9 thoughts on “TALLUP GET HAR SHARE

  1. Singing in Buju’s voice: “WHO FEELS IT KNOWS!!!!! WOO-WUH-WUH-WOO!!!!! I DID TELL DEM! IT’S NOT AN EASY ROAD!”

    @Met, Same way suh!!!!! :recsel :shakehand2 :thanks2 :sungkem

  2. A road mi deh long time, a pree mi a pree the ting b4 me say anything, this a one solid piece of evidence, this mi did wait for, yes Tall up know the rules, because she was once of Spice dirty games, she would set them against whoever she wanted to start her drama with, then start a all out with the ppl them, Spice wanted to war Angel over no worries because in a her feelings, because from the song drop, Angel dropped her like hot bread, and through she think she’s the best thing since slice bread, it bun her and a kill her, suh she set her lil mongrel fi trouble Angel, but Angel stylist ANSA, and Angel tell them fi done, and still never call Spice, which clearly angers her more, so she couldn’t keep in, so she come fi Angel herself, thinking she would get the crowds support, but instead it backfired, and a straight dunningz she a get from everyone, suh she run fi bible, she fava idiot, Spice you can’t trick me wid your bird brains, u BC u, f..king trouble making DISGUSTING DISGRACE. GO AND SIT YOUR BOTCHED ASS DUNG, U TUFF LIKE TILE.

  3. @Sketelbam, Yesssssss, Bammy!!!!! Same way suh! :recsel :shakehand2 :thanks2 :sungkem


    1. Beenie, laughing for what? Him need to come out and defend his ex-wife and mother of his child.
      What could Krystal find fi laugh bout inna dis? KMFT

  4. Yes, WNPP yes I suh we like it, we aguh drag, and flog the devil call Disgrace, we nah romp wid her round yere :sungkem :sungkem :shakehand2 :shakehand2 fix we come fi fix her, and pan the blogging site them mi give it to her

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