1. Mi a go see who a go seh di building management did not release and dis and dat :ngakak…Im glad Im a free thinker, mi nuh follow the majority and mi will hold whey me hold until otherwise..thank you :kiss

  2. I was waiting on this piece before mi chat. Every single person who was involved is WRONG to some degree and King Alarm has 3 employees that need to be terminated asap. Karma ran full circle on that day! Silly boys! That’s the fastest reaping and sowing I’ve ever seen. I hope the victim recovers quickly.

  3. I watched the video 3 times and I dont see where Mr Wollery went in the guardhouse and assaulted the guard. In any event, what happened earlier does not change the situation that occurred later in the day. It changes nothing. The guard still tried to take Mr Wollery’s firearm and he was shot during the tussle. Point Blank.

  4. I agree @ Patty. I do not see an assault here. It seems in watching the more recent video MET put up this morning that Mr. Wollery kept asking to be let out of the premise and they, the guards, kept blocking his departure. WHO wouldn’t feel threatened and violated in such a circumstance? And still, I don’t find Mr. Wollery’s response to be “out of bounds..” A lot of personnel in Jamaica, that is to say, person’s with gainful employment, take their authority, even when they have none, to another level…and most times unwarranted. Because jobs are so scarce, perhaps… If you aren’t subjected to physical assault, it’s verbal, or they exhibit gross misuse of power. If this is true for any “normal citizen,” can you imagine the assault on business people when instances like these do occur? There is just too much grey area on what occurred or didn’t occur in the guard house. Only the people present and God truly know. But the all watchful eye (Vegas..hahaha) and other videos that are surfacing ACTUALLY caught the abuse of Mr. Wollery.

    1. They had reason to hold him on the compound since the police was called and he was accused of gun butting the security. They had every right to close the gate..jus like when u go ina one store go teef and dem lock di door..police nah go tell di owner that they should not have held the person on the compound..Wollery was accused of assault and the police was on their way so nothing wrong if they closed the gate on him until the police came..Everything spiraled out of control but they were right to close the gate and hold him there. Not because him seh let me go mean seh him fi let go..they accused him of doing something criminal on a shared premises

  5. They had no right to detain the man none of the man was bulgar now that’s what they contracted to do they should have jus let the man open the and go they wrong

  6. Kmt. This proves absolutely nothing. I see ppl arguing but nowhere is there evidence of any assault.

  7. @Patty, but went in the guardhouse and the door closed behind him. he went in after the men in white shirts.

    1. Bumbogal, Maybe I worded my statement wrong. For clarification, I saw where Wollery went into the guard house and closed the door. I didn’t see where wollery went into the guard house and assaulted the security guard.

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