Mi nah lie that police said a whole lot and a di first mi eva hear police change charge______________________ and go pan smaddy social media yet…so di police did a study yuh too toya? murda murda ____________

52 thoughts on “SUH IT NAH GUH DONE DEN?

  1. Every week you find some reason to relive this . I hope people see what I said before. Next year dem time yah she still on this

  2. Woman go sit down now man you know say your man suck pussy because there is no way your man nah suck your pussy on go suck a next woman pussy on you still rate him in the video you hear him say toya ask if me suck your pussy eno your man a waste man on if him get deport right now no matter how much time you travel to Jamaica you go fuck a different man on move on

  3. Woman go sit down now man you know say your man suck pussy because there is no way your man nah suck your pussy on go suck a next woman pussy on you still rate him in the video you hear him say toya ask if me suck your pussy eno your man a waste man on if him get deport right now no matter how much time you travel to Jamaica you go fuck a different man on move on

  4. Then how apple nuh worry she and she a mek videos for her??
    My girl stop embarrassing yourself out here..yuh dun say man a man and yuh know your man a nuh saint suh what’s the big deal??..yuh man nuh rate yuh and that’s final yuh man see seh yuh is a big clown weh love vanity suh all when him suck out all the yeye outta every pussy inna da tri-state him know seh just get u some jewelry or some flowers and yuh good to go…bout you and apple nuh inna the same class..

    1. She seh people sending things to her phone and apple post two minutes after she. These grown women are so petty I dont know if they dont hear how stupid they sound..REALLY???????????????

      1. So true met only thing mi seh is as a married woman, Apple should of never been in these type of cuss cuss

  5. The two a them is bothered by each other it look worst on Apple part because she is a married woman . This shouldn’t ave been happening .

  6. Met this is America!!! FYI police do and will go on social media and other platforms such as yours to gather information and verify a story. They even have special task forces to toll the net. How do you think some of these ppl get caught with under age cyber porn??? All Toya had to do was point them to your site; you posted the video of the altercation. Furthermore Apple stated in her video weeks ago that the police contacted her by phone because Toya had reported her. So if Toya made the first police report then why did she get arrested 1st versus Apple??? Apple story isn’t adding up now, she’s a liar. And if both parties pressed charges against one another then they both would’ve been arrested. Make it make sense someone….. Toya needs to chill with making videos about Apple.

    1. I know that you think that what you wrote makes sense but please read it over a couple times and think very well if it makes sense. No police will have those things to say about a charge that has not been to court and neither does the police have the power to change a charge..they are there to take a report and present nuh gone court so what would he need to go to social media for jus by talking to her?Apple dont have to say a thing because toya spoke and contradicted herself with her own lies…She said in her video that the neighbors called police aint she? So the neighbors called police and apple did too? Or did the neighbors call police , and the police contacted both ladies? ARE U WELL? Now to show u toya’s lie..TRESPASSING IS A FELONY and the police cannot drop that which is the charge they most likely put on her..She claimed she showed the police that kerry called her and showed her side of the fight and the police dropped the charges …THAT IS A LIE..she trespassed and if kerry did call her that would still not make any charges drop…Apple was within her right to have a weapon as she was approached so if apple was called by the police and she pressed charges…TOYA WOULD BE CHARGED…FOR TRESPASSING…also remember toya said the neighbor called…a she seh suh not even apple so clearly when apple spoke she was not aware that someone called..Apple could have pressed a charge that same day that same time but it was not and that is clear and evident because the police would not only speak to her as she claims and talk bout she hustle…she wudda ketch a charge one of which is quite serious…SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO It seems like the neighbor called police, police contacted both parties and NO CHARGES WERE PRESSED..HAVE A GOOD DAY AND STOP BEING A FOOL TO STUPIDITY

      1. Felony Criminal Trespass in the First Degree under NY Penal Law 140.17. The most serious type of trespass charge is trespass in the first degree, which is a Class “D” felony under New York Penal law 140.17. The felony version of trespass involves an allegation of trespassing with a firearm or other deadly weapon.

