1. These two slime balls ALWAYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS losing friends but dem always mek it seem like a dem cut off people but people STAY cutting dem off cuz dem lie teef ungrateful and badmind!!! All unu do a sit down and chat unu “friends” especially dolly BUT sweets always buying out dolly war and she cant cuss nor fight always sounding real stupid and she know her sister is Satan’s spawn. :dp

    1. yes I am a hater I hate on people who pretend to go to school people who pretend to have a job people who pretend them have papers and i also hate on people who dress up inna nurse uniform in the cold to impress instagram i oh so hate on the ones that fake paint their new apartment doors and cant tek no more pictures inna dem plastic living room to keep up with the lie lmao i hate on people who fake have a benz thatbelong to dem baby fadda and I hate on people who buy clothes from ali express sold over priced to people .. well damn IM JUST A DAMN HATER BITE ME BITCHHHH! :request

  2. Eri week dese cunt loose Fren .. No badi in this universe nuh hyproctical like dese hoes. marlene good life must bi taking a toll on ya all hoes … Dwl dolly it must a kill u how yu cya fly out. Yu and yu sitah swear unuh a liv good life an mi nevah si unuh pon plane a ketch flight yet pure feeling unuh ketch …. Sit ya all ass down in novlette front room and guh tek sum PICHAs like unuh always do. Dwl how the business going CEO”s ? By the way Mi buy a hat from unuh fi $40 and si di hat elsewhere fi 25 ..mi culda beet mi damn self unuh teef like … Unuh really a try rich off them China shit wey the ole a unuh a sell shanwna… Mitchell dougie Chanel the new addition to the Jamaican CEO’s unuh naaw win shit ya all basic as fuk … Dolly mi Hear buju tek bak him car an yu run guh gi him 3sum a chu?… Dwl Dwl liad dolli the Benz kar is fi buju an yu tell IG yu move to new appartment dats a lie yu still in a yu Mada house wid u 399 whilte bed.. Yu very basic …. Last thing how unuh a KIM friendship a gwaan DWL mi a keep that’ fi laasss..

      1. Yep dem need to behave demself a full time now !! Nobody nuh haffi hate pon sweets and dolly cuz dem nah do notten more than anyone else ! Maybe one time dem coulda trick people but not anymore. THOSE DAYS ARE OVER like sweets said in 2009 (ITS REDUNDANTTTTT)

  3. I wonder if is Marlene sexylips they hating on
    Marlene fly out back to the land of her Birth and reunite with her daughter :2thumbup Happy for you.

  4. These two idiots still around? Long time me no see dem pon the pink wall, I thought they fell off the face of the earth with dem 15 Mins dancehall fame.

  5. Uno just hate the two sisters dem cause dem bloodcllat HOT. And to tell you the truth what rass reason dem ago have fi hate on sky. When sky and her fake rich man a poppy show kmft

    1. That fake rich man gave her a REAL house ton live in And she travelling regular on REAL Papers yuh still mad or nah :nerd :ngakak
      (Simplicity soon sign in)

      1. Sky and ar husband are soooo cute together..mi love how she in love wid ar man an always ah big im up..dem roll like bonnie n’ clyde lol, love dem flex..

          1. Fe real lol..mi like watch ar video clips cause them always funny and she’s totally in love with her man and them always together having fun doing silly things together lol..

    2. Anonymous who said that they werent HOT they had their shine vindictive buss dem now they have no money to purchase those fandagle outfits cuz no man not looking at these washed up hoes these bitches are like soooo 2002. Wannabes trying so hardddddd till dem gone follow pretty dime and a sell TSHIRT have some more ambition!!!! sweets what happen school never work out boo ? lmaoooo marlene dem ah poppyshoww but dem have EVRY POPPYSHOW TING dolly and sweets WISH AND HOPEEEEE FOR EVERY BLOODCLAT THING LIKE for example .
      HATE ON WHAT ???? they are trying and they need to stay in their lane and STOP PRETEND!!!

      1. You deserve a grammy for your comment! Tired of these regular gals pretending like they are super rich when they struggling like everybody else. No house, no vehicle no education lying ass gals. Not specifically speaking on these sisters but lying ass, instagram rich girls on a whole. They be rich on instagram and poor in reality! Dress up everyday and their fridge empty. Especially the ones who like to brag about how good their vagina is yet it is not bringing in any assets or investments. They use instagram likes as a form of medication to fill the void, which is the lack of love and attention they in their reality. These bitches need love and attention in real life, and they also need real assets.

