23 thoughts on “TEA REQUEST

  1. That is Chrome doll and Mocha ex man lol that had them feuding pon the game and a next brown girl mi nuh memba har name right now and then dutty Aneka go fren Mocha cah she wanted to get back at chrome doll. But a Crome doll a win cah she deh mobay yah now wid a man weh is hers and she can post the man picture

  2. A long time mi want know more bout Tiffany. I actually like this girl. She is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty omg and she stays out of the HYPE. This girl could easily be the top Jamaican “insta thot or insta star” or top hot gal or whatever but she lays low.

    I love her.. eheheh sorry. I know a lot will agree with me too. She nuh hype and actually works lol

  3. I knew it! Cuz i see him inna club wid woman and him neva yet do that, damn !!! She bounce back fast tho, is a next drugs man ?? Bae gyal a jump pan Warren now

  4. Tifanny breast dem waan do over. Dem wide like when Moses part the red sea. What is it with all these people dating in the same circle? Expand unnu p^^sy man.

    1. But you a gwaan like man plentiful a Jamaica. cho.

      But a true, expansion needed. I keep saying these pretty girls need to leave Jamaica go travel to Bermuda, Bahamas, Cayman, the dutch islands etc if them want a decent money man. no body neh rekkeh pan mi.

  5. So why the girl haffi be a ‘insta thot’ is every body who post pictures pon instagram or have alot of followers a hoe or a thot? Is every woman who deh with a man a thot? If so be the case we are all thots because most if not all of us has been with atleast 3 men in our lifetime & me sure we dont consider ourselves thots. If u a give a compliment give it & stop style di gyal bout thot, unnu style people too much for no reason.

  6. This is what you call lay low and mind yuh business daily. :selamat

    All now nobody nuh have no tea. Keep it up Tiff. No bagga bragging and frenfren to you ting.

  7. Tiffany is OK people a dead over her because why? She’s not an ugly girl but she’s definitely not the prettiest!

    She & Warren left good time now couple months well on & off .. hear is him cheat pan r! all the girls in Jamaica literally beg friend from this girl dem wa be r friend lol levels a frighten but mi Nuh see why honestly! She do her breast n her batty shhh nuff ppl never kno her ass do lol

    Somebody said she works.. lol she sells hair ! She doesn’t work is her baby father was minding her how much money can u really make from hair everybody sells the shit

    Now this yute weh done fck Mocha & Chromedoll & ANEKA WONG.. tiff yuh need an upgrade .. sorry

    1. Look like a you pay fi her ass make u know so much. Send a pic make wi see how yours stay goodie. Money talk an bullshit walk. The girl name stay good a road an everybody else concerned cause her breast do. Hush maybe u can start wah gofund me an somebody cah help you with ur yard slippers dem

  8. Whoever Sent in this story unno need to leave ppl business the F**k alone. Tiffanie and Warren ah mad unno bloodclot. Just Lowe out the girl cause don’t look problem from nobody unno need fi go suck unno mada. And besides so F**G what if she did her body either F***G way I bet she looks 10 times better than your ass. And also why send in the story and ah play spy behind a computer because u want to find out her business. You so much a punk you cant address her or Warren in there F**G face. Tiffanie and Warren continue do what yall doing bc they are mad they don’t know yall business. F***G low lives…. dem need to go find something and do.

  9. All dem ig gal yah can f**k familiar man doe . A cudda wa suh .
    None nuh more Dan none when dem a f**k the same niggas .

  10. Whoring tiffanie all now you cant stop whore? you whore down country and come kingston with the same behavior. You all up ig behaving like good ppl.

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