Timothy 4:7 Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives’ tales; rather, train yourself to be godly!! ~ What Is” old wives’ tales? = a belief, usually superstitious or erroneous, passed on by word of mouth as a piece of traditional wisdom.

An “Old wives tale” is based on superstition!!

Superstitions are related to magic, and are based upon the desire to have something come true, or to prevent something bad or unpleasant from happening. Satan is the ultimate source of all superstitions whether they are found in the remotest regions of Africa or come from the pages of the latest edition of an American almanac. He uses such things as old wives’ tales, childish fears, dread of the unknown, and ignorance to implant worry, fear, and anxieties in the mind in order to cause illness, accident, or death, as well as to bind and oppress the lives of millions.

Superstitions delude the gullible into hoping that the performance of certain prescribed acts, or the repetition of certain words, will magically bring good fortune, or cause something desired to happen, or prevent something unpleasant from occurring. Superstitious acts range all the way from knocking on wood and crossing one’s fingers to throwing rice at a wedding or the avoidance of walking under a ladder.

Superstitions have caused man to devise all manner of charms, amulets, lucky signs, talismans, spells, incantations, lucky numbers, magic rituals, and taboos in an effort to control or influence events.

Superstitions are not something which characterize only primitive societies, but are believed in and practiced worldwide. In the United States, for instance, Hollywood has its astrologers, Hippies wear their beads and amulets, hotels avoid the 13th floor, auto racers dislike women or peanuts in their pits, and brides often wear a blue garter for good luck. Farmers believe that if the groundhog sees his shadow on February 2, then winter will last 6 more weeks, while some set eggs under hens on Sunday nights to assure hatching. Finding a four-leaf clover supposedly brings good luck, while spilling salt signifies bad luck.

Hex signs to ward off evil are still painted on Pennsylvania and Indiana barns, while many Americans say, God bless you! when anyone sneezes (originally done in the superstitious belief that it would prevent the soul from departing).

Servicemen are notorious for keeping mascots for luck, and black cats, like the number 13, spell evil in the minds of millions of cultured and sophisticated people.

Superstitions are unchristian and satanic in origin, and are indicative of a lack of faith in God to provide for and protect His children from evil and harm. One report in 1974, states that 10 million rabbits’ feet are sold annually in the USA, and about 4 million four-leaf clovers, while Friday the 13th costs Americans about $250 million in lost business each year due to so many superstitious people who stay home in order to avoid working, shopping, or traveling on this unlucky day. Imagine where ratio Might be at today.

Superstitions fall into certain classifications: taboos (it is unlucky to open an umbrella indoors); omens (finding a pin on the floor is an omen of good luck); rituals (crossing the fingers wards off evil, or insures good fortune, as does knocking on wood, since certain trees are sacred in pagan cultures); incantations (Rain, rain go away; come again another day.) amulets (charms) and talismans (Magical objects, as the rabbit’s foot carried for luck, or a horseshoe placed over the door to ward off evil); and superstitious customs and beliefs (e.g., breaking a wish-bone, the person with the larger piece getting his wish; blowing out birthday candles while making a wish, or the belief that eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away).

There are innumerable superstitions of every description and the list grows longer each day. We are warned never to allow a black cat to cross our path, or else take 12 steps backwards to counteract the evil if it does occur (witches can change themselves into black cats ) Horoscopes,psychic readings,fortune telling, tarot cards,lucky numbers etc.. are all witchcraft and is tied into superstition.

Bad luck is supposedly avoided when salt is spilled by throwing a pinch over the left shoulder (doubtless an offering to appease the evil spirits as salt has magical significance in occultism). Lighting 3 cigarettes on the same match, or killing a cricket (a symbol of good luck) indoors will bring misfortune. The number 13 is unlucky; it is said because Judas made 13 at the Last Supper. Good luck is sought by gamblers by blowing on the cards or dice (breath symbolizes life energy), many golfers will not clean or change a ball when their game is going well, some fishermen spit on the bait to insure a catch (spittle and breath have the same significance), and many businessmen superstitiously believe that if they can induce the first customer of the day to make a purchase (of any amount), good business is insured for the day. It is considered unlucky to break a mirror (as mirrors are used in divination and self-hypnosis), to whistle aboard ship (it may call up a storm or summon evil spirits), to burn an old Bible (an irreverent attempt to destroy God’s Holy Word), to rock an empty rocking chair (chairs supposedly rock sometimes or furniture mysteriously moves when death or adversity is at hand), or for a pregnant woman to attend a funeral (as the spirit of death will cause the helpless baby to die).

A bride is to be carried over the threshold (as an unlucky stumble will cause a bad marriage, and because the threshold is held to be sacred by some pagans, rice is to be thrown on the newlyweds (insuring fertility), and the bride must not look at herself in the mirror when fully arrayed to avoid misfortune. Good luck is assured if the bride follows the old rule: something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. An unmarried girl should never try on someone else’s wedding ring, serve 3 times as a bridesmaid, or take the last piece of cake from the plate, or she will never marry. If she peels an apple without breaking the peel, and throws it backwards over her left shoulder, it will form the initial of her future husband’s name. Also to catch the bride’s bouquet is a sign that she will be the next to marry. Orange blossoms symbolize good fortune, as does a sunny wedding day; but a rainy day means a stormy marriage ahead. Moreover, it is unlucky to give away a wedding present, or to lose a wedding ring.

Superstitious beliefs abound. A howling dog is a bad omen, a cold hand indicates a warm heart, lightning never strikes in the same place twice (many have died by lightning believing this), two-dollar bills are unlucky, an itching nose means someone is thinking of you, and it is bad luck to see an owl in the daytime, or to put a shirt or blouse on inside out.

Red and white flowers mixed in a sick room is an omen of death; seven is a lucky number (signifying perfection in the Bible); it is taboo to whistle in a theater (as on board a ship, for it summons up the spirits); or to wash clothes on Good Friday. It is also believed to be unlucky to step on a crack in the sidewalk, to shake hands with the left hand, or to break the triangle (formed by the building, ground, and ladder) by walking under a ladder. All of These are based on superstition(LUCK)!! As Children of God there is no such thing as Good luck or Bad luck because God Is In Control of our destiny!!
In Jesus Christ Name!! We are Blessed not Lucky!! AMEN!!

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