1. Stylo. You need to chill! Yuh nuh reach nuh weh yet! And me never hear about you until the song with you,kartel and nicki. You need to act like a fucking man. Everybody you a cuss over the piece a song weh soon stale out! Kmt calm down man bun mi fi unuh and yuh nuh reach nuh weh yet!

  2. Stef was approached first to voice on but she declined…now she seethe ting up she try run in pon stylo riddim…no bitch you got takedown

  3. It’s the man’s song he has all rights to gwarn how he wants to. Business a business and fren a fren. She said she has more money than he ever will. So help him out and pay the man for his beat. She still young and dumb

  4. When the song dropped and she was approached for the remix she declined saying, no she busy. Nicki approached the man saying she liked the song and asked to be on the remix, then Stef got big mad cause wa… She realised she fucked up. Instead of taking it with a pinch of salt she start acting up.
    Cause she went bk m ask if she could feature on the remix n he said no he already have Nicki n Kartel.
    Then she start diss the man, her behaviour is very distasteful. If she fi vex with anyone is Lisa Mercedes with ar sell pussy self… She took the wrong side n miss the chance to feature with Nicki.
    Stef never trust a gal that would do anything to sabotage her babyfather…. Cause look now

  5. she didnt use his beat … she made a beat sounding like it and did a whole song … thats where the issue is @met

  6. Stef….eating sour grapes huh? U know you lost…I realize she hype too…he is right…she said she has more money than he will have in his lifetime ,so y the hell she on d man ting? to f’ing nuff

  7. Stylo been reach where he needs to hes always on tour is just u Jamaicans dont kno him anyways go suck unuh mother and leave the youth alone!!!!

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