13 thoughts on “STRINGS AND THINGS

  1. She looks stupid.
    Both Apple and Kerry and I do think Robert wore those shoes last year.
    Goodmorning Met.
    I just can’t stand these makeshift body girls. Frigging thief always trying to show up.

  2. She stay inna real life!!!! N u have di nerve fi Mek it look like a longtime pieces u jus ah bust outta ur closet dwl
    Yankee u are so basic! Di shoes outdated like ur frock an di blue hair Mek u look like a ole school retired fool who a look her groove back. Simone Neva rate u fi go aroad Suh
    Cause she did look betta as ur fren
    Color hair don’t fit u ur face too long u haf a long chin so it brings tuh much attention to ur draw bone
    Stay in blk hair an stop wit the Gina Curtains look she alone we let pass wid dis none sense

  3. Yankee Michelle you look really horrible. You look like a yuh man Damion Halloween party you going tuh. This out fit looks like a costume . Girl you look crazy. U look like a mad fowl.this outfit is really sad .

  4. YM looks truly different I couldn’t recognize her, I watch the icon video and saw Damion but didn’t see her but to note that she was there all along lol…. I didn’t really care for the outfit it must of been the shoes, tried of seeing them…

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