0 thoughts on “SWOLLEN TITAN

  1. A only when women pregnant mi see dem deh breed a swelling deh. A so him wicked to fi him self fi force fi him size 10 hoof inna 1 size 7 boot, what will these ppl not do to impress ppl weh gooda not even like them to begin with? smh

  2. man fi stop dtress like woman . fire pon him. next time walk with u sneakers in a one tott bag like weh woman do. lol

          1. Between Dovey an di nex craven one wid di big dutchie pot, yuh naah let up aafa dem none LOL :ngakak

  3. What a wicked bwoy, is what him foot dem duh him mek him ah spite dem suh :bingung
    Dis eediat bwoy need fi tek di meds weh docta prescribe suh him can pee pee out di excess fluid, plus him need fi elevate di foot dem.

  4. Howdy Met, Metters and peepers. Met jussa randomly browse de wall and see this youth ya. Met sumbady need fi link da yute deh and tell him fi guh a doctor ASAP. De yute organs a fail, cudda eeda him heart or kidney. Him foot and finga dem a retain fluid. Mi did have a bredrin weh look same way, by de time him guh doctor dem tell him seh him need a kidney transplant. Him dead lass year before him cudda get one.
    Jussa pass chu.

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