Me want know if the Metters dem have any tea pon this. Due to how me hear say a shericka hair stylist a mine r husband. All dem fancy trips and regular foriegn fly outs are all courtesy of shericka and the guy really nuh have it like that. So me want know if unu know bout dis.. if shericka really a pay fi d cocky. Cause every min she post bout it. Ig sick n tired a har


7 thoughts on “TEA REDEMPTION

  1. If she is earning more money that he is, what is the problem at least she is the breadwinner and that is her husband not just a random man…some a unnu just too much lowe the gyal she earned her money honestly she never scam nuh badie fi get it…

  2. @sender one a go earn money more than di other, and is not like him worthless because he works, him just nah work di money like she…dat don’t seem to be a problem to dem, and it shouldn’t be! She and him married and dem look happy!

    Don’t mek a good man pass u by just because him a earn a little less than u.

  3. I remember when she was sick back in 2014 When Ppl Did A Say She A Mad He Was By Her Side Everyday ,Hes A Good Man

  4. Its such a pity these irrelevant morons have so much time on there hands to be so caught up with other ppl lives !! For once give credit when its needed infact these ppl are happily enjoying there livelihood some a y’all still stuck ina riverton dump heap and will always stay there …them happy living them lives making them own money and giving not one f**k wat the world has to say …y unu low life no go try thread a needle through a black puss and go look some happiness and someone who can travel y’all all over. Very nice decent couple and to da motherf**r who sent this they are both hardworking ppl so just get with it. Y continue viewing the Insta, Fbk post when u can simply block or delete u f**g self sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it won’t stop so y’all have more pics to post cyber non element fools!! They continue to b happy and u all continue to characterize the epitome of sadness …

  5. Senda bad “mine” tun up in a yu eeh. It sound like yu a mine one and nah get no returns. Once the woman nah tief fi mine him and him not disrespecting her nutten wrong wid dat…cute couple!

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