  6. Wicked u are speaking facts…….a joe buss them gal ya and dem nuh have nomore money fi pay him woieeeeeeee they were a nobody until kim pit dem up and bring them to joe and joe shine some light on them

  7. Lmao you sound VERY HURT. Sweets and dolly a mad you rass lol. Look like shy a f**k and suck you low the rass gal dem and get a life BITCH. A independent woman don’t need a man to validate dem looser bitch all uno gal think man have to do everything for uno lazy rass

  8. All the man dem sky f**k and drink dem cum. Inna dancehall She shoulda been own house at 48 NOT looking mi gone just saying lmao

  9. How sweet and dolly fi mad anybody when them nuh know how an apt lease look like……….bitch shut the f**k and go chew on sweet and dolly pussy

  10. Sweedie anony 5:58 pm aka Yonique stop contradict yourself you LIVE FOR PEOPLE TO MIND YUH. If Ah even 5 dollars dem can give you will take it hush up

  11. Anonymous…, (aka) sweets or dolly STFU . hate pon what an who? Dem slut not even hav Luks at lease not dolly she ugly nuh fuk …don’t mine har pon IG a dupy in a person…. An di oda fraud student sweets fat lack hag….dem gal Deh credit less… Apartment less… Bank account less… Dem don’t have dry shit not even edges much less a pot fi piss in a suh hold several seats my girl …the wurl kno dem bad mind all di Frens dem Eva hav who a duh better dan dem. dem are nat frens no moh.. look who dem a Fren wid jail bud Shawna who Deh pon di same level wid dem… A bet if tonight star barbie shine a winning lite pon she dem an har tun enemy … Dem beg like them blind all beg fi pay them phn Bill…. Beg hair … Beg money fi clothes shoes ….go out wid dem fi Nyam dem beg yu fi pay fah…. tell mi wa PPl a hate pon.. Them envy sky … Sky man tan but fi sweets Neva stay these tricks is a no fukin badi shy tuff an fake yes but she a enjoy har Gud life dats why dese hoes mad

  12. Met nothing wrong wid dat they are misguided & imprudent! I can’t speak for sweets but dolly will fren you set you up & Mek ppl kill u n smile in your family face.

  13. Anonymous look like yuh and di Dutty whoring sista dem a lick cratches, first and foremost dem bitches need fi tek a back seat and stop bloodcloth act like dem a sumbody, 20 something and still a kotch a unnu mumma yard, dancehall man dem dunn unno out so now unnu waan gwaan like sumbody, bitches please CEO wid aliexpress bloodcloth cheap clothes, take a ticket bitches… Next

    1. But Classy, check dis…we all know seh it nuh easy out deh suh if dem wa kotch ah mama yawd til dem can make it on their own, nutten nuh wrong wid dat…my dawta ah 23 ah she still lives at home..yes, she wa branch out ah duh ar ting, but she just isn’t financially stable enough tuh do that as of yet but when the time comes, she will, and she will have my support and blessings…those young ladies are what my grandmothers would call “late bloomers”…it just takes them a bit longer tuh do things than others their age…Classy, it rough out deh so best dem tan right weh dem deh ah just prepare ah plan before dem hurry guh out deh and dem nuh ready fe deal wid real life responsibilities..

      1. Yeppie 23 is fine but not when you 26 and 30 and every different man and woman u have u take them to your mothers place of residence nope I SEE EVERYTHING WRONG WITH THEM KOTCHIN AT THEM MOM HOUSE they should have their own ! :hoax2 this plan you speak of should have been put in place already!! They live above their means tsk! too hype

      2. Wicked, well since yuh put it that way then that does make sense cause if ya tek man unda mama roof *with all due respect*, the man mus can contribute tuh yuh livelihood…meaning, he is either ah part of the household or together, the two ah unu is planning on making life together suh unu ah map out ah plan together…

  14. At anonymous, bitch I sound hurt, been doing me since I was 18 booboo, independent and blessed, you sound like yuh a look a bloodcloth hype fi yuh self off of these dirty bitches, why won’t you come off a di pink wall and stop tek up people who is a nonprogressiv element and put pon yuh head… Drink bleach bitch if I didn’t send for you don’t bring it bitch..

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