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I just got word that Peter Nygard would want ***** to do “brown showers” on him…disgusting…M y connect also confirmed that *** definitely brought friends down to the bahamas for 3somes and those sex parties down there…

Peter didn’t buy her a house or a car. She’s living in his house and driving his career, so when they break up the car and house stay. He is gives her $4000 a month spending money, he bases it off of Hugh Hefner, who gives his girls the same. He is very cheap and it’s a lot of work. She has to group sex and golden and brown showers. She literally has to lick his as*. (Edited). He has a plane, but everything he has is old and looks like its stuck in the 70’s, from wallpaper and shag carpeting. Model Beverly Peele had a baby by him.

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  1. It is here, oh Lord what a price she had to pay fi money thou Lord, Batty wash and golden shower.
    Anyways the tough Midget Sanchia, who is also apart of the Bahamas escort league wah a way fi har life a fall apart. A soon drop the suss Met. Sanchia a Paris causing yuh life fi mash up. You & I know that yuh man nuh like a bone inna har cah him sey she a bad influence and all. See it deh now. Him a tek back di things one by one. Don’t falla Paris, unnu a just neighbours. while yuh a go through yuh trials she a laugh inside.
    Yuh mek she run in pon yuh too quick monnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn (tek mi foolish advicce, try rekindle wid the man. She ago laugh afta yuh when yuh go back a Nannyville go live ok.

      1. @Met. Here is your warm milk cookie wap wap bedtime lolool… met uake me a loolol over here so bad.. lick his ass? Omg i feel soory for her at the bottom pic.. a weh him want she fi shit pan him? She look like she tired a it dwrcl

  2. But I wonder wat n how my friend could word it telling to come to Bahamas to get shitted on n all dese tings????? Whey n how she could come to mi wid that, dese likkle girls need to know say when man a move unnu out a unnu “hut” go put u in “big mansion” meck sure from day one ur working n stacking so if him say leave u can put itself in the same r better place he had u in. Or else u will b kissing n licking ass for a very longtime SHM ahhh boy it sad

  3. wow money is thr root of all ..evil taz hope u saveing girl cause when peter left u what will u to show for all the ,,nastyness u did shoes and bag DWL

    1. These girls are not escorts and truth be told they they are being hoodwinked because prostitutes on the corner make more than them. These girls are basically on-call 24/7. There are 744 hrs in month (give or take) and they are paid 4000 dollars. When we do the math that works out to roughly five dollars and thirty-five cents an hr. That is what these girls are being paid to nyam *ish and only God knows what else.

      * I wonder if they have healthcare insurance. Because playing in and nyaming *ish cannot be good for anybody’s constitution, and that 4000 dollar pay can only go so far.

      1. D wat a mathematical conundrum heyyyyyy hayyyyyyyyyyy mi love it so Taz u caaaa say JMG no do nothing fi u all free accountant consultation n my dear it seems U R CONSUMING SHIT FOR A MERE $5 odd a day all public bathroom get more money invested into dem u no SHAME??????????

  4. @CHUTE 99% of jamaicans sells puss thats what they do ..dem no work so when u see dem a yard a hype lol no look pon dem ……met u need to do a story on jamaicans liveing in the bahamas

    1. and the Cayman Islands. They are some living in some of the Eastern small islands (Saint Martin, Martinique, etc.) that all they do is straight prostitution or dance at Go-Go Clubs. Lots of uptown half-white girls with their nose in the air.

  5. Dem gal ya a real mascot. Yuh affi really nuh use to nuttin fi thing these despicable acts worth only $4000 if yuh did a guh contemplate doing this. How can I wear clothes, dem pon social media and gwaan like somebody when mi life haffi secret cos it’s so nasty. Problem is dem neva have nuh daddy. Daddy didn’t hug dem enough syndrome. It nuh get no lower than this.

  6. Met, a she cause this big piece a embarrassment pon herself, if she neva did send in har own file a try ketch a hype offa Bounty, nobody woulda know har name. A she sey FAME.

  7. disgusting.. $4000 a month is 1000 a week or less with those months that have 5 weeks.. They can do better than licking @ss and eating sh!t for that… SMH girls need to do better. So sad that others probably a follow them on instagram and Facebook looking up to den

  8. $4000 US before or after taxes???….at an entry level or a shitted degree level??? Enquiring mind want to know..Mi have 2 beggy beggy relative weh a look wurk a yard weh guh dance almost everynight..nails, hair and outfit always on point and upload pics every other day..Need to forward them the contact information and tek off some a di stress offa mi aunty

    1. I love your honesty! LOL. Seriously, yuh tink a yuh one have dem mercenary relative deh? Mi mind run on three a mi cuzzen and mi a tank Gawd dat dem nuh inna dem prime. If dem was, dem wudda leff dem pickney wid dem mudda and leff New York, Hinglan and Yard fi guh link up a Bahamas fi cut some poop pon Missa Shitty.

