0 thoughts on “TACKY OR CLASSY?

      1. Metty, maybe she like the dancehall trend or maybe she just doe want to wet up her panty just in case her water breaks at any given moment…as for Omarion ( 2nd pic )…you need yo asssssssss beat for sportin dem high wata pants and dem damn ashy asssssssssss ankles; overall, pretty girl, cute couple and I wish you both happiness and a safe delivery on the birth of your newborn

  1. Figet classy, nothing bout this is in that category. …..she look like she about 2 go sell some p$$$y..

  2. no panty, gyal yuh nuh fraid ah infection inna dem deh state ah pregnancy…lawks, not even a slip underneath it…ewww

      1. Metty, the outfit is cute; maybe she just couldn’t badda put on the heap ah clothes and just wanted to feel the cool whisk summer breeze brush against her hall naked body…at least she is standing by a pool, which would be somewhat of a decent excuse…

          1. Metty, mi ah work pan it….cause there are plenty of warm summer nights where I’m also feeling the genkle cool breath of Mother Nature…as mi cocky up mi leg wid mi half naked body pan mi window sill…me and si jimminy cricket dem

    1. Which part on that dress you see classy? Are you one of the dancehall Zutos? Please don’t answer, Some people can wear that dress and some people can’t, are you saying that because she is cute she can wear that Trash to her baby shower? Ohh don’t answer. KMT

      1. Well now hold on there a minute…how in tha bejesus you go ask somebody a question and then tell them don’t answer? Yuh comeen like dem Nigerian weh ask ah question and as yuh guh fe ansa, dem start yell and tell yuh fe shut up…ma’am, please allow the other respective Metter to respond. Thank you for your kindness

        1. THANK YOU Phantom, I would a shake off you hand dem, I told Hello not to answa because exactly what you said WASTE………LOL. Hahhahaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    1. lol…you damn right. Pregnant women must treat their bodies as a temple because it’s carrying life.
      Hi MET, Yep and all who fi get hail up.

  3. i have to say that this is a sticky one. given that he is a celebrity idk if i would hav worn a dress like that. i would asssume that the shower was an upscale shower… on the other hand if ah dancehall shower then by all means wear it. she looks good tho.

  4. My opinion she looks nice pregnant however that dress is tacky much and she trying too hard. Girl you pregnant, a cute simple dress would look so much better. The no panty at your shower. CLASS non existent.

  5. Whatever was the intent, it went VERY WRONG…No drawz and u a breed, no raas class, sorry…

  6. Blaze the Pope and him followers dem. Blessed metterz.
    Dem start this pregnant & sexy thing since the 1990s with Demi Moore pregnant picture. Its true that pregnancy is “beautiful” in that it signifies the birth of life, but to many of us, it ain’t a sexy sight IN MOST CASES. nuff swell up swell up.
    The sexy and pregnant thing is like mixing water and oil, and most women don’t even know how it affects us men. What we are taught to do, is not to think about the ‘drop-off-in-sexiness’ and just jump inna di saddle, even if it mean drugs up or think of that other B that you really want. Sad but true.

  7. Well, as much as I love my Metty and Metters, I must disagree with y’all on this one..as a pregnant ooman, mi couldn’t badda put on nuh wholeap ah nutten cause it did too rhatid hot and mi nay like nutten ah touch touch mi skin. I think she looks rather dashing in her nighty dress. It looks to me like she have on panty, but the way ar baby bump suh big di baggy just curl up and disappear. I wouldn’t advise her to wear that attire pass ar gate front, but roun di house…yea sure, why not…she and di baby want to feel the ambiance of summer’s cool whispering breath brush across her silhouette…Metty, how mi book sound suh far?..sound like ah beat seller?

  8. @yeppie, i was preggo ina summa 2007.. Me son baan ina heat wave, last yr pon him BD it was 102degrees in NY.. Suh me undastand di concept, but lawd man, no baggie iyah, @ u 5star event is a bit much…I do hope she had flesh-tone underwear on, cause a str888 bed clothes she wearing…

  9. Figet di classy or trashy pawt .. When Ki..y done mek di fi di whole a di pregnant people a Bronx.. When she done post.. “Baby shower dress done by me” unu fawt

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