Like all jokes aside kadi you are a very ugly f**king gal & whoever did your surgery go back for your money please and thank you cause u look a hot mess. Your body look like porridge lump up bad yuh eye dem is very big an u bleach out An look like smaddy Weh sick, who tf are u to be calling anybody ugly please lock yuh eye dem wen yah tek picture An stay the f**k away from video light cause it’s not a pretty sight wen the light shine pon yuh An brighten yuh ugliness yuh too wicked to people mon stop it. All your friend dem wicked to u an u can see u bald cause u have no r*ss hairline u look like a bobble head

20 thoughts on “SURGERY LOOKS ATTACK

  1. Me would have to see n examine the degree of lumpiness n porridgeness miself up close.From this distance however she isn’t ugly n can goodly get IT…HOMINY CORN OR PEANUT/BANANA PORRIDGENESS ASIDE!!gwaan thru Kadi yuh round round!!

  2. Senda di gal ugly fi true maybe a di angle still…look like chicken afta dem pump it up wid steroids. Look like di drag dem whey duh nuff surgery fi be ooman. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak she fi tap it fi true.

  3. Big up me friend woman straight baby girl new man inna your live & it’s a good look .. bad man inna yuh life

  4. Baby you look good big up me friend in law new man inna your life & it a show baby kadi you look good

  5. Stop bloodclaat lie bout she look good she look like shit hypocrite friends like unnu me nuh want An which new man wen she cah stop mad ova are baby fadda Weh she did have high hopes for. Move unnu bumbo An talk truth mon

    1. Bitch suck your moadda which Babyfather she a mad ova you sound like a hater a mi bad man friend woman a who again you sound & guess wha now why you dnt put up yourself on pink wall bitch next

  6. She looks like she had a lot done, she doesn’t have a natural look. Her hair is nice and she is dressed simply and nice, Mama next time buy a bigger top.

  7. Yes cause she was a very big bitch so she had a lot done An still nuh look good but she a try really hard

  8. You up top…. it’s call diet and waist trainers bitch. You should try it! The girl lose weight. And I know, cause she’s my friend. Not everyone is gonna like you. That’s okay. But don’t speak on what you don’t know. Ask a question or 2, before you make your mouth rule you. And if she do surgery why it bother you-(unu) so much. She wouldn’t be the first or the last. Unu still mad cause she got the golden child. She got a youth and move on. Again she ain’t the first or last. I’m sure baby daddy got more kids on the so-called wife. It’s nobody fault she can’t breed. Stop it now. Be mad at your man. Not the women.

  9. Bitch what golden child u mean the dry head pickney are heady picky picky bad bout golden please stfu a nuh waist train an exercise do shit so go somewhere

  10. Some Gyal jus a hate pon you baby girl your beautiful god bless you cause when di hate is real it’s jus real you got two beautiful kids and You still look good notice di one dem who a hate dem can’t breed a bay tell dem need Fi wash out dem ole cause a pure duppy up in deh big up yuhself kadian new man a show pon you weh Dem ago do now

  11. Ain’t nobody haunting on that ugly girl Weh she have fi nobody hater r? She don’t even have a good career An what is so good about getting pregnant for a man she know married oh please y’all bitches priorities so f**ked up these days. Is not she alone have baby fi di man cause she An a next girl did pregnant at the same time so baby girl your friend is not winning

  12. If her pikney head dry a bother you. You’re sad, miserable and bloodclath haunted. She well taken care of though. That you need to post. And the so-called father a kill to see her. Which I know because a me friend. Yesssss, she deh with him and get a youth so f**king what. She move on. The ” golden child” looks just like the father. So anything bad about the pikney, so is the father. Him deh every milestone in her life. Birth, Christening, and birthdays. The girl just cut him off cause him want more. So you can continue hate on WHAT I don’t know. The man got other kids why them other mumma not bothering you? Come off the girl now. She don’t trouble you or anyone.

  13. Bitch have a seat somewhere bout kill fi see posh run kadi life so don’t do it bout she cut him off him want more a she want more don’t let her turn u in a dummy like her

  14. @kadifriend 8:39pm. Go sit your was down. Bout the golden child look like her so call father. The golden child need fi go pon ah diet. Yuh ever watch the movie the Golden child yet. The Golden child have magical powers. This golden child surly didn’t have any because the so call father never stick around. Yes the 2nd birthday he was there, which he should because he is the father. Kadi shouldn’t go the man inna the first place. The man Nava look yuh, ah yuh send yuh fren fi go look the man. Man fi look woman, woman must not look man. Nobody nah trouble ugly big eye Kadi. Nobody nuh see her must less fi trouble her.

  15. You sound really hurt. You either the so-called “knife” cause she can’t be wife. Or you just get a f**k off posh. But either one. You make Kadi with her big eyes and you say, “she ugly” a mad you. What a way you think you know about her. You pass stalker. You’re a fan bitch. Cause you know when Posh visit him one daughter, you know when is her birthday and you kept track of when Kadi and him deh. Girl – you never did a count the strokes weh make her. Him one daughter. Stop make Kadi mad you. If that was the case you wouldn’t be such a fan of her’s. He’s there for everything, active in him youth life. Obviously unu know that. He’s been at every event. Even the baby shower, weh did a mad you. Your friends never sent you pictures??? You should’ve gotten that memo too. If a him run her life, that meant they had an relationship. FYI….. Not anymore, that chapter is CLOSED. UNU a worry about Kadi and surgery…. the live in roommate of Posh go do surgery. Breast and fat transfer. She realized that a woman him want, not a boy – girl.

  16. Girl like a You a f**k kadi cause u know nuff bout are or u a look a f***k nobody is a fan of that ugly girl if the likkle girl was so golden y him nuh leff him wife An be in her life Weh him get up to r in the morning or go home to her at night huh? Plz answer that. Your friend a idiot bloodclaat gal n man mascot she vex bad she look like a rotten apple nobody nah worry bout she cause all wen posh leff him wife him nah guh to she atleast she look like a Man U friend look like wrong f**king turn she look like confuse birth n if u an kadi feeling froggy just jump

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