan fi tell ar…u as ar bestie couldn’t wise ar up so she a go listen to a bag a stranger…nah…who cyan hear will feel so make she gwaan

    1. Not saying a word OK maybe I will her has been husband was trying to holla at me the other day I just saw these pics of them disgusting lost for words some women are just pathetic and has no worth smh

  4. Ahh boiii all imma say is who can’t hear will surly feel young lady but sender if she didn’t feel!!! Wise up my dare…. But sender if she didn’t listen to you why you think she will listen to us? We can’t unfool her lol and why you a dun the man baby mother thou? She do you sumn? Yuh sound like you wah f*%k the man too

  5. Ah suh wen man wukless an dem don’t want to work for a living dem s..k an f..k dem way thru life especially if dem cock is sizeable an dem tongue stiff same way like sum ooman, di only ting mi read bout dis wukless bway dat he got going for him is him cocky which he’s using very well u go boy!!!

  6. Damn. U call urself her fren? One argument and u send in her file.. Seem like u mad at something else.

  7. Senda, mi need fi have a serious wrerd wid yuh. Why yuh haffi sen een dis long donkey cockey story without a comma (,) or full stop (.)??? Yuh neva even gi wi a decent paragraph, a jus soso long diarrhea of wrerds. Ah betta yuh nuh know?? No wonda di girl cuss yuh out an seh yuh bandmind har fi har good good man weh everybody want…

        1. mi love it oo but mannaz need fi run some more money pan him mek him dont paint it agen…replace dem wid block :alay

          1. Mannaz money nuh trang enough fi buy block, suh in de meantime ah Berger Paint affi run it. Mannaz herself luk like a pay check away from di trailer park…..:siul

  8. Dis send straight from Toya Pink computer Met hold on deh me a go send u fi her file cause she take di woman man breed fi him pap dung and hungry . All she do a send in people story pon pink wall and fi her own tall . Me a make sure call everybody a Duhaney Park and ina dancehall weh she mix up make dem comment when me a send in her file

  9. Friend should NOT have sent in pics caz wid out di pics… It’s just names! U violated the friendship and I would NEVER talk 2 u again.

    On another note, I jus don’t get it. I was just having a convo wid a fren di odda dyay. It jus seems as if most women are FOOLS when they r in love. I said to her, “maybe I have an overload of testosterone caz I certainly would not put up with some things these women deal with (knowingly).” I love but am a LOGICAL thinker. If it nuh Mek sense, depending on the severity of the situation, I’m out!”

    I learn to keep my mouth shut as it has caused me a frenshit ( a real friendship would’ve survived as I did not air her dirty laundry) years ago. Mi just cyaa badda. It’s as if I’m more hurt than the person getting shitted on. It can b a bit frustration gat times .

  10. Di gyal name Jamie throwbridge from Hamilton Ontario canada. She work at one McDonald’s for the past 12 years. Claim she ah danca but only could willy bounce lol! Guh have one pretty girl wid one farmer weh lef at cause she did ah stuck on pan em. Then did deh wid one bwoi name atly from Toronto weh use ar out fi ar money. Den sleep wid one of ar good fren man an give di bwoi std weh shi catch from one black dark Jamaican dance bwoi and public health den at letter. she was with one Dansa beoy from did states an em dis ar fi one next danca gyal name Lena. Dah gyal dem ah fool. Damion cousin weh live canada seh ah only papers em ah wait pon and em ah lef dat

  11. Jaime aka no mannaz f**k out every farm worker that flys into simco canada she’s known as brantfords ez access she passed out every disease!!by her 2 shots of henney n she will f**k u in her car back or a field,she’d,roadside,wen she head tops u c the deepest gully!!!a run she run go yard buy her n his ring tru no man a foreign want her n that’s the honest truth!!!she bought him n very cheaply but I don’t blame him get ur landing in Canada n run lef the fool!!n yes her parents supports her child while she lives in Ther basement lol only wate represents waste n if u haven’t experienced being around this walking sink hole well everything this woman has put on pink wall about her n her paid for husband is true true true I AM A WITNESS

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