    2. Dwlllllll LOL !!!!!! Anonymous 3:18 dah comment yah floor mi to baxide. A nuff gal weh gwine like dem a goodie two shoes would have jump to this yah offer yah fi go shit pan dis yah man yah. Yuh think some a dem gal deh weh gwaan oity toity and studious easy…. yuh know seh nuff ugly gal nah do dis a some pretty devil, weh yuh think would a have some decency a do these shit…..

  9. Yuh know sey di world gwan all shit yuh ah fi eat if yuh want to belong an inna video light smh!!!

  10. I always wondered what happened to Beverly Peele! She came up about the same time as Tyra and was after Naomi Campbell. Naomi hated her. Now I am starting to wonder if Naomi had the “I’m the only black girl in the village” syndrome and thought that the other black models would take some of her “rich white men want to phuck me” shine.

    I want to say that I am surprised, but I’ve been hearing about this fella and what certain female “celebrities” and supermodels do to “maintain” their lifestyle when good old fashioned downsizing and discipline isn’t part of their plan. 4000 a month! cheap ass! But more fool the gyal dem ! Which ordinary decent man is going to have the strength to wife up dem gyal deh?

  11. *smmfh*

    For the love of money ** the ojays voice**

    Some people will sell their mf soul for $$
    So u get shit pon several times fi $4k …. $4k fi human excrement pon u body and mus in a u mouth too .

    Saaasss christ :matabelo :matabelo

    Listen no man mi can’t even tan mi own more shit time much more fi have smaddy else pon mi

    Dem shitty mouth , shitty face, shitty body ,shitty ass and shitty ole gal fi gu whey

    Nasty raaas dem :marah

    All that fi wha????? kotch yes kotch wid di dutty man and drive him car fi look good a road

    Das y mi no watch no face and mi no envy no gal or bwoy whey u see a road a floss whey look descent cause nuff a dem a “veneer ” . Beneath all dat mucky

    We all have skeleton in a wi closet :salahkamar but if fi dem night Eva tun to day ……

      1. A di net or di gross ?? And how di shitting price break dung ???

        Di load = $$$$

        di smell =$$$$$$

        , di type = $$$$$$$$

        Pupa Jesus from I birth

  12. The second picture a say taz batty is telling her no more shitting. but. Peter chest a tell him yesssssssss him want the shitting on his chest.. in a me R kelly voice

  13. I am wondering if bounty killa did kiss her… lawd gawd bounty you are a lickt back? Come clear up this rumor bounty it doe look good.. it r not looking good ooooooooo

  14. Met them must put pon him a special diet fe shit pon them . Cause the older u get the stinker we shit especially white ppl have lord mercy when them in the nursing home all aid scatter them brave to smell shit fe money .

    1. _____________________________________________________________________ mi waa know if him gi dem something before dem go to him dat him know when dem a go shit.. :nohope:

  15. cross angry yes man him muss.kiss har up :dp :dp i are ___________________________________.. :ngacir2 :ngacir2

  16. Nutten more dan She go hear seh bunty shit pan angel bed an run guh dashout her pussy pan him! met and mettere hear disss taz looooovvvvveeesss di shittin she sees it as the eady life too fool to see she gets paid below minimum wages AkA slave labour and she choose fi dweet juss so lang as she can buy har bleaching cream and stay in the big house and nah rerk shes to Good for that smh if Nanny could see you now ah dat she ketch bullet in har batty fah?

