1. But kraig you knew QQ was a big slut and you still had sex with her multiple times raw and ate her ass and pussy so your just as nasty as she is so you can’t shame her . QQ shame tree gone from longtime she doesn’t care anymore so this argument pointless she has a song coming out naming all her sexcapades she coming for you niggas

  2. Man or woman don’t diss up your partner after you part ways. Especially if you knew before hand the character of said partner. Just cut and leave.

  3. Him doing this just makes him look dumb.. Dont know either of these 2 suspects but its clear hes hurt and want to hurt and disrespect this girl.

    Im sure he knew all her d…k sucking history yet he was with her…. make no sense.

    All that nasty freak shit worked for him while they were together; now he wants to ses shame the girl..

    Go separate ways and leave that bedroom story alone….. dont look good.

    Careless dirty ppl ways this….

  4. A suh man fi duh dem more while maybe dem weee go siddung somewhey. Issa mans world dem can look like any kina dogshit an di wurl still nuh look ….but when a woman does it, it’s different suh woman fi have likkle sumtings bout dem.. Yuh have gal whey fuck nuff man an yuh hudda neva hear dem name a road or nuh boy a dun dem suh mi naaa look.

    1. Latty I’m convinced you’re a big batty man.. you have way to much time on your hands I hope your life is together

  5. But why yall bashing this man when qq is the demon disclosing all her fucking and sucking? All for a little fame

  6. Qq mi nah lie u fi bill yow!!! My youth u BIG MAD!!!! Qq u need a break from man and Ooman!! Wash off urself wid some lime and blue wid holly wata!! Go to a pastor and mek him pray fi u cause I swear a sex demon lives in u! My girl tek a break man!!!!!

  7. Please Set EXAMPLE TO YOUR CHILDREN, raise your daughters with MORALS AND DIGNITY, Raise your SONS, WITH MORALS AND DIGNITY, because if he did have any of these he would NOT disrespect and talk so low about a women he was happy sharing a bed with!! And if she did have any of them A MAN could NEVERRRR TALK SO Low about her!! Is this what your mother carried you here for?? to be addressed as a HOE!!! SMFH

  8. Qq walk and fuck and suck everybody uptown all over this bitch is dirty. She wanna be seen so bad and change frens like the weather, this gal always have a new best fren . Nothing new and good abt this bitch. All she hype abt is fucking ppl man, babyfather etc. and not even a piece a furnisher she own and always in a mix up . Yuh fuck man and gal, disgusting like

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