Interesting all those babymother/live in girlfriend came yesterday on the wall dissing Tash and cussing each other when Nick Klean so not denying tash. The 40 year old winning while the 20 year old crying and posting shades😂😂


16 thoughts on “TASH IS WINNING O

  1. Tash go season Nick Dirty Thanksgiving food and stop while your mumps looking face is ahead. TF you competing with someone who just left their teenage years for???? Smh low class riff raff old crowbait you. Yuh self esteem deh 6′ under like a corpse. Move and stop beating a dead horse old woman. Looks a no nothing. Gweh. The 20 yr old have youth over you, she must recovery from this. As for YOU weh no learn nothing for the pass 25 years of your life… Go figure out more ways of scamming and breaking the law to keep dutty Nick around.

  2. the forty year old woman have all a dem weak woooieeee try look like her when all ya reach her age him obviously likes something about her, whether or not its a fling enjoyyyyy tash all when she have 10 man guess who mek 11, nick oonu think a only movie stars date younger men fi all people kno some of you cant even wash you cratches properly when me a 40 me no waan no 40yr old the numbers too high 40+40= 80 tek him tash tek him, an miss weh breed fi show say him a sleep with you when u got baby get another one

  3. He’s a undercover battyman fi true mi hear seh one time somebody ketch him and pony hype inna house wid dildo only god knows what they was doing but I can’t say who told me because I can’t start no ruption but yes I heard it from very very very good source he’s a fish for true but that big ooman she needs to go find something to do with herself cause fi har hole shit up bout she a win kmt win where lol with a battyman girl bye and then big fat stinking soma wrestler felesha with har no shape stink pussy self a comment bitch you need to get yourself together cause a nuff sleep less night you have so go sign up with a gym girl take a good look in the mirror do you see yourself no girl it not a good look but like I said nick dirty is a undercover battyman

  4. If a man would sex a woman for money or clothes, why wouldn’t he sex a man for them too! If he meet the right fish that have credit it’s over for you ladies! Just know that!

  5. I see better 40 year old, this woman is big and fat, she looks OK but she looks her age. I see a lot of 40 year old look like they’re in their twenties nothing special about this long time big woman.The man ugly bad him face looks like constipated batty.

  6. Clearly she’s his match they both like to be seeing and they both r shameless as soon as its getting old she went and post damn well knowing that it would make pink wall so its clear she likes the attention just like him smh which woman would really want to hear people talking down about the man they’re with like that and not feel some kinda way and now there goes our proof that the bitch know about his Dutty life, live with woman baby on the way and all the nasty baby mother them and him other gal them cause she said it har self it is what it is meaning she dont care she spen the last 10+ year wid man a hide and f**k har now she finally find a bum to walk with her and she nah let go lol met all a them sick my stomach.

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