Legal taximen not involved in abductions, say Portmore operators

PORTMORE taxi operators, who have been accused of involvement in violence against women and children, say the allligations have caused a drop in passenger support.

The operators, who yesterday morning withdrew their services and protested in front of the Portmore Mall, said the allegations are having devastating effect on their livelihood.

“Wi get fed up with people a say a taxi man a do those things weh a gwaan. The people them have it twisted. Weh mi see them a do is bring some old killings from way back when, add some voice notes to them and circulate it on social media. Everything a happen them say a taxi man involve in it,” said taxi operator Milton Ellis.

“Wi need the whole globe to know say taxi man no have nothing on wi mind, but just to come out and ensure that the public have proper service, look we money and provide for our family and go back home. We no have no time to rape. If you notice all a who out here, these are ‘beknowing’ face weh the whole globe know. Real people nah rape,” Ellis, continued, noting that the claims are affecting his income.

“It no take nothing for taxi man to suffer because wi done a suffer already by the hands of everything [and] now it come in like it [allegations] crash our business. Mi a beg the man them to stop,” Ellis said.

Last week, the police charged a Portmore man for abducting and raping a 14-year-old girl last December. The man was charged with rape and grievous assault when he was pointed out in an identification parade after he was recaptured. The man had escaped custody last year while being escorted to the Waterford Police Station.

The latest in the spate of violence against women across the island was reported on Sunday when the body of 23-year-old Nile Brown of Denham Town, Kingston, was found in a barrel in Ramble, St Thomas.

Following calls on social media to wear black on Monday, in solidarity to stop violence against women and children, a number of people heeded the call.

Ellis claimed that social media users claimed they know who the perpetrators are but unfortunately their claims have not led to any arrest, and so he is calling on the public to join forces to prevent violence against women and children.

Ellis, also urged passengers to be vigilant when taking public transportation. “When you come at the stand, you can even go to a ‘loader man’ and ask him if him know the driver,” he said.

Another operator, Raymond Green, otherwise known as “Super Black” was equally frustrated.

Green, who has been operating a taxi since 2007, suggested that if there were requirements for taxi operators to put their pictures on their motorcars in order to differentiate legitimate operators, they would comply.

At the same time, the operators said that the Portmore municipality is in dire need of a taxi stand in the town centre.

“More than 500 new plates (taxi licences) issued over here and nobody has addressed us about a taxi stand. We need a taxi stand, Mr Henry (transport minister),” said taxi operator Danny Ebanks.

“According to the amount of routes in Portmore, I believe there should be a taxi stand to operate from. If we have a taxi stand where the man them can line up in, the people them will know the real taxi operators,” added Wayne McKane, another taxi operator.

According to McKane, the only taxi stand in Portmore is in Naggo Head.


  1. I’m glad these men are taking a stand. The majority of taxi drivers are decent men trying to provide for their families and they already have a hard time dealing with criminals who rob them and force them to take them on journeys that sometimes lead to a grave. I want the real killers/rapers to be identified by names and faces. Chances are a lot of people shouting taxi men are rapers” not quick to point out the rapers in their families and surroundings. I’m all for justice but justice for all not for some. Before unnu jump mi’ – I don’t have any connections with any taxi man in Jamaica but as a mother who’s daughter has been robbed on the way to school while waiting for a bus stop, I know the value of these men, the majority of them Have been on more school runs than some parents and transport thousands of children to school and back safely.

  2. Mi love the fact that them stand up for themselves and what they were saying was the damn truth! Car pull down a ppl foot and dem jump inna it! Ppl never see da driver yah before and gone inna di car!

    Mi live in a area and a nuh every taxi mi travel wid, all wen mi late! Mi see car weh not even fi deh pon di route a run taxi and ppl nuh tek check fi see ntn!


  3. Come on now, these men may all indeed be innocent, but we all know many cases where men running taxis or impersonating taxi drivers rape and kill. Perhaps they should have their photos, name and operator number fully displayed on an official govt document that is openly displayed in the taxi to show they are legit, this should give the public greater peace of mind when they enter a vehicle and they can text the details to a loved one. I rarely take taxis cause anywhere in the world you go taxi drivers drive crappy. I prefer Uber anyhow, Uber drivers nuh herk and jerk you like taxi drivers, and you get a lot of women driving Uber.

    Maybe it’s time for an enterprising woman to establish a fleet of taxis driven my women for women passengers to service the Jamaican market.

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