    1. No man mi haffi comment pon u comment! ! A how u bad suh? Nearly piss up miself ROTFFL!!!

  17. Metty, how onoo miss sey today is Ms Tazh birthday, quite sooooo. A sign dis on har special day, she’s d shitty talk round ere. Mi nuh sarry fi u. All fi hype

    A wonda how he walk in peace in di Bahamas cuz is dere she live

  18. but luk weh shit cum tuh doah e’ …den a cuda uh much time a day dem a shit a gwaan suh?!?!?!? dem nuh fraid dem shit out dem inside while dem a lick out,smell out,sniff out and nyaam out dis man shit mi muma bloodclaat dis nuh nawmal

  19. Anybody read the link that lmao @7:57 pm left Pamela Anderson was one fi him tings dem and her monthly allowance was 38k cause black girls are cheaper so they only get 5gs

  20. Is dat debbie walk an do fe mine gq yesgq wey wuk a oneils place me noh affe lie me an debbie in no class no grudgebis real talk an a nuff odda likkle young pple buoy pickney debbie trick an run in to cause dem love likes

  21. Pple uu wuda vomit if unu kno how far dem gual ya go an wat dem do an go in a dance gopose an call dem self independent woman some a de young buoy dem have a idea what de gual dem do some a dem honestly dont dats why aids a spread a de spread aids an other std cause a bare nastiness condom caan cross it dem gual ya fe fling out in order fe pple warn dem family an frens its an epedemic

  22. Some pple a jamaica philosophy is frm a gual a spend she genuine gual dem a demons wid strong stomach an de a mix wid clean pple wey dnt kno wat dem doing anybody wey truly kno debbie will kno a noh lie me a tell her mouth is very stin an she use de strongest mouth wash an if yuh an her go bathroom an she a piss yuh affe cork u nose anybody wey kno debie good will swear to dat me naa talk de fake pple dem wey she fren fe play big .nuff young buoy was even takin debbie money an con her an only a tek d bow job coz de smell an trust me she buy expensive perfume ..but isceither debbie obeah strong or gq wey promote party a oneils place got a fetish fe stinkness no man a couldnt de money an lifestyle cause selector run dj run scammer run an de list long drugsman run

  23. Or maybe is de out of dis world blow job wey de man dem noh stop reccomend dem say de mouth good not de hole ..gual allvsleep wid dog fe mine 2 man one time an dis is de truth bout 5 a dem go pon de wuk an de next gual dem a itch debbie wuk fe har money but de white man mek him thugs dem beat har not a penny ..pple dem tings here need fe come out de closet dis girl up top doing all of what debbie an her frens dem doing ..its not new dis girl look like she dey one place debbie fly all roun de world .me did hear de whiteman frm mobay mek some har visa dem cancelled i donno if is true cause she caan read or write is pple do everything fe debbie se clever like dat but refuse to learn to read is a red gual frm maypen name cj wey dd a do prostitution a ochio the theory fe debbie driving test an she do de practical unu dnt mek de hype fool un .unu ever see she drive abroad or rent a car an drive ? No..an all who kno debie kno she a bad driver cause she caan read de sign dem a foreign..loll but done out her body fe get praise frm various young buoy an dem family

    1. :mewek :matabelo :mewek :matabelo a so mi eye and head feel a try keep up wid u post dem putus

      Mi need met or smaddy fi gi. mi a summary deh

      Please and tonks :nerd

  24. Debie use her finger in de man dem ass her coworker dem always a chat her an a next gual cause dem get all de customers cause not every whore a mix in shit sleep wid dog all dese tings ..she did ketch a young impressionable trying youth a water house mine him an him family anmek d buoy suck her cause him tink she was gonna marry him an tek him out a poverty ..de family was crazy about her i donno what happen dat end cause while she got him a water house a mine debbie got raman a canada a mine one a uk one a miami pple unu tink a joke how u fe noh own a house an a mine man a us an canada as someone comment uptop her daddy never hug her enough

  25. Haha @ Kay

    Just curious be have yuhself send that separate story to met ! That person got ntn to do with this post .. Ah wah dis man

    Taz it nuh look good for 4K a month you could just go find a
    9-5 .. It a start fi become really sad I feel so bad for you.
    I’ve never seen Taz driving anyone’s car yet .. All she does on IG is parade round locally with her bleach out body hanging out with some nasty looking females from Cali. Imagine u a do di feces & all n haffi wipe it up offa man & a lick out man batty yuck & not one purse over 49.99 yuh own ??? Not one boot not even an apartment ????? It look like that other girl is the main slut cuz she same one did next to him with the crown .. Sickening this is !

    & met I-spy is a bonafide suss giver !!! Everything she just say up top
    FACTSSSSSSS!!! Sanchia leave Paris infinity alone she don’t like youuuuuuuu!!!!!!
    Alright met mi a wait fi u run the story pon d recent or spy nuh send it yet?




  27. Ispy pls run the story about Sanchia. Me long fi hear the suss because this sanchia n Paris infinity a tun inna drama

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