ATTORNEY Tom Tavares-Finson has denied information in yesterday’s Sunday Observer article that outlined that convicted entertainer Vybz Kartel gave the police information that led to the apprehension of wanted men and the recovery of 17 firearms.

The attorney also rubbished claims made by the police that Vybz Kartel was an influential figure in the deadly Spanish Town-based Klansman Gang, and that the gang carried out killings on his behalf.

“That is nothing but further propaganda by the police,” said the senior attorney, who described the police’s comments as “highly irresponsible”.

“The presentation by the Observer yesterday reflected just another attempt by the police and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to prejudice the appeal of Mr Palmer,” Tavares-Finson said.

“We note that the source of the information is reported as being anonymous, but we recognise the hand of a particular individual at the Corporate Communication Network,” Tavares-Finson added.

The article said that Vybz Kartel (real name Adidja Palmer) had met with the police to give them information when he realised that detectives were closing in on him for the murder of associate Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams, in August 2011, over the disappearance of two illegal firearms.

“No meeting was ever held between Mr Palmer and any police officer nor was Mr Palmer ever asked by any police officer to give them any information. That is a lie,” the attorney said, as he disputed other assertions made in the front page article.

Additionally, Tavares-Finson noted that the article reported the police source as saying that the police had evidence that was not used in the five-week trial. He said he’s hearing about the so-called further evidence for the first time, and that the director of public prosecutions should say why that evidence wasn’t put before the court.

Vybz Kartel, Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell, Kahira Jones and Andre St John have been sentenced to life imprisonment for Williams’ murder. They are to serve 35, 30 and 25 years behind bars before being eligible for parole.

Yesterday, Tavares-Finson told the Observer that the men have signed their appeal documents which are to be filed with the Court of Appeal.

“We are confident that we will, regardless of the machinations of the police, get a fair hearing at the Court of Appeal,” Tavares-Finson said.


  1. Yea Yea Yea Tom……..waddeva
    Like yuh deeah goh sey it goh soh……. Later fi yuh ah di devil

    Good Morning one and all

  2. This is more likely,,,,,,,in all honesty. Who gives up so much information to the police without getting a deal…….WHO????
    IT’S JUST NOT HOW THINGS WORK……A person does not give up WANTED MEN, who in turn are apprehended AND guns are confiscated, 17 at that and gets NO PLEA DEAL. If so Tavares should have been fired from the beginning, common sense!

  3. I certainly hope the police recorded the conversation and release it so we can bury these kartel admirers forever!! They don’t believe that this dude is a career criminal.

  4. I wonder what Tavares would do if JMG wasn’t available to tell him which cards to play. Met, in fear of aiding Kartel team of numbskulls parading as learnt folks, I suggest we take a different approach and start telling him foolishness cos we are not getting paid to assist this man.

  5. I wonder what play this Finson would make had JMG not been here to advise and offer him directions. We need to start taking a different approach by offering pure foolishness to Kartel’s team of numbskulls masquerading as lawyers cos we are not getting paid for the services being provided.

  6. Precisely Met…..dem nuh know how fi read law book, suh dem haffi tek up baay desperate client fi mek a dollar. Adijah draw fi three Real Attorneys whe drop him like hot potato. Battam ah di barrel Finson Addi haffi work wid. No wonder Addi try help himself a turn informer.
    Addi, mek a help yu. Senator Finson nuh have di links fi mek evidence disappear anymore. Those were his glory days and they are looooooong gone. Seek di Champagne man.

  7. wat a sit and lap tail kartel nd finson dem duh a night time fe guh chue JMG comments dem den hit the papers like nd yea mek a correct wan more ting..bitches plz!!!

    and notice how a seven main smaddy pon yah comment unno deh yah a pree more outta a de rest and its








    nuh worry unno head JMG soon av a paid for advise section, damn goons.

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