      2. I refuse to comment on your sites because I realize you’re very bias in this apple saga but to inform you miss met, charges were been filed against Toya the day after the fight, however, Toya went out of the country few days after the altercation which causes the delay on her arrest. As per stated, she was contacted immediately after returning back to the US and was informed of the charges filed against her and was told to report to the precinct (turn in herself) or the warrant squad will be contacted. Apple was contacted and was informed of the confirmed date Toya will be turning herself in and was also inform to report to the precinct as well, in which at that time apple said she’s going to continue with the charges against Toya for Battery assault with a deadly weapon. As u can see in one of the the girl’s (Toya) video where she was showing apple in the back ground with a police officer and her daughter. Due to my knowledge, charges where filed on the same day against apple because Toya showed she also sustained injuries(bite mark on breast) during the altercation. Apple is a narcissist and a very egotistical woman and will do anything to victimize herself, yes!!! Toya is delusional, yes!! she’s willing to stick to her man and his defaults, SO WHAT???? The fact still remains apple is not innocent to all of this and she’s the cause of her public embarrassment. Met, you’re a living prove that money can make others turn a blind eye. I rest my case due to my observation. And before you come blacklash, just know court records dnt lie. As per the police precinct; APPLE AND HER CREW IS WELL KNOWN TO THEIR DEPARTMENT FOR ASSAULTS AND THREATS TO THE BRONX RESIDENTS.

        1. Is this a comment or am I seeing doubles? I do not care about Apple and her crew u do…so sort them out in your head..THEY ARE NOT IN MINE

        2. And FYI…no charges were filed.A report was made by a neighbor as toya said…Had charges been file toya would have been arrested and would have to go to court not only speak to the police. Are u that daft?

          1. Met seriously for a grown woman/man (as I supposed) your reason ability is very basic and YES!! An authority of law can communicate with you when a report is filed against you if you’re cooperating, does not have a criminal record and you’re not in danger to the victim(s) that filed the report. If you refuses then charges will be filed by the PD and warrant will be issued for your arrest.

          2. Met act like she’s the only one that knows anything and we’re the dunce ones. Justice don’t waste your time with her. Leave her to work on her content so she can get her stale dry site back to where it was before COVID.

        3. I don’t know who more stupid toya or her supporters go one side n sit ur ass down wid unuh tired story and excuses toya deserves anything she get n more she is a sick delusional soul less vessel she fi stop stalk people and look a work go read a book do anything besides get on the internet everyday with ur tired ass stories and self she cyah talk sensible ppl inna circles everyone see tru her she wanted a show an she is now starring in this one man circus series alone im just here for the laughs

      3. I’m not being a fool to anything. Look like you’re the one that needs to go back and read my comment. Not once did I say anything about what the police supposedly said or charged her with Fool. Stop interrupting what I wrote and putting it into your own words. Since you want to get in depth about charges. It’s the police officers that make the determination of what they’re charging you with when they make the arrest. They could’ve easily made the determination to charge her with a misdemeanor instead of a felony. It’s obvious from your research and breakdown about the NY felony law that you’re more invested in this than me. And you can have it.
        Met it look like COVID or stress has taken your head. You’re so quick to snap back and get out of pocket with your viewers. Computer bad girl go suck yah mother and get some sense.

        1. Dont stop beat di keyboard cause mi nah stop call uno clown…bout outa pocket wid viewers..are u somebody?

      4. I love when unuh have likkle sense. toya is making an ass of herself as bad as the ones she is injecting in paying customers

  7. If you go out of your way to fight someone, expect anything. It’s not as if u buck her up on the road and argument lead to fight. No, you went in your car, drove somewhere to fight someone. That is not innocent ..u could have gone to jail or lose ur life. You are not innocent. Apple would more get the right because u went to her with fighting. You have a lot of time on your hand. I don’t know anyone of you personally, but yes, you need to chill now. ..

  8. Listen Toya is still delusional. I’m happy Apple press charges. Toya how you play the victim now when you went to Apple’s location to fight her and then went on Instagram bragging about it. You created your own downfall. Show off brings disgrace. You are 50 years old and acting very ghetto.
    All you do is talk about you are better off than Apple NO YOU AIN’T Toya you are a ghetto rat. Move on with your life and stop fight over a man that is using you until he gets out of prison.I
    I don’t know either of you. Please act like a mature person cause it don’t look good. Also get some physiological help. You have self esteem issues.

