0 thoughts on “”TAYLOR” MADE FOR SURE

  1. Is the chick in the white wearing gloves???? Y is like di whole a dancehall say FUXX literacy mi waaaa know y whey it do unnu?? Kmft

    1. Well she was trying to copy Ciara outfit cause it look like it have gloves too, but it nuh reach dwl

  2. de spelling ting a get out a hand luk how mi a try mi best advocate fi de dunce dem nd wuden even tek heed like really nung two wurdz mi notice dem neva yet spell wrong dat is f*ck nd money.

  3. A when Mumzel get suh white, wow! The dresses are not similar in any way, and get a proper dressmaker, bout “taylor”

  4. While she busy promoting tax and tear, she should have invested in higher learning.

  5. People talking about the word Taylor, what about the word “AM”. The correct pronunciation is “I’M” for I AM.

  6. Eye’m (I’m) pretty shore (sure) he is knot(not) :request . Weight (wait) let me cheque (check ) again :cool

  7. Not only is your (taylor) bad…… him bad till im untalented… But, so was the language arts teacher. Tell’m mi Seh so

  8. Unu go suck out Mumzel pussy left the gal n her dress! Unu bad mind a nuh she make unu don’t have no clothes… Tell me about my spell now unu careless go look a work! Suck hood gal n suck pussy man! Unu can spell nah read cuz some a unu a rite f**kryyyyyyy suck unu madddddaaa

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