1. Kenny stfu. U do video first a dry dis the youth and never expect him fi ansa. U tell him call name and him call name. Everybody a say a true the youth a talk cause a pure facts him state u run gone mek next post. U chat too much.

    And another thing stop play fi money pull up cause u a flop out people dance

  2. But how lick out suck wood battyman Wayne lots get involve inna dis??

    Wayne memba yuh a big big battyman enuh an yuh caah hide it denied that cause if you do I will send your picture with you an GQ Dwight when him did a suck yuh nasty wood fi blazer and perfumes.

    Open yuh bloodclaat mouth 1 more time nasty Wayne lots an si if mi nuh sen yuh picture when GQ Dwight did a suck yuh big wood ,

  3. Lol Wayne shut yuh mouth before dem sen in yuh picta. A long time mi hear bout Wayne an him licky licky self. GQ Dwight suck him wood fi true cause mi si di picta. Dem yah so call wanna be bad man now a days n7h easy a rassclaat. Dem fi get expose di whole a dem.

  4. Kenny & polish freakiest DJs in a dancehall that’s nothing new you suck pussy so what your not a batty man what’s the problem?

  5. Mostly majority of the Jamaican man dem in foreign and at home suck the chums and they like it the 1st ting come out dem mouth they want fi taste it… So all this they don’t and all dem rings they need fi stop because they do be proud and stop hide cah the gal dem will tell other wise.. Lol

  6. Kenny I want is some pussy tonight how many girls in dance all pussy you don’t suck for money and foreclose remember that Kim Kim did you tell your best-friend you slept with her baby father y’all too went to Florida the other day how much time lick out your friend pussy you f****** side of my b**** can you walk and walk down Brooklyn that’s why you don’t have a child and that’s why you don’t have a relationship Kamar don’t want you bitch pushing up on him and he don’t want you but your first lady b**** by where where at b**** your a hoe stop sleeping with your best friend baby father

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