Television host Suzie Q is making an appeal to her ex-husband Mr. Absolute.
Suzie says she’s requesting her ex-husband’s assistance to have their children’s US citizenship revoked.
Suzie Q further explains to Music News that she collapsed last week as a result of what she describes as a stressful situation.
Efforts by Music News to get a comment from Mr. Absolute proved futile.


  1. ………and my cousin Mawgaman cuts his toenails with a pocket knife…….. This information is just as pertinent as the 2 people seen in these pictures……..YAWN!!!!!

  2. Why she doing that? with US Citizenship they can still live in Ja wid an Unconditional Landing, sound like being spiteful n not considering her kids future

  3. Met she’s in Miami sleeping on people floor with spanner banner . The money finish on airtime from selling spanner house a port more ,

  4. The son & her don’t speak none at all , she rob the son & run wey from JAMAICA . They both in Miami living like scrubs mr absolute living in JAMAICA a dat a mad her bitter Bitch .

  5. I don’t understand why she would want the citizenship recode if she living in Miami? Is she at odds with the kids and don’t want them in the US?
    Btw. She created her own stress so no sympathy here. People break up everyday but the key is how you go about it. Don’t like a bone in bitch Suzi Q

  6. Maybe she wants her children to be eligible to run for public office in Jamaica and the dual citizenship would be a barrier to doing so in the future. LOL
    Never heard of anyone doing this, since having US Citizenship has many positives and little downside. Were the children born in the US (children did not gain US Citizenship through one or both parents being citizens) and was Susie Q a legal resident at the time?

  7. if this is true..them kids are gonna hate her for life…she is a dyam tell me this what kind of opportunities do jamaica offer at this moment..she barely surviving herself

  8. @Real…if Suzie and her son don’t talk den what she trying to do spite him? I don’t see any other reason. Do u know the age of her son?

  9. She is crazy, these children are Americans. Did she ask them if they wanted to revoke their citizenship. She gonna ruin them life. She not on radio again?

  10. good morning met,metters,peepers nd others…
    dumb ass request weh dem fi guh Jamaica guh duh?!?!? she will deh miami haffi a deal wid the sufferation spanner nd har a guh chue,de cheating,lies nd all Suszie yuh bombo lowe out de yute dem citizenship yuh spiteful cunt

  11. met a few weeks a go mi see her and spanner banner a saw grass mall a florida and the two kids and she never look happy at all she have this strain on her face

  12. U no see if she dump the two small pickney them a JAMAICA that she have for her ex husband she can move around ina AMERICA without baggage. That gal a suffer everything down hill wicked B…. Really me sorry Fe spanner banner cause he WOs trick big time .

  13. suzie q yu know yu wicked bad! an a god a beat yu. you will never live fi mr aboslute suffer. suzie q yu need to take care of your kids like a mother should! a nuh you grow yendy yu lef him all over the place. now yu want to do the same to jahmeka & marcus why yu suh wicked suzie??

  14. a little birdie tell mi sey suzie q have a baby girl fi spanner banner! i don’t know if a truth! suzie q the reason yu collapse a the young belly wah yu have. it’s time yu leave mr aboslute alone now yu do all yu wicked deeds an a it a catch up pon yu!

  15. Mi nu feel sorry a bloodcloth fi Suzie Q..She mash up har marriage fi go f**k Spanner and now it a crumble..Dem karma is a bitch….

  16. Metty Oooo, Suzie Q dey pon Nationwide Radio a Jamaica rite now, she have a new show from 12-6 pon Satdy. She sound quite ok, unless she damn good at pretending or she glad fi a eat a food ya now. She all a gi out call in phone #.

  17. U now the wicked cut off her locks again real mad woman dat fire under she tail no where to run . Oh me forget portanio the b… Come from head back video alley top 10 it’s more like 0 YA now .

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