Taxi driver beheaded in Trelawny

HAGUE, Trelawny —This community was last evening plunged into mourning following the grisly murder of a much-loved taxi operator who was beheaded at his home, allegedly by a mentally challenged man.

The deceased has been identified as Bruce Walters, believed to be in his 60s.

Police report that neighbours went to assist Walters, who was heard crying for help, at his home. But when they arrived they saw the blood-soaked body, minus the head, of the veteran taxi man lying beside his house.

The police, who were summoned, have commenced their search for Walters’ head.

Meanwhile, irate residents set fire to the dwelling of a mentally challenged man from the community who is being fingered for the horrific murder.

— Horace Hines

8 thoughts on “TAXI MAN HEAD CHOP OFF

  1. It’s a sad case all oround, not making excuses but if the supect is “mentally ill” what would be justice?

    1. Evil usually come off looking like mental issues. What you want for this person? Medications daily on a psych ward till his death come naturally? Him fi dead soon soon.

  2. But why set fire to the place that could have destroyed any forensic evidence that could have helped to make sure that this mentally ill person is indeed the killer.


    1. They burnt the mad man house not the taxi man house where Forensics going to collect fro. You missed those scenes on CSI :travel

  3. Actually anonymous @ 5:29 I want a solution, you know something that would fix the problem permanently. So hypothetically speaking, if he is indeed “mentally ill” and dem kill him what kind of resolution does that provide? I would sleep ten times better knowing that I killed a murderer than knowing I killed a “mad” murderer. You dig?

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