  9. Toya is a sad sad case what ah gyal sick inna har big dunce head so u keep doing all this for a man who is just ur baby father not husband dwl toya knows everything about apple n man bout dont know robinhood from peter pan ah suh u know dem anuh madda dem ah mascot it bun mi fi dis big old overgrown force ripe ole ooman vanity yuh love yuh desperate tired ass fool so tek weh yuh get me nah tek side but apple said first that toya went to the cops toya yuh deserve whatever reach yuh mi neva know gyal can badmind suh ova vanity toya yuh man need the security ur low self esteem provides

    1. Toya want apple man so bad she nuh know what fi do wid herself she nah trace true har wasteman of a babyfadda ah walk n suck she tracing because she believes she deserves apple man an apple doesn’t so she is begging and pleading under style fi jay icon attention unuh ago see it all play out toya is a bottom of the barrel souless vessel and her man jabulani is a fucky sucky demon

  10. I know Toya and Jay personally and the two are absolutely in love and been In love for years. It’s not the first he’s cheated but he’s not leaving her for anybody way before prison. So I don’t know why everyone is calling her delusional when you guys don’t even know them. But its evident that she has way more sense than Apple. Toya says she’s coming far with her man and she’s not leaving so why does that bother ppl. Half of you probably don’t have a man or a personal one. Who just gets up and leave a good provider while he’s in jail. He is wrong for cheating but that is her to handle with him. And as far as the charge she is charged for assault. She said the report was a felony because Apple said she had weapons and used them. The detective even went to Shushanna house (where the incident happened).After he doing hes investigating and have her come down he changed before booking her because he has the right to make the determination before booking her.The story was made up by Apple. Toya now press charge on Apple. Apple was never charged before because Toya didn’t press none. So now the two can battle out in court July. I agree with the people that says Met is really against Toya because its obvious that she thinks she knows everything and she doesn’t. It’s so obvious that Apple is a liar, attention seeker, and wanted position in this man’s life. But Toya doesn’t need to answer anything else because it’s obvious that Apple is jealous over her relationship. Toya don’t answer anything else sweetie this will soon be over with. And Met will turn back on Apple when she has no more stories to talk about you. This wall belongs to Apple for yrs. And she is constantly bucking her toe so let her and Met have it.

    1. I dont know a thing than what is shown online. I dont care who toya man is inlove with..I dont want no man so inlove with me his whole face was under someone i despise…carry on

    2. Yuh sound like a real dunce toya and her labba tongue man is zeroooooooo nobody cares they are flashy bums a she call crowd and embarrass her dunce self trying to bring down a next woman when her nasty man has never ever ever in their relationship been faithful this is a disgrace go tell ur big face fren fi stay offline n be a mother n work jabulani money sen him nobody cares weeeee tyyyyyarrrrrrdddd now ole gyal go dye di gray dem pon yuh iron front yuh lame making all these videos about a next gyal

    3. You sound restarted like Toya. Toya man is ugly he probably pay girls to sleep with him. Toya needs to find a legal work where she can get pension in the future.

  11. Toya stay bad enuh har teeth dem big she built like a heshe she dunce and nav a legit work. she cyah stan up properly wid di knock knee n pigeon foot she have.di doctor weh she use clearly hate her cah ah di fuss mi see dem put back smaddy nipple and it deh pon dem collar bone toya yuh annoying n miserable n mi nuh like apple neither but you are just pathetic

  12. So Apple man was faithful? So any man that came on this wall was faithful. They all use their mouth and their tongue on each other so that’s besides the point. Apple and her man walk and suck all bout so Idk why pot a cuss kettle. At first Met claim Toya was arguing with Apple that was denying it. That is False Apple admit over the phone confrontation then was throwing words. When Toya start to publicly start answer her back she start denying it for ig. Met you are the delusional one you know that Apple lie and fool fool. The blind can see. You really did get paid. Now you say you don’t care who love but the sucking thing and rayyyyy. Yet this suppose to be about the lock up. You just trying to find everything to be against the girl all when it make you sound stupid. I never see this yet lol. And Apple friends need to stop writing cause all of you always in mon problem. Every last one of you fight and argue over man. I never see a set stupid ppl. And love talk shit on this wall with unnu dirty life style

    1. Tell Toya to stop fight over man. She is the fool fool one. Toya is 50 years old and behaving like this. Nah too embarrassing. Ghetto rat!!!!

