PEOPLE inside the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court erupted in uncontrollable laughter last Thursday when they heard that an expensive gold chain that was robbed from a senior probation officer was found on the 19-year-old accused — between his toes inside a shoe.
The accused young man, Javier Lewis of Rum Lane in downtown Kingston, who was nabbed immediately after the incident on East Street in downtown Kingston on July 14, pleaded guilty to the robbery and confessed that he hid the $350,000 chain in one of his shoes.
The obviously shaken complainant told the court that she was sitting in her car when Lewis pushed his hand in and started to fight her for the jewellery.
“One blow to my chest and I have scratches on my chest. We had a fight through my window,” she told the court.
The magistrate, on hearing that violence was involved, enquired why Lewis was not charged with robbery with aggravation. The prosecutor assured her that the charge will be upgraded accordingly.
“Do you have any previous conviction?” Resident Magistrate Georgianna Fraser asked.
“Just for possession of ganja,” Lewis replied.
“So you have graduated to a more serious offence; that is not good at all at 19,” RM Fraser told Lewis.
The complainant then informed the court that the chain was damaged and that the pendant was missing.
The magistrate then asked Lewis if he was going to compensate the lady for the damage and he said: “I can try.”
“I can only point out that it is in your best interest to do so,” Fraser advised Lewis.
Lewis then promised that he would cover the cost of replacing the pendant and the repairs to the chain.
The magistrate then requested a social enquiry report and remanded Lewis for sentencing on September 9.

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