7 thoughts on “TEEF TEEF

    1. Latty, no hype up dat foolishness. Christmas crime is nothing new in Jamaica or anywhere else. American stores, subways and front door packages no safe since July.

      Police fi black bag gift wrap some bodies fi Xmas fi all who wan mek it no “pretty” fi innocent people.

  1. Den how him a talk suh when di man a pull back di shirt fi show him face. Like him still have some fight leff inna him. Two kick unda him short ribs deh mi bredda wid yu Timberland and ease di bass outta him voice!!

  2. Jamaicans will big-up a scammer and want to crucify a petty thief. Stealing is wrong no matter how you slice it, but I’m pretty sure most petty thieves steal out of desperation, whereas most scammers steal out of un-yielding greed. SMH…. Let’s crucify and stigmatize all “levels” of theft.

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