Them two London clown here boi mi ave to first the one Erine flex him is on old dutty freak him nu stop suck out this big old elephant lady JT…..n every gal weh look better dan him big in shaped baby mada sheveen green him just a long out him tongue to dem so mnl lol boi every body mix up dem knw n fi dem own a spoil a nu bad mind thing cause them nu have nothing to badmind dem for dis gal weh nu have no sense bout har capital K foot.

Man have up him money n him nu stop rub out him no sleeve denim jacket with stars every pic u c him in de same jacket n pants r jacket alone cho mnl him n him woman a same thing walk n f**k like dog him n lady jt a f**k frm wen dem use to play a old Kent road metro love days dem weh luv hype never tan good yet de two a dem look like wen clothes nu hang good pon line r wen dog nu get a good meal him get up every day bout baddest selector where, when n how old clown dem him n him gal Shev …..PS ERINE FLEX STOP SUCK THE YOUNG GAL DEM P**Y FI LOOK A HYPE…..

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