  13. Toya and har bisexual man need fi park up now mi never see smaddy mentally challenged suh toya you nor ur gay for pay man anuh nuhbody yuh sad sick n need a tranquilizer damn ape

  14. Apple between you and Toya teeth which one worst. I prefer toya teeth. They line up. U know what mel mi come off this. Cause a bare perfect ppl deh pong dis.

  15. For Apple to make 2 pages that I know of and tagging Toya in her captions while talking to herself, there has to be some type of obsession going on. Women like Apple will taunt you and then play the victim. Toya, take my silly advice. You’re dealing with a miserable, delusional woman who didn’t get what she want. Ignore her and let her play by herself.


  16. This is all quite simple. Toya went looking for trouble and found it in the NYC judicial system.
    If she was aware of her man’s plot to scam women and deliver her the proceeds, why all the excitement?

    She is tieing up herself betta she take a drive in the GWagon she a dead ova and just quit, she isnt even ahead at this point

  17. @ain’t adding up…..It does add up. She said she was keeping it quiet but Apple was throwing words on this same wall so she blew it up. And its Apple that brought up her jeep. So she responds to the hate. But maybe your a hater too. Cause you’ll hear what sounds good to you and ignore the obvious. You guys is jealous of Toya it’s so obvious. Why don’t you’ll just jump off a bridge and kill yourselves. She’s a good business woman.

  18. @ ain’t adding up. What is she not ahead of though. You know her…Mi friend had always been ahead way before Apple and this excitement. She’s not a show off. And what competition is she exactly in?????

  19. People like u sick mi stomach more than how toya sick inna har big tuff dry head . U is nothing but a hypocrite if latoya was any type of a woman she woulda hol a fuckin corner instead of acting like the heshe she is but its obvious by the looks of her tuff shrek looking body and her morales that she takes after her father . Toya live in this lil egotistical place in her head where she feel that upholding and encouraging a slack dirty shady conniving lifestyle behind closed doors makes her a real woman of class and respect out doors well it doesn’t toya is a felon like her man she done time and he cheated the entire time toya has never once since meeting this man has ever had him to herself. Toya act as if she won something but still needs validation because her relationshipis based off of constantly blackmailing the man .toya go look a work instead of selling ur man to the highest bidders then act like u a some boss bitch. He made u who u are the hype the lifestyle is what u want so tek weh u get n stfu if him gone tomorrow ur milk sour but every gyal weh fuck ur man have dem money n nah suffer n naffi live ur dirty life .Toya yuh and yuh man a top freak an a big gyal clown thats why him always get style all him fi stop sell drugs n jus continue sex the tranny dem fi cash. Toya yuh man is a germs him come enn like poison owning him come en like a bad blow of obeah gyal we all laughing at u stupiddddddddddd

  20. Dear met the officer can drop or lower the charges if he reviews the case and see that the charges that the previous officer put is not resonable that happened to me before . I got multiple felon charges for a fight and the detective that took over the case ask me if I used any weapon if i stab her or cut her and I said no only fists and he was like why the hell he gave you so much felonies and he cleared them word to my mothers life . He did miracle stuff for me that day . He got his prosecutor friend to drop my charges at 161 street also because there was a order by 161 street for me to go to rikers island.
    Toya not lieing as long as nobody got stitches or seriously injured they do care to go back and fourth to court for bulshit.

    Toya lock up back Apple now and done it.
    And let the police know she is a big scammer ,thief and parasite. Go on YOUTUBE and show the officers the video of them always ganging people .
    Let the cop know Apple a shoplifter .
    The nuff Kerryann she a travel and drive into her sister name report her also Toya .
    Kerryann license is not into her name its into her sister that’s in the Army name.
    Since she a look trouble with you and a call down your phone .

    1. Gweh mon n suck yuh ma dats y toya man deh jail ahhhhhhh bayyyyyyyy ah goooooooooooooooooooood fi him dutty wasteman rass dwclllllllllllll lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  21. @KMT me suck my mother but you suck your father dead cock.
    Apple is a nasty low life bitch.
    She have no pu..y principle.

    She have a husband and a war over Toya baby father.
    Worthless Apple and shameless all of unno wey a promote her careless behavior.

    Apple married and busy a phuck and Suck Toya man and a give him 3sum without condom .
    Fi big woman shi nuh fraid of disease.
    Apple you is a born Hog.

    All of Apple friends them walk and stalk and fight gal over fi them man suh why unno nuh want Toya fi qar and dash word and act foolish and create seen over fi her man ??? A who unno .
    Toya acting normal ghetto gal style a suh wi stay .

    Unno never hear the song some gal cant guh dance again because them wanted like bad boy speng because dem teck gal man and gal a look fi dem .
    Unno never hear mattie anuh good something.

    Uno leave Toya alone meck she act up as long as she want because Apple never desperate she live with Jaydon her husband so how she end up in a hotel with Toya man.

    Apple you deserve multiple kick , box ,slap just because you a married woman and you know the girl and you know her man also and still skin out yuh vagina give him because yuh licki licki. APPLE YOU shame , DISGRACE and DISRESPECT yuh husband JAYDON PUBLICLY. Apple you lack conscience.

    List of Apple friends that war over man.
    Kerryann war sherifa upscale Barbie over jue.
    Kerryann a war Sexy Mo over Jue .

    Apple war Toya over Mobay Jay .
    Apple fight gal over Marlon in front Marlon baby mother Bliney

    Sally war QQ over Dwayne Timers.
    Sally war puss and dog over Dwayne Timers

    Shamar war the Twin over Mario.
    Shamar war kim perfect waistline over Jay Dog

    Ms lou war and loose to herself over Uncle frank .

    Bobbette war Daffy black baby mother .

    Sushauna war the gal a Brooklyn over ball head .

    Toya not doing anything wey unno nuh duh suh low her meck shi duh her thing wey yuh teck gal man Apple yuh fi prepare fi a 100 year war .

    1. Mi can tell seh yuh is another ole dungeon crotches waste gyal weh nav no other choice but fi be the dunce head unuh be unuh nav no education of good jobs so fighting over man fi 100 yrs is what u sad ass hoes u n latoya do us a favor n unuh go suck each other like how mobay j has to wait till 2025 fi dweet fi unuh n stop chat off unuh likkle stink mouth go get him out a prison ah dat unuh fi worry bout dwrcllllllllllllllllllllllllll ahhhh bayyyy

  22. @KMT first of all dont call anyone dunce because you cant even form a proper sentence.

    We uneducated but we have pussy principle and we dont phuck friend and friend and we dont collect money to do 3sum like Apple .

    We married women dont have next man a suck wi while we sucking them and phuck wi inna hotel around the corner from our matrimonial home.

    We rather to be a war bus than a whore hut like Apple.
    Big crotches is where you were born from and what you inherited from your mother and your grandmother.

    Sucking each other is what you Apple , Dicepineapple and Sally does to each other . Remember is fi unno crew name hairy tongue crew and suckalala girls.

    Remember your crew member Shamar went all the way to New Jersey guh fight over her ex man Mario best friend jay dog cocky and get her ass beat by Simone perfect waistline then run to the police .
    Informer groupies.

    Jail nuh meck fi dog look how much of your friends being inna prison because them redeye the people them goods inna them store .

    Remember your entire crew a puss and puss pickney.
    Jue did 3 years ,Shamara did 2.5 years , Apple plenty arrests, jaydon few arrest , kerryann plenty arrest , Bobbette 6months in prison Sally few lock up.

    Crimes RANGE from drugs dealing , credit card scam and shoplifting. SUH UNNO A OLD PRISONER AND JAIL BUD .

    Rememberunno still a thief ,shoplift and scam and a use people usa documents fi drive and guh prison into .. Suh some of yuh crew members must end up back into prison .

    MOBAY JAY WILL BE Good and must